Who Needs Sleep? 3.17.11

My head was throbbing. It was like a I got hit in the head with a walrus shot from a howitzer.
I glanced tentatively around me, trying to remember where I was and what I was doing. My mind was foggy and the pain in my temple made it hard to concentrate. I stared up at the sky and tried to recollect the events that brought me here…

I gazed into the ever growing twilight as the sun nestled betwixt the rocky embrace of the mountains. Evil machinations wrought from factories of fire and steel screeched past. The lights from their eyes piercing through the darkness, searching for prey. I scanned the area around me, wary of being ambushed by one of the steel demons. I had survived encounters with their kind before, but experience is by no means a guarantor of success. I donned my azure helm, fastened my armor, and mounted my two-wheeled steed. I took a deep breath to calm myself, donned my woolen gauntlets and sallied forth.

My destination, Imabari Castle.

The pain in my head subsided a little.
The ground beneath my feet was barren, and I was surrounded by immaculate walls on all sides.
I guess this is Imabari Castle then…
But I still didn’t have an explanation for why my head hurt so badly. In the corner of my eye I noticed a faintly glowing orb.
The light emitted from the orb brightened and then dimmed every few seconds; the color of the light also changed, adhering to the silent cadence. A slender, black string protruded from the side of the orb and weaved its way across the ground to my hand. The string connected to small pieces of fabric looped around my pointer and middle fingers. Odd.

(One hour earlier)
Computer: New message received.
Me: Main screen turn on.
Main Screen: Poi practice at Imabari Castle.
Me: Take off every ‘ZIG’!!
Main Screen:…
Me: Don’t judge me!
Main Screen: …
Me: Main screen turn off!

I guess this orb thingy has something to do with ‘Poi’.
I stood up and brushed myself off. The orb hung at my side, swaying gently back and forth.
Other people were scattered about the castle grounds. They moved in circles, swinging orbs around them in mesmerizing patterns. The lights given off by the orbs leaving an eerie streak that cut-through the surrounding darkness…

(Several minutes earlier)
Po-Po: Alright, so after you alternate the timing of your rotations, you just cross your arms in front of you.
Me: OK…
Kohrn: Hurts doesn’t it?
Me: A bit.
I’m a large, semi-muscular man. I can take it.
(I start rotating the orbs again)
Now cross the…
*Walrus Attack*

Stupid flying walruses.

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5 Responses to Who Needs Sleep? 3.17.11

  1. David says:

    Good writing and good story !

  2. agnes chow says:

    what is this? so lost?

    • Cchan says:

      Just wanted to write using a different style, got kind of bored with the way I usually write entries. It’s not going to be a normal thing though.

  3. agnes says:

    I am OLD fashioned!

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