Here and There 3.17.11 – 3.27.11

This post is going to read more like an update than anything resembling a story. A lot of little things have happened recently, but none of them interesting/long enough to warrant an entire post. This post is to create a more complete timeline of the time I spend here.

Went to a family restaurant after Poi practice. Stayed until 4 AM, got back to the dorm ~4:30 AM and got an hour of sleep before work. I was a zombie at work, but I didn’t have any time-sensitive work so I managed to make it through OK.

Hung out with Brewster and Beer. Ended up playing billiards. I’m very bad at billiards.

Tagged along with Brewster to a local internet cafe. Read manga the whole time.

Aikido practice. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable riding bikes, it helps that the sidewalks are well paved and wide in this area. Bruising a lot less easily now.

Recruited to be a model in the BEMAC product magazine. Went to local ship yard with a big group of employees and took photos in and around the ships. The photo shoot was supposed to end at noon, didn’t finish until 4:00 PM.

Work on Saturday. Met one of the new employees moving into the dorm. Drove around Matsuyama with Peaches after work. Encountered a drunk Mountain Bike in the elevator after he was forced to go drinking by his superiors.

Went with Mountain Bike to help Brewster move the last of the things from the bar to his house. Hanami with Pirate, Captain Crunch, Quebec, and some other people. Went to see performance organized by Po-Po; performance included: break dancers, guitarist, rapper, juggler, and poi performers.

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One Response to Here and There 3.17.11 – 3.27.11

  1. agnes says:

    drinking culture is so dangerous! wonder what percentage of the population has liver problem. We recently admitted a 44 year old who got liver damage from drinking in his 20’s, system shutting down slowly and the family thought dialysis can save him! we get so frustrated at his doctor as he did not tell him the truth!

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