BBQ Sign-up Sheet

This was the message attached to the Company BBQ sign-up sheet, I found it amusing.

そこで!! 今年もやります!! バーベキュウ!!
最近ダイエットをしている人が、リミッターを解除したり etc・・・

Google Translate Version:
Starting to get a little warm cherry blossoms begin to bloom during the day, I think we’ve become more open and feel?
So! Yarimasu this year! BBQ!
Although usually quiet people, or try to Blow. People are looking 飲Mana drink at all, actually quite strong.
People who are on a diet recently, or remove the limiter etc · · ·
And such a person is a chance to see the real face of such a lot (^ o ^)
We welcome your participation invite everyone together after it.

My Version:
The cherry blossoms have started to bloom and the days are getting warmer. This change also makes you feel a bit more lively right??
So!! We’re doing it again this year!! Barbeque!!
You can see: normally quiet people become happy and care-free, people who seem like they can’t hold their liquor but can actually drink a lot,
people who have started dieting recently releasing their limiters, etc…
It’s a chance to see the true faces of the people around you (^o^).
So please invite a lot of people, we’re looking forward to your participation.

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6 Responses to BBQ Sign-up Sheet

  1. Aaron says:

    Nice to see your job is safe…for now

    • Cchan says:

      Well, when the robots do rise and conquer us I’m pretty sure we’ll be regulated to slave labor whatever our previous jobs may have been.

  2. David says:

    That is the reason a machine can never replace human in translation. They need you.

    • Cchan says:

      There’s been talk about creating computers that mimic the abilities of the human mind and people are pretty confident they can do it. I wouldn’t say that machines would never replace humans in translation, but when they do, lots of other jobs traditionally done by humans can be replaced as well. I mean, if robots can understand the nuances of meaning between languages then they should have the ability to communicate with humans and possibly understand emotion.

  3. agnes says:

    they need him in China office, not Japan office :>
    First you have to learn how to self yourself!
    Wonder if you should ask Aaron for some advice.

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