Farewell Party 5.21.11

Today was the first of several farewell parties that have been planned for me (cuz I’m that awesome). The members for this outing were: Pirate, Annie, Seven, Captain Crunch, Quebec, and me. I’m not actually sure why I feel the need to list myself whenever I do these little summaries. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that I was, in fact, present for the anecdote I’m writing about right? But if I remove myself the list just looks awkward.
“…were: Pirate, Annie, Seven, Captain Crunch, and Quebec.”
Is it just me?

Anyways, the first activity was ping pong at the city gym. I got my ass handed to me quite readily by everyone there; so much so that I’m currently contemplating about receiving extensive training in both pinging and ponging.Pirate and Seven were beasts at the game, Annie and Quebec held their own, while Captain Crunch and I spent many moons figuring out which side of the paddle should be used. We never reached a definitive conclusion.

After ping pong we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. The owner of the restaurant is Pirate’s friend and his married to Seven’s boss, such a small world. Dinner passed much like every other meal I’ve had in Japan, lots of eating, drinking, and gossiping. Also, Captain Crunch got scolded for ordering ice coffee with his dinner because, seriously, who does that? There was also the obligatory “have you gained weight?” conversation.

Note: words in [] were said in Japanese
Pirate: Have you gained weight Quebec? You look bigger?
Quebec: I’ve gained some weight, but I think it’s muscle, I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately.
Seven (to me): [Yeah, he does look like he’s gained weight]
Me: [This is the first time you’ve seen him…]

The final destination for the farewell party was karaoke. The only thing to really say about this is that Annie has a really good singing voice.

After karaoke we parted ways in the parking lot and returned to our respective homes. While the outing was fun, it didn’t really feel like a ‘farewell party’, probably because I don’t leave for another month :/

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2 Responses to Farewell Party 5.21.11

  1. David says:

    Any tears shedding ?

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