So I’ve been back in the states for a couple of weeks now, and during that time I have managed to completely neglect this blog. I had some requests from some people (read: Father) to review my posts over the last year and write my impressions on them. As well as some people wanting me to comment on reverse culture shock; which I’ve actually had a few minor run-ins with. Aside from these, there are still a couple anecdotes about my time in Japan that I never got around to writing. In the next few weeks I plan on delving through my notes to see if there’s anything interesting in there that I forgot about, at the very least I plan on finishing writing about all of the farewell parties I had before I left.

Even after I clean-up all of my Japan-related episodes I plan to keep writing in this blog from time to time. Though it will probably be substantially less interesting (I’m praying ‘interesting’ is a continuum) since it won’t have the “I’m in a different country lol” aspect to it. That and I’ll probably have to change the blog name…

Anyways, for the time being, thank you to everyone who bothered to read this blog. And for my friends in Japan who are now reading it, I feel no remorse for the nicknames I bestowed upon you.
However, if you still feel the need to complain…
Complaint Department Grenade

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2 Responses to Stateside

  1. agnes chow says:

    on my office door I have this one posted: Sorry, yesterday was the dealine for all complaints!

  2. Taidishi says:

    You will still be a Salaryman. A writer is like an atheletics that need practice to become good. This is a good forum for you to practice. Your upcoming trip to Korea and Japan will give you lots to write about.
    Many popular blog never leave his or her hometown. That is the challenge to make nornal things interesting. From a different view, different angle, different ………. Good luck, Hemmingway !

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