Goodbye Quebec 6.4.11

Quebec is leaving Japan.
That sentence sounds a little strange.

Pirate: You’re going to Quebec’s goodbye party right?
Me: Yeah, sure, when is it?
Pirate: Saturday. All of my slaves have to go.
Me: Yes mistress.
Resistance is futile

On the day of I ended up getting a ride from Captain Crunch (also ordered to go). Pirate ended up coming later because she was busy making something she described as “Chinese Tacos”. Captain Crunch and I stopped off at Aeon (formerly SATY) to buy some food to BBQ and snacks.

After about an hour of driving we found ourselves at a somewhat secluded beach surrounded by a bunch of people I didn’t really know, eating BBQ. Nothing particularly eventful came to pass during that time, just your standard BBQ. Pirate eventually came with her bearing her mythical Chinese tacos, which looked like…Chinese tacos. People ate food, played around with the kids, drank beer, all-in-all your standard BBQ.
The only thing of note was when a gaggle of school girls walked by and spotted Quebec.

Girls: (It’s a foreigner!) Hello!
Quebec: Hi! How are you?
Girl: I am good, how are you?
Quebec: Fine, thank you.
Girls: Goodbye!
Quebec: [to me] Does that ever happen to you?
Me: No…no it does not.
Quebec: Really? It happens to me all the time!

After that I kind of gave him a weird look…so…uh…he stabbed me.

It hurt.

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