Kids Pee In The Street 8.24.11

I don’t understand why people in China condone of this action. Apparently, little kids dropping trough in the middle of the sidewalk and peeing is socially acceptable. And it only gets worse when parents modify their child’s clothes to expedite the action. I saw a kid in the park yesterday wearing pants that had been cut from the crotch to the butt. Now whenever I walk through parks I’m on the constant look out for human fecal matter. And now that I know of this horrid, horrid social aspect of China, I can’t help but wonder at what age does public urination become a taboo? Is there some kind of coming of age ceremony for it?

Dad: Happy Birthday Jimmy! Here’s your present!
Jimmy: Thanks! …what’s this?
Mom: Their pants with a crotch, the kind adults wear!
Dad: Now that you’re 18, it’s time you stop making piss puddles everywhere you walk.
Jimmy: Oh gee jolly willikers! I’m an adult now.
Dad: That’s right Jimmy, now hurry up and eat your cake; we have to teach you how to use the toilet.
Jimmy: toy-let?

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2 Responses to Kids Pee In The Street 8.24.11

  1. agnes chow says:

    I wore those pants when I was little! yes, I was a toddler once!

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