Registration Hell 8.31.11

Today was the first day international students could register for classes. I woke up a bit early thinking I could get to the registration office and finish all the paperwork before the bulk of the students came. I had spoken to them last week about all of the stuff I needed for registration so I figured it would be an in and out sort of thing.

9:00 AM Registration opens
9:15 AM Colgan arrives at the registration office
9:16 AM Colgan is accosted by International Club hoping to lure in unsuspecting foreigners.
9:20 AM Colgan gives contact information to recruiters and shuffles into registration office.
9:25 AM Colgan converses with registration staff.

Staff: OK, we’re going to need your registration paperwork.
Me: You guys have it.
Staff: What’s your name?
Me: Colgan Chan
Staff: Let me check…
(a couple minutes later)
Staff: Are you sure we have it?
Me: Yes, I came here last week and you showed me all the paperwork I gave you.
Staff: Do you live in the dorms?
Me: Yeah.
Staff: Can you go back to your room and check for the paperwork?
Me: I could, but I’m not going to find it because you guys have it.
Staff: OK, let me check.
(a couple of minutes pass)
Staff: Are you sure we have it?
Me: )@(#*&(@#*&$

9:35 AM Registration staff tracks down my medical report. I have to fill out a new student registration form.
9:40 AM Office doesn’t accept bank card for insurance payment. Colgan leaves to obtain straight cash money.
9:50 AM Colgan obtains straight cash money.
10:00 AM Colgan pays insurance fee in straight cash money.
10:05 AM Colgan heads towards tuition payment room.
10:10 AM Colgan is informed he cannot pay with his bank card until next week.
10:11 AM Colgan distinctly remembers that the registration staff told him he could pay with a bank card.
10:12 AM Colgan confronts registration staff about tuition payment.
10:20 AM Colgan is informed that he can pay next week, but then his registration will be delayed by a week as well. He is told that he needs to bring straight cash money.
10:21 AM Colgan contemplates the dangers of carrying around 8,300 yuan of straight cash money.
10:22 AM Colgan leaves to obtain more straight cash money
10:35 AM Colgan gets in line for bank ATM
10:55 AM Colgan gets to ATM
11:00 AM Colgan rejoices in the fact that there is no daily withdrawal limit for ATMs in China.
11:15 AM Colgan has 9,000 yuan in straight cash money.
11:30 AM International Club recruiters are shocked that Colgan is still trying to register. Colgan finds this amusing and sad at the same time.
11:32 AM Colgan pays for tuition in straight cash money.
11:35 AM Colgan returns to registration room for final pieces of paperwork.
11:45 AM Colgan is finished with registration.
11:50 AM Colgan goes back to his room to sleep off mental exhaustion.

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3 Responses to Registration Hell 8.31.11

  1. Aaron says:

    China is a cash money society. There was this article in the NY Times awhile back about how men in China are carrying designer purses. One of the reasons for this was the necessity of carrying gigantic wads of cash. You see this reflected in Chinese immigrants in America preferring to do everything in cash.

  2. agnes says:

    no wonder man carry shoulder bags too!
    is that the same office we were in that did the registration? so unorganized!
    you have to make copies of everything important from now on!

  3. David Chan says:

    May be the lesson to be learn is “Always make a copy of whatever you are submitting, especially in China ? ” Glad you are “reasoning” with them. Never just accept what they tell you. In many cases, you need to “demand” to get things done. When in doubt, speak English and demand to see their supervior.

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