Asian Parents Are Confusing 9.18.11

I get a call from my parents around noon on Sunday.

Parental Units: How’s China, is everything OK?
Me: Yeah, it’s alright.
Parental Units: How are classes?
Me: They’re going OK.
Parental Units: Are they exciting?
Me: Not really…it’s Chinese class.
Parental Units: Are you studying a lot?
Me: I’m studying a bit.

Parental Units: What did you do today?
Me: Study.
Parental Units: What?! How come you didn’t go out somewhere?
Me: …don’t you want me to study?
Parental Units: But you’re in China you have to enjoy your time there!
Me: I went to some clubs with my friends yesterday.
Parental Units: But nothing today right? You should go shopping or something!
Me: But then when do I study?
Parental Units: Have you met any girls yet?
Me: No.
Parental Units: WHY NOT!?
Me: I…
Parental Units: Ask your friends to introduce you to cute girls!
Me: but…
Parental Units: BUT YOU HAVE TO STUDY! Don’t waste your time in China!

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3 Responses to Asian Parents Are Confusing 9.18.11

  1. agnes says:

    always twisting the truth!

  2. David says:

    There is a “s” in parents. Of course, two people must have different opinions and sometimes those opinions oppose to each other. If you strike a balance in the middle, you will be perfect. You study hard and also play hard. Dad seen people once fall behind the classes and end up wasting the opportunities to learn. It wasted both money and time. Mom just concerned that only studying will be too boring for you. Mom is always very protective of her children. To grow and gain experience, children must face the real world and struggle a little.

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