Clubbing 9.16.11

Arsenal: They should be around here.
Me: There’s a huge crowd of Germans over there.
Ongbak: Think they’re in there?
Me: Nah, let’s keep going.
Zwein: Colgan!
Me: I stand corrected.

It was Friday night, and like most international students, our group had made our way to Sanlitun for some drinks and dancing. Unfortunately Arsenal, Ongbak, and I had gotten there kind of late, so while the rest of the group headed to a local club we ducked into a local bar to down our share of liquid courage.

While the three of us were huddled at a table consuming alcohol as quickly as we could manage, we took notice of a large group of people sitting behind us.

Biker Dude: Alright, I’m getting Jaeger shots, who wants one?
[Several people raise their hands and Biker Dude starts counting]
Biker Dude: 1…2…3…
Arsenal: [raises his hand]
Biker Dude: 4…wait, I don’t know you!
Arsenal: [shrugs] It was worth a try.
Biker Dude: Yeah, while I’m buying drinks why not right?
As our group is about to resume our drinking a girl from the group comes over.
Girl: You guys want some Jaeger shots?
Arsenal: Seriously? Yeah, that would be awesome.
Girl: OK.
[Girl goes over to Biker Dude and whispers in his ear]
Biker Dude: What?! Why?!

And 5 minutes later we had free Jaeger shots.

After downing several rounds of drinks we double back to the club where the rest of the group is. On the way back I bought a hotdog with tuna on it, it was amazing.

The club itself was packed, and apparently they had flown in an MC or something from Philadelphia to entertain the crowd that night. She kept saying how she had come all the way from America and how Beijing needed to make some more noise. I also noticed that she didn’t really sing. Every time the DJ would put on a song she would repeat a few words from the chorus and then run around the stage telling everyone to make some more noise. I think she really liked noise. Noise and Asian dancers in mesh bodysuits.

After about an hour in the club I started feeling a bit nauseous so I excused myself and went outside. There, I found a cornucopia of wicker benches and stretched myself out on one. I started to doze off when I noticed a bit of commotion around me. There were some Chinese girls who had just sat down and starting chatting a few feet away from me. They started speaking in Mandarin but then switched over to English.

Chinese Girl: Do you see that guy on the bench over there…
They’re going to talk about me in English? Jokes on them!
Chinese Girl: …looks like that.
Oh crap, what did they say…

I tried to listen in a bit more, but then I got bored and started drifting off again.

Montana: Hey Colgan.
Me: Mrr?
Montana: Me and AV are going to get some water, you want anything?
Me: Nah, I’m good.
AV: You just sleep out here?
Me: Yeah…I’m not feeling so great.
Montana: Alright, we’ll see you later then.
Me: K.

Once they left I finally fell asleep.
…and then woke up a couple minutes later.

Random German Guy: Hey, he woke up!

Two water bottles dropped on me.

AV: Here’s some water.
Me: Ah…thanks.
Montana: OK, we’re going to go back in the club.
Me: Alright, I’ll be…here.

A few minutes later Arsenal and Vodka show up.

Arsenal: Oh nice, you got water.
Me: Hmm…Ah yeah, I guess.
Arsenal: Can I have some?
Me: Yeah, help yourself.

I continue my vigil outside for a few more minutes until the entire group emerges from the club.

Arsenal: Hey Colgan, we’re leaving now.
Me: OK.
Ongbak: Were you just down here the entire time?
Me: …most of it.

And that everyone, is how you party Colgan-style.

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4 Responses to Clubbing 9.16.11

  1. Aaron says:

    There’s a typo here:

    Ongbak: We’re you just down here the entire time?

    Feel free to delete this comment after the correction.

  2. agnes says:

    don’t come back an alcoholic!

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