Reparation 9.16.11

Arsenal: Alright, later AV!
Zwein: …Yeah, I’ll tell her you said that.
Arsenal: …oh…

A few awkward steps later…

Arsenal: What was her name again?
Me: Zwein.
Montana: Forgetting her name is pretty bad.
Ongbak: Yeah, especially since you guys were so buddy-buddy just a minute ago.
Arsenal: Yeah, it’s pretty bad. But I know what I have to do.
Me: What?
Arsenal: Next time we meet I just have to call her AV again and just make it a running joke, then we can have a nice laugh about it and it will all be OK… or I just rub salt in the wound.
Me: So you either turn it into a joke or torment her forever about it?
Arsenal: Yeah.
Me: You’re not really good at this whole reparation thing are you?

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