Block Party 9.24.11

A couple of foreign students decided to throw a party on the lawn in front of the international center. They borrowed a table from a nearby café to set up a primitive sound system and bought a lot of beers; all the makings for a classy school party. After doing my homework and studying for several hours I headed downstairs to join the party.

Lulu: Hey! Do you remember me?
Searching memory banks. Tags: short, Chinese, girl
Me: Uh…
Lulu: From registration!

For those of you who don’t remember (like me), she was the girl who roped me into signing up for the international club and later commented on how long it took me to register. After getting past the initial speed bump and reintroducing ourselves, I smoothly transitioned the conversation in a ‘Colgan is not a horrible person’ direction.

Lulu: Chinese names are hard to remember right? So you can call me Lulu, I don’t like the name though.
Me: …then why do you tell people to call you Lulu?
Lulu: It’s a shortened version of my Chinese name, my teacher said it doesn’t have a good meaning in English.
Me: I’ve only ever heard the name Lulu used as a nickname…you might as well just come up with a proper foreign name that you don’t hate.
Lulu: Yeah…

Me: So what do you study here?
Lulu: I’m studying about how to teach Chinese to foreigners.
Me: Cool, so are you planning on going overseas after you graduate?
Lulu: Yeah. But I don’t really like teaching.
Me: …

(Watching several people dance with varying levels of success)

Cherry Tree: Do you dance?
Me: Not well.
Cherry Tree: (laughing) So do you dance like a white person?
Me: I’m not sure…
Cherry Tree: Well dance a bit, I’ll tell you if you do or not.
Me: Alright… (Breakout some mad awesome dance moves)
Cherry Tree: (laughing) You totally dance like a white person!
Me: How about this?!
Cherry Tree: (laughing) Oh my god! That’s the whitest thing ever!
Lulu: How do you do that?
Me: Well you put your hands on top of your knees…
Cherry Tree: No! Don’t teach her that!

(A rap song starts playing)
Lulu: (to Tiedye) Rap! Rap!
Tiedye: I can’t rap!
Cherry Tree: Just try.
Tiedye: I don’t even know what to say…
Cherry Tree: Just say anything.
Tiedye: Uh… Abercrombie and Fitch! Yeah!

Lulu: (pointing at Tiedye’s tie-dye shirt) Did you make that?
Tiedye: No, I bought it.
Lulu: …
Me: Come on, you’re destroying her stereotypes about black people! You can’t rap, you don’t tie-dye your own shirts; you gotta give her something!
Tiedye: I’m sorry!
Lulu: Do you play African drums?
Me: Just say yes.
Tiedye: But I don’t know how to!
Me: It doesn’t matter! If you don’t you’ll destroy her dreams!

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