Partaaay 12.10.2011

Before now I never really thought I suffered from impaired judgment after drinking. I mean, sure, I’m not at my mental pique after downing a few drinks, but I never did anything too far removed from my normal actions. Turns out I was wrong.

Terrence: Do you guys want to play a Swedish drinking game?
Me: Definitely, how do you play?
Terrence: You get a couple of guys in a circle and pass around a bottle. You slap the guy next to you and then he takes a drink from the bottle.
Me: How do you avoid getting slapped?
Terrence: You don’t, you just slap the person next to you and they take a shot. Then you just keep going until the bottle is empty.
Me: I don’t see the ‘game’ part of this drinking game. I’ll pass.

A couple drinks later

Terrence: Swedish drinking game?
Me: Hell yeah!

After a round of drinking and slapping…

My face kind of hurts, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

Terrence: Again?
Me: Hell yeah!

After another round of drinking and slapping…

Alright I got slapped in the ear. That ringing in my ear probably isn’t a good sign.

Ongbak: Slap game again?
Me: I dunno, my face kind of hurts.
Ongbak: We could do punches to the arm instead of slaps.
Me: Hell yeah!

I woke up the next day with my ears still ringing and a giant bruise on my arm.

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2 Responses to Partaaay 12.10.2011

  1. agnes says:

    you might have a concussion to your head! remember this event that happened this date and might claim insenity when opportunity arise! I hope this won’t ever happen again, this is so stupid.

  2. agnes says:

    Do constructive things and stop these drinking activity. Visit the Embassyand offer to volunteer; update your resume and sent to Gigi for a job. Start now and you might have a job by June.

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