Salaryman Shuffle

So tomorrow I leave for Long Beach, California. I’m going to be there for most of October learning how to do my job, and consequently, what my job actually is. Well, to be fair, I have some idea of what they want me to be doing, but my job description (and job title) have changed several times between the time I applied for the job to when I actually received the job offer. I guess the basic idea was that I would go through kind of a ‘trial by fire’ in Hong Kong before going to Long Beach for proper training. So for the time being I’m going to be in California at the head office for training. And from the accounts I’ve heard, the training at the head office consists of a rigorous schedule of…working with the people at the headquarters. Hmm…

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One Response to Salaryman Shuffle

  1. Big Dog says:

    Time to learn and time to shine !

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