Return to Tokyo

Japan Day 5

Today Arsenal and I bid farewell to Sendai and hopped on a bullet train back to Tokyo. Arsenal’s uncle had already left Japan, so Arsenal made reservations at the hostel I had stayed at during my first two days in Tokyo. After arriving in Tokyo, we lugged our bags over to the hostel and then proceeded to tour around some less known placed we had missed during our first mega-tour of Tokyo. Our first stop was Yoyogi Park, a place recommended to us by Patches because of all the interesting people that gathered there at night. Unfortunately for us, it seems that we had chosen to visit in the off season. Save for a few people jogging, the park was mostly empty. We still did the mandatory loop of the park but left to wander through Harajuku and Shibuya.

As we wandered the streets in Harajuku and Shibuya we stopped in at random stores trying to track down Teriyaki Boyz hoodie for Patches, to replace the one that was stolen from him at a club in China. We stopped by a couple of stores that showed some potential, but weren’t able to track down the hoodie. As it was starting to get pretty late we headed towards Shibuya station and its famous scramble crossing.

When we got to the scramble crossing in front of Shibuya, Arsenal insisted on crossing it several times. I think we crossed the road over 10 times before he was ready to go back to the hostel. Amidst are several crossings we passed people shooting commercials, tourists groups taking pictures, and mobs of Japanese people staring intently at their smart phones while crossing the street.

After grabbing dinner at a local restaurant Arsenal and I jumped onto the subway and headed back to our hostel for the night. Back at the hostel the lobby was bustling with people. While I relaxed and chatted with people in the lobby, Arsenal ran up to grab something from his suitcase, he never came back down. After a while I headed up to the room as well and saw him chatting with our roommates. Oddly enough, our room was a 6-person room composed of two Americans, two British, and two Australians.

The two British guys were touring around most of Japan, after spending a couple days in Tokyo they were planning to hop from hostel to hostel visiting famous cities throughout Japan. The other guy from America came to Japan on a whim, he had an interest in guitars and was planning on visiting a street in Tokyo famous for its number of music shops. The other Australian girl (yeah, I felt bad that she had to share a room with 5 guys) was here on a get-away trip before starting college.

After chatting for a bit and exchanging stories and talking about plans for the next day we shut off the lights and went to sleep.
-End of Day 5-

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