Ongbak – My roommate, he was born in Hong Kong and has since lived in a bunch of different places. He’s fluent in English, Cantonese, and Spanish. He’s a big fan of MMA and has practiced a bunch of different martial arts, he’s currently running informal training sessions at the campus track & field stadium.
Notes: Plays LoL, we started accounts in China hoping to pub stomp for awhile. Unfortunately it seems that ex-DOTA players are rather prevalent in the Chinese LoL community.

Arsenal – Friend from Australia, he has been in China for about 18 months and has the best Chinese in our group. He’s a big fan of football, an Arsenal fan to exact, hence the nickname.
Notes: He has just been introduced to the wonder that is Pokemon.

Mama – One of Arsenal’s roommates. She’s a native born Chinese that has very motherly traits. She fixes my pronunciation whenever I try out words I’ve learned.
Notes: Majored in English in college, but is embarrassed about conversing in English.

Sparks – Ongbak’s friend. Sparks is from Peru and is currently studying Mandarin at a different university in Beijing. He plays football and is looking into joining the same team Arsenal plays on. He uses hearing aids.
Notes: A fan of the series “Game of Thrones”

Bassline – Ongbak’s friend. Studies at the same university as Sparks but has been there longer. Bassline is from Poland and has a very friendly personality.
Notes: None for the moment.

Ambassador – Arsenal’s roomate. From Indonesia and speaks Indonesian, English, Chinese, and Arabic. Infamous for not returning to the apartment for days at a time. Is currently studying for a degree at a Chinese university.
Notes: Has a knack for procuring items that are difficult to find in China.

AV – Exchange student from Germany. She is an extremely vocal advocate about the superiority of a certain brand of German movies.
Her icebreaker when talking to Montana was to inform him that Germans are famous for their adult videos.

Zwein – Exchange student from Germany. Carries around purse filled to the brim with miscellaneous items.
I would not be surprised if there were small animals inside her bag of holding.

Montana – Exchange student from Columbia. Very laid back guy who claims that Columbians have a 6th sense for detecting drugs. I don’t it’s true, but I don’t know enough about extra-sensory drug detection to argue with him.
Gets very philosophical at times, but his thoughts only make sense to other Columbians (supposedly).

Patches – From Taiwan. Currently works at a kindergarten teaching English to kids. His English is unaccented, but he has to tell all the parents of his students that he was born in the United States to earn their trust.
Every time he’s asked where he lived in the U.S. he comes up with a different story.

Vodka – Exchange student from Russia. Studied calligraphy for several years while in Russia.
Does Russia have stuff besides Vodka?

Dack – Arsenal’s friend from Australia. Has a job with the government helping run the train system in Australia. Very upfront and sincere person, but loves to bullshit people. Is very fond of haggling because he gets to argue with shopkeepers.
Notes: Claims Arsenal isn’t a real Australian because he gets offended when people make fun of Australia.

Lulu – Chinese student majoring in how to teach Chinese to foreigners, first met her when registering for classes. Friendly and upbeat person.
She doesn’t like teaching Chinese.

Tiedye – Foreign student from Zimbabwe, in the same class as me. Very boisterous and laughs at almost anything.
Likes calling out people’s names very loudly.

Cherry Tree – Foreign student from Kenya. Knows a bit of African dance and convinced me to take an English tutoring job.

Sambomaster – Foreign student from Mongolia. Dance instructor that knows several different types of dances.
Has a bit of a beer belly.

Hours – Foreign student from Brazil, very friendly person. Has a Chinese girlfriend that studies at this university, they met when she went to Brazil to study Portuguese.
His English isn’t very good which leads to him using some interesting, and often confusing, phrases.

Mosbius – Foreign student from Thailand, in the same class as me. He is interning at a nearby architecture firm in China while taking classes at university.
Joined our class during the third week of classes.

Reeses – Foreign student from Indonesia, used to be in my class but moved up to second level. Very energetic and enjoys punching me at random intervals.
Is trying to convince me to visit Indonesia because it’s ‘just like China’ only with more pollution and bigger crowds.

Nappy – Foreign student from Indonesia, a classmate. She has a large supply of skittles and distributes them to people in our class as needed.
I borrow books from her whenever I forget to bring mine to class.

Garlic – Foreign student from Japan, a classmate. I talk to him during breaks between classes to practice my Japanese and pick up miscellaneous information about the school that the teachers never bother telling us.
Claims that Chinese people eat raw garlic for breakfast, our conversation teacher vehemently denies this.
Can speak Korean.

Rubix – Foreign student from Sweden. Very nice person who has a surprisingly dirty mind.
Goes to Ikea to recharge his Swedish batteries.

Red – Japanese girl in the class above mine. Very energetic and short.
Gets bullied by Blue.
She’s short.

Blue – Japanese girl in the class above mine. Very good friends with red, even though they’re complete opposites. Reserved and tall.
Likes to bully Red.
She’s tall.


4 Responses to China

  1. agnes says:

    what is LoL? DOTA player? please explain.

  2. David says:

    You have a talent in writing scripts. May want to consider to be a screen/script writer.

  3. agnes says:

    from the TV mini-series, actors do eat raw garlic and big green onions (or leek?) dipped in sauce during meals!

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