-Captain Crunch-
Captain Crunch is my main contact at the office. He’s pretty close to my age (25 I think) and he has a decent knowledge of English. Whenever I talk with him the odd English word or two usually pops in; he has a good vocabulary but he’s not confident about making complete sentences. Whenever I need to buy something or be taught how something works Captain Crunch is the one who helps me out. There’s also a running gag about him being in love with Annie.
I made his nickname by creating an ungodly fusion between his existing ones.
He’s told me the wrong way to put on pants…twice.
Has a propensity to shout “I love [insert name of food item]” when drunk.
Pirate’s first slave.

[Formerly Driftwood]
Annie works on the first floor of the Namikata branch (I work on the second), I first met her at the Day Camp we had for the entire branch. People in the company either call me Colgan (コルガン) or Chan (チャン); however, she insists on call me John (ジョン). Annie also happens to be a big fan of musicals, notably “The Sound of Music”. However, since I don’t remember the names of anyone from that musical, I have decided to call her Annie.
She’s memorized a good amount of the song “Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music”.
Always seems shocked to see me at work…maybe she forgets I work here too -_-;;

Idol works on the first floor of the Namikata branch as well. I first saw her at the dance practice for Onmaku, but didn’t really talk to her. On a side note, I thought she was Annie at first (I didn’t really know anyone’s name at this point). The only thing I really know about her is that she’s the same age as me.
She got her nickname because Captain Crunch referred to her as the “Idol” of the Namikata branch.
It seems that a lot of guys in the company have fallen for her looks.

I think Lion has the best English within our section. She plays a lot of sports in her free time, of the ones I can remember: basketball, tennis, and swimming. She’s a fun person to talk to and she reads 三月のライオン (manga title) which gives her bonus points in my book.
She always stops me from running out early on pay days.
Becomes super scary when playing Ping Pong.
Reads a lot in her free time and keeps a running journal of what she has read each month.

My supervisor. He’s really laid back and a fun person. He also seems to be one of the more opened-minded people in the branch. He plays quite a bit of Pachinko in his free time and seems to get along pretty well with everyone else in the section.
I gave him his nickname after watching an episode of Anpan man.

Eromatsu is a nickname he earned from the people in our section after singing a bunch of songs by a certain artist whose name escapes me at the moment. I’m sure Ero factored in somewhere in her name but a quick google search isn’t bringing up any satisfactory results 😦
I found the name quite fitting because I had already given him the nickname old man (おやじ) after he commented on wanting to see girls in their bathing suits at the Day Camp.
Eromatsu actually looked up some info about Rurutia after I asked him about it so he gets +1 bajillion cool points. He’s still Eromatsu though.

Submarine also works in my section, he seems to be on the lower end of the age bracket. He’s a nice guy who gets bullied a lot by July. Apparently one of his relatives is going to be an exchange student at the UW over Fall quarter.
Submarine can’t swim well, which apparently invalidates him as a Japanese person (Source: Anpan).
Left to work at another company for a year.

One of the older guys in the section. I don’t talk to him that much but apparently he is pretty famous for giving Submarine a hard time.
He got his nickname during my first English class at work. He said he couldn’t pronounce July because he was missing his bottom teeth.
July has a reputation for being a pervert. He once started rubbing my lips and said “They feel nice”, it was a weird moment.

-Mountain Bike-
Mountain Bike joined the company earlier this year. His English is very good and he’s the only one I’ve met so far that actually tries to use colloquial English. He has a motorcycle and a lot of family connections in Matsuyama. Apparently he’s enrolling in some English classes starting in September.
Mountain Bike has a mental map of all the convenience stores in the local area that have cute female clerks.
The unofficial disciple of July.

[Formerly Iced Tea]
His nickname in Japanese is also the word for butterfly so…
Aside from a rant about learning different language I haven’t talked to Butterfly that much. He seems to be a friend of Mountain Bike, or at least works in the same section.
According to Mountain Bike, Butterfly works out at the gym a lot.
Knows a ton of stuff about computers.
Spent a lot of money on a realistic racing controller for his console games.

I have conversation practice with Snow once a week. The practice usually goes back and forth from English and Japanese. However, since he might be going overseas soon I’ve been forcing more English out of him. Snow likes to snowboard and his room has lots of snowboard-related paraphernalia lying around.
Snow also has an absurd number of shoes, it’s difficult for me to take off/put on my shoes when ever I go over for conversation practice.

Chef is the person in charge of cooking the meals in the cafeteria. She’s a nice lady and apparently used to be a really good bowler (she might still be). I talk to her every now and then about the weather or just about things local to the area.
She has a garden at her house and handed out watermelon she had grown to people in the dorm.
Was a really good bowler back in the day.

Catbert works in HR, he showed me around my first couple of days at the company. He lives in the dorms as well, but in the family part (levels 1 and 2).
I really hope everyone knows where I got his nickname from.

[Formerly Mint Leaf]
Mint is another one of the old timers in my section. He’s really nice and is constantly inviting me out to things or telling me about good places to visit. He also lives on a farm and has a tractor which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, he has a pretty heavy accent and cuts his words short so I have a REALLY hard time understanding him. For example, 土曜日日曜日に何かをする becomes 土日何しよか. One of my goals is to be able to fully understand him before I leave.
He got his nickname because he likes eating the mint leaves that come with sashimi.
Kept a huge stash of chocolate in the company refrigerator at one point.

Pirate works on the first floor of the Namikata branch. She’s originally from China but has been working at the company for over 10 years and is completely fluent in Japanese. She’s currently studying English in her free time so I talk with her in English every now and again. She also helped me out a lot when I was trying to get a cell phone.
She got her nickname because the prefecture’s baseball team is called the Mandarin Pirates. So…yeah.
Freaking loves oranges.
Becomes super scary when playing Ping Pong.
Nicknamed Big Boss by Captain Crunch.

Hasamu is a friendly guy with a fairly strong perverted side. He is also a big fan of Pachinko and gambling in general.
His nickname comes from a conversation we had during lunch. If you can guess the content of the conversation then you probably have a level of perverseness that rivals his.
Has a personal bridge to enter his house.
Often referred to as a celebrity because of his (perceived) luxurious lifestyle.
Left to work at another company for a year.

Yoshi has a bullying relationship with Captain Crunch, this is most clearly seen when Captain Crunch gets drunk. Though I say bullying, it’s not really clear who the bully is. Yoshi will goad Captain Crunch until Captain Crunch starts taking swings at him; again most easily seen when Captain Crunch has downed a couple mugs of grog.
His nickname comes from a shortening of his name and, of course, the Mario series of games.

I met Peaches through Mountain Bike. He’s a cool guy and he offered to come with me to Osaka when he heard I was making the trip alone, unfortunately he got sick and had to cancel. He also lent me a manga called 日本人の知らない日本語 (Japanese that Japanese People Don’t Know), which basically follows a Japanese teacher as she answers weird questions from foreigners studying English, I think it’ll strike a cord with anyone who has tried learning Japanese.
He got his nickname because he gave me some peaches his parents had grown. Yeah, I know, I’m not very inventive.
Got me a Pegasus Gundam plastic model for my birthday.

I met Beer when I went to Mt. Ichizuchi. He’s really into golf and goes to the golf range at least twice a week to practice. He has also been playing Red Dead Redemption, but he can’t understand any of the English they use in the game.
He got his nickname because his last name is the same as a brand of beer.
Buys and sells golf clubs a lot.

Noodles is a fairly husky guy who works in my session. He lived in the dorms when I first got here but has since moved out to a different residence.
His name is based on his Japanese nickname. I also realized that I’m running out of meaningful nicknames very quickly.
One of the only people in Uzushio history to be forcibly evicted from the dorms for uncleanliness.

ACK works at the Onishi branch. I’m currently translating some manuals from him. I haven’t talk to him outside of work but he seems to be a pretty nice person.
His nickname comes from the manuals I’m translating. For space purposes they shortened acknowledged to ACK, which I find kind of comical.

Shoe work in my section. He’s friendly and jokes around with me sometimes. I’m working on a math/programming project for him when I don’t have more pressing work to do.
His last name sounds like shoe in Japanese. Yup.

Tigre is from our company’s branch in Dailan, China. He’s working at our section for 3 months for work experience; apparently he came a couple of years ago as well. He speaks broken Japanese and English so our conversations usually switch between the two.
He really likes telling jokes. Unfortunately they don’t make sense to anyone around here.

Exphile works on the first floor of the Namikata branch. Which puts her pretty neatly in the category of ‘people I greet on occasion but hardly ever talk to’. However, she was the first to discover I was the mastermind behind the Godzilla comic being drawn on the white board in the break room.
For Tanabata she wished for a chance to kiss one of the guys from the band Exile.

A member of my section that is working overseas in China, He’s been back twice since I’ve started working here. He lent me a bunch of Tenchi Muyo to watch.
I’m running out of creativity.

Custodian hired from an outside company. I’ve gotten into the habit of talking to her everyday after lunch.
She was born in the year of the rabbit like me, 12 years my senior though.
Loves Korean and Japanese dramas.

Canadian that grew up in Quebec. His mother language is French but he speaks English as well. He teaches English to some of the local residents.
Really likes the prefectural mascot, Bali-san.
Pirate’s 4th slave.

Brewster has traveled to many different countries and learned a lot of languages. Apparently he used to be fluent in 8 languages, but now only remembers 4. Wants to go back to Hawaii someday.
Former owner of X-Pat.
Formulating plan to trap Kohrn in Imabari.

Study abroad for a year in England and really like English music. Wants to get out of Shikoku and live in a livelier place.
Plays music if there is a lull in a conversation.
Learned his English from prowling bars in England.

Very energetic person that has been to Indoneisa quite a bit. Has a rather in-depth knowledge of drugs even though he claims to have never used them. Will be a police office in Matsuyama starting in April.
He says he would be a hippie if it wasn’t for their clothing style and reluctance to bathe regularly.
Practices Poi.

-Sweet Devil-
[Formerly Kohrn]
Sweet Devil is working as an English teacher in Japan through the JET program. Really likes elephants and has traveled to Thailand numerous times for that reason.
Thinks lava lamps are girly.
Practices Poi.
Knows about the existence of this blog.
Super awesome person that would never use information found in this blog to blackmail me people.

Works at Mirai Kojo, practice English in his free time and has traveled to America on several occasions. He asked out his dentist after she took out his wisdom teeth. Man o man-that’s MANDOM.
Helped coordinate the photoshoot.

New employee at the Tokyo branch, in Imabari for orientation and training. Studied abroad for about a year including 5 months at the UW.
Went to a small all-girls college in Tokyo.
Likes Sapporo beer.

Very energetic person that always seems to be smiling. One of Sweet Devil’s friends. Works at a local shipyard that has ties to our company.
Nickname modified from his Japanese one.

-First Mate-
A designer from Vietnam that works at another ship-related company. Very mischievous.
Has a (fake?) crush on Pirate.


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