Love Plus+

Type: Nintendo DS Game
Genre: Love Sim
Developer: Konami

Love Plus+ is the sequel to the popular Love Plus (big name change). This game became famous for its unique approach, rather than focusing on the capture of the girl, as most dating games do, it focuses on what happens afterwards. This has led to a fairly fanatical fan following as well as one man marrying an in-game character.

After hearing all of these rumors I decided to give the game a try. My friends here warned me saying that this game was dangerous. I ignored them and bit the bullet.

There are 3 heroines (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) in the game that cover your basic archetypes. The quiet, socially-withdrawn girl, the honor student, and the older sister character. The setting is that you’re a transfer student (super original) and just arrived in town. The first goal in the game is to ‘capture’ one of the girls. This part of the game plays out like every other dating game in existence. You meet with her at various places, make some awkward comments, and then a confession scene plays. A little ending sequence plays and then…

You’re fucked.
(not in that way)

The game now showcases your life with your new girlfriend (joy) as you do things like go on dates, go to school, and… go on dates. But the real kicker lies in the two modes you can play this section of the game in, Time Skip and Real Time. Time Skip basically means that you progress through a day in sections, morning, day, and night. During each section you can complete one activity or spend the entire day on a date. Real Time is, well, real time. Every minute in real life translates to one minute in the real game. Spend an hour in game doing Karaoke with your virtual girlfriend and spend one hour of your life sitting in your room staring at your DS with a weird, creepy smile on your face. Delightful.

The second part of the game, though I hesitate to call it that because it never ends, is all about spending time with your virtual girlfriend. She also gets pissed at you if you don’t visit her (play the game) for awhile. This is actually the most entertaining part of the game to me. Apparently there is a break-up sequence in the game, usually you can only see it if you pirated the game (some checksum error) but some people have said that you can get it normally. So because appeasing my virtual girlfriend is tedious and boring, my current goal is to piss her off and break up.


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