Summaries of movies I’ve watched while in Japan (in no particular order) and what I thought of them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Beck – Meh
This movie is based on a manga series of the same name. The story revolves around a kid named Koyuki as he enters the world of rock and roll. He joins a band, they get shunned in Japan because of a record label douche guy, and then their leader foster ties he has to a record label douche guy in America to circumvent the record label douche guy in Japan. In the end they play at a music festival in Japan and everyone is kind of happy because their performance turns out well. Oh, and if they failed to get a certain number of people their leader would get shot by the record label douche guy from America.

Ballad – Don’t Watch
This is a movie about a Japanese kid who gets pulled back in time to the warring states period of Japan. Then his parents find a note he sent from the past (time capsule) and immediately jump to the conclusion that he has jumped back in time. The parents then stock a bunch of shit in a car and wait by the place where they found their son’s letter and sit there waiting to go back in time. And they do it. Then the whole family engages in actions that are a staple of these types of movies; they use their superior technology to amaze their allies and intimidate their enemies. Similarly, at the end the kid gets super fucking pumped and upon returning to his time stops being a total pussy.

Fly, Daddy, Fly – WATCH THIS NOW
This movie is about a salaryman whose daughter is assaulted by a prick at a wealthy school. This prick has super connected parents so lawsuits won’t work and he also happens to be the regional boxing champion. Desperate, the salaryman charges into the local high school with a knife to stab the prick. Unfortunately he enters the wrong school and is quickly beaten unconscious by one of the students there. Upon recovering the guy that beat him up offers to teach him how to fight. Insert Rocky-esque training montage. The salaryman starts getting super strong and eventually squares off against the prick. Along the way the salaryman has many epiphanies and starts being super awesome, which is kind of expected since he is willing to train to go to a high school and beat up their boxing champion.

Negative Happy Chainsaw – Recommended
This is a movie about a hoodlum, a fighter chick, and a monster with a chainsaw. After the hoodlum sees the chick fighting with the chainsaw
monster he decides that he should help her in her fight. Every night the girl goes out to fight the monster and the hoodlum is there to cheer her on and provide coffee after the battle. It should also be noted that fighter chick uses a different weapon for every encounter ranging from a bokuto to a mop. At its heart the movie is a coming of age tale and all the struggles that come with it being manifested by a giant chainsaw wielding maniac.

School Daze – Meh
This movie is about a former child actor who took a reprieve from acting to live a normal life for a change. He quickly learned that the real world sucks. At the start of his movie his family is falling apart and he is getting bullied at school. He finally finds some reprieve when he gets casted into a popular television series “School Daze.” The series is about a teacher that solves his students problems. Eventually the kid has trouble distinguishing between reality and fiction and his two identities start to cross over. This all accumulates in him going kind of crazy and stabbing a chick. When he gets out of jail his family returns to some kind of normalcy and they seem kind of happy. At the end of the movie he tries to get back into acting by pitching his life story as a move idea.



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