Tenchi Muyo

This was one of the first animes I ever watched, and I got the opportunity to watch it again in Japanese recently 😀
Some aspects of the show were different from what I remembered though…

1) The main character, Tenchi, is an idiot in the beginning of the show. He releases a demon at his grandfather’s shrine and rather than telling his grandpa, he just goes straight home and hopes everything works out for the best. Ryoko (the demon) follows Tenchi and attacks him on the roof at his school. Ryoko starts the attack by flying around in the air and shooting beams of energy at him that destroy the roof. Tenchi decides that if he digs through the rubble caused by Ryoko’s attacks and grabs a metal pipe he’ll have a chance of beating her.
Well Tenchi’s plan fails miserably and he manages to escape back inside the school, after about a minute of contemplation he decides that running is his best option. I should mention that he deliberates on this topic after witnessing that Ryoko is unharmed after igniting a gas line while she was right next to it. Anyways, after Tenchi embarks on his brilliant idea of running rather than fighting he takes the time to put his textbooks into his bag before running away.

2) I have no idea how ageing works in this anime. Pretty much everyone, besides humans, can live for over a millennium. Which might be easily explained by “They’re aliens lol!” but no one seems surprised that one of the aliens has aged super fast on earth. (Actually, the guy didn’t even age super fast, he has been on earth for at least a couple hundred years given the fact that he was the one who sealed Ryoko in the first place @.@) Not to mention the fact that this persons mother, who was originally from earth, should be super old but looks just as young as everyone else in the cast. I don’t get it T_T


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