Chapter 1-1

5:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 01:52:35.98ID:0kPk05Q00
First off, my specs
9 years old, 163 cm (5″3′)
Your standard ugly guy
Virgin and, of course, age=years without a girlfriend.
The standard history of being a NEET. But actually, at that time I had been working at a job for a month.
I was living by myself in an old beat-up 2 story apartment.
I have a step-father.
A sister 1 year younger than me (same father and mother).
Twin sisters 10 years younger than me (step-father and mother’s kids).
My sisters treat me like I’m bacteria.
When I was younger I had speech disfluency, otherwise known as a stutter.
The textbook speech disorder.
Even now, I still stutter a bit, especially when I’m nervous.
I have a huge complex about it.

3:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 01:50:48.89ID:si0CGCyV0
Brothels are a lot of fun right?

8:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 01:53:38.92ID:8tb1MOY70
9 years old?
You’re really young.

11:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 01:55:10.27ID:4t6YDS9y0
A 9 year old amateur virgin lol
[Translator’s note: an amateur virgin is a guy that has only had sex with sex workers]

13:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 01:56:14.84ID:0kPk05Q00
Sorry, I meant 29 years old lol
I messed up my copy-paste
This is bad, it’s my first time starting a thread, I’m so nervous it’s turning into chaos.
I’m sweating so much…lol
Please wait a bit…
I’m panicking.

16:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 01:57:43.28ID:0kPk05Q00
Seriously, give me a second…
My hands are starting to shake lol
Just copying and pasting from what I wrote in advance should be easy but…lol
You see a lot of “My first time going to a brothel” reports right?
They’re written in a really relaxed way right?
After reading a couple of those reports I thought “I can do it, and I can write a report too!”
But when you actually do it yourself, there’s a huge difference.
Even before meeting with the girl I was nervous as all hell lol
Actually, just calling the store shortened my lifespan.
Just trying to make the reservation is enough to kill you.
My saving grace was that the guy that answered the phone was really polite and friendly.
But the time spent waiting at the hotel, that was hell too.
During that time I was like a bear at the zoo, just pacing back and forth with nothing to do.
You guys should write more about those parts!
Everyone writes about it so calmly.
Or is it just that I’m the only one that gets that nervous…?

19:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 01:59:32.46ID:0kPk05Q00
Anyways, about brothels; everyone recommends going to a soap land if you’re going to lose your virginity, but I thought that was too high of a hurdle for me.
So I decided to work up to it and first get a call girl.
Those were the thoughts I had at that time.
Now I can say from the bottom of my heart that you should definitely go to a soap land.
And save up your money and go to an expensive, high-class one.
Especially you virgins. It’s your first time so do your best and save up your money.
It’s worth at least that much.
That’s what I think anyways, what about you guys?
Man, now that I’m reading it this introduction is really long, sorry.

20:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:00:03.26ID:FBpp15Ts0
Tell us where the brothel was located
and how much it cost.
I can’t tell you the place, you’ll be able to find it..actually, it’s probably OK.
It was a place in Ikebukuro
The price was about 18,000 yen I think…
There was also something like a selection charge and some other things, I don’t remember the exact price.
It was about a year ago too.

21:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:01:21.79ID:0kPk05Q00
Anyways, I looked up the place on the internet. It was about 15 minutes away by train located in the downtown area. I decided to give the place a call.
Even though I knew it would be OK I kept thinking things like:
“Will they overcharge me?”
“Can I really have sex with a girl? Seriously?”
With these kinds of thoughts filling my head I couldn’t make the phone call.
I was scared and my throat became dry.
After all, in 29 years I’ve never even been touched by a girl.
So it’s hard to believe that for just a couple hundred dollars I could do all sorts of things with a naked girl right?
What do you guys think about that?
Even though I’ve used imitation vaginas millions of times…
Come to think of it, the first time I bought one I was nervous too lol
What was it like for you guys?
In the end, I couldn’t call the store from my house.
I guess the fact that I spent so much time there was the problem…

24:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:02:59.84ID:ElHjnLC40
I know what you mean, when I first bought an imitation vagina my heart was beating so fast.
You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a virgin.

26:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:04:05.69ID:0kPk05Q00
Anyways, I headed towards the city first.
I thought that once I got there I’d be able to make the phone call.
In other words, do or die.
I wanted to cut off any means of escape and force out my courage, it was my last and only hope.

30:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:06:40.53ID:0kPk05Q00
I checked the location of the store on the net and walked until I was close to it.
I stood at a place with the sign “Please make a phone call here” for about 30 minutes lol.
I couldn’t make the phone call, I’d dial the number but cancel the call right away…
But, it was do or die. If I came all this way and didn’t make the call, I was destined to become a magic user.
[Translator’s note: On 2ch there’s a running joke that if a man remains a virgin for 30 years he gains the ability to use magic]
I stood in front of the store for a couple of minutes… then, I forced myself to make the call!!
Store Clerk “Hello?”
I guess call girl places don’t say the name of their store.
I felt uneasy.
Me: “Um, is this —-?
Store Clerk “Yes this is~”
The store clerk’s, rather the guy’s cheery voice was so friendly that all my nervousness washed away lol, but I still stuttered.
Me: “uh, um, uh, I saw your store on the internet…”
Guy: “Thank you very much”
Brothels have amazing customer relations.
They’re even more friendly and polite than convenience stores or family restaurants.

37:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:13:29.62ID:0kPk05Q00
Guy: “May I ask where you are right now?”
Me: “I’m in front of the store.”
Guy: “Then please come in ha ha, just come and ring the doorbell.”
The person who came to greet me was a normal looking guy.
I thought he’d be a scarier looking person.
The guy set out slippers for me and guided me to the sofa in the waiting room.
There was a book shelf with all the volumes of Fist of the North Star.
I read it earlier that day at the convenience store but I can read it over and over again lol
Thanks to Fist of the North Star I was able to return to my usual self.
I chanted the lyrics to myself… ‘even if my burning heart is bound by chains, there’s no stopping me now’

39:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:15:50.59ID:0kPk05Q00
The guy came back with some pictures.
Guy: “Since this is your first time we won’t charge you a selection fee. Also, because you found us on the internet you get a — yen discount. The one-hour course, with the hotel fee included, will be — yen.”
Me: “Hotel fee?”
Guy: “The hotel that you will be using costs — yen.”
I see, I forgot about that. Oh well, if it’s only — yen it’s alright.
I looked at the pictures.
They’re all cute!!
I know that they’re using the power of photoshop
Even though I’ve never been to a brothel before I knew that much
It’s easy because it’s the age of the internet lol
But even then, they were all cute.
This is messed up lol, what’s happening to Japan?
How can there be so many cute girls?
As I was having trouble deciding the guy spoke up.
Guy: “Sir, have you ever been to this kind of store before?”
Me: “I..I..It’s a bit em…embarrassing to say but this is my first time.”

38:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:14:27.18ID:aU0ck0kI0
How much does a brothel usually cost?

41:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:17:15.81ID:0kPk05Q00
If it’s a call girl it’s about 16k – 20k for an hour.
If you go to an expensive soap land in Yoshihara it’ll cost over 100k for 2 hours.
But I’m not that knowledgeable about it.
Perverted people, someone tell him.

42:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:17:37.93ID:FBpp15Ts0
The picture and the real thing are pretty different.
I only know two brothel girls but they were pretty similar to their pictures.
But that was probably a coincidence, no, it definitely was lol.

45:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:19:46.31ID:0kPk05Q00
I don’t know why I said “It’s embarrassing to say”
But, as expected, when I get nervous I start to stutter (cry) lol
Guy: “In that case do you want me to pick for you? Actually, one of our girls just had a cancellation.
She’s our most popular girl! She’s very empathetic and pretty, you can’t go wrong with her!”
Me: “OK, I’ll go with that then.”
I got pushed by the guy’s enthusiasm and followed what he said.
But I didn’t have enough conviction to pick one myself lol
Plus, the ’empathetic’ part was important to a virgin like me. Rather than being a knock-out, personality was more important.
Obviously it was my first time going to a brothel, but I’d never even had a proper conversation with a girl before.

44:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:18:35.11ID:PiFGiX4D0
Rather than a call girl, wouldn’t it be better to say hotel girl?
I guess that’s true, I didn’t think to much about how the store actually operated.
I just decided to say call girl, sorry if I used the wrong word.

47:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 02:23:11.81ID:0kPk05Q00
I left the store and went towards the hotel.
It was only about a minute’s walk away.
Since it was my first time at a love hotel I was a bit embarrassed.
Just being in the lobby made me so nervous I felt sick.
Following the directions of the old guy working the reception, I entered a room right away.
And then, as I had been instructed to do, I called the guy on the phone and told him the number of the room I was in.
Guy: “OK, she should be arriving in about 10 minutes…, please hand over the money to her.”
I stood frozen in the room.
“She’ll be coming any minute now…”
“And she’ll get naked here…?”
My nervousness came rushing back in an instant.

46:Anonymous+:2011/10/25(火) 02:22:18.82ID:14WTwHsq0
I don’t really mind, but your name is the same as mine lol.


2 Responses to Chapter 1-1

  1. Big Dog says:

    Very interesting. You should approach the writer and offer to
    translate into English.
    English is an international language and more copies will be sold.
    More importantly, more people will read about the story. Isn’t this
    the intention of every author ?

    • Cchan says:

      It was a thread on a forum, meaning I have no way of who actually posted it. Plus it’s already been made into a book an is being made into a movie.


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