Chapter 1-4

606:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 19:39:56.70ID:xprQa6pa0
“s..rr..y” lolllll

610:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 19:41:34.44ID:0kPk05Q00
But I was scared about him counterattacking so I didn’t stop pushing.
That, and Bones saying “s..rrry” started making me furious.
I wonder why it just makes me angrier when my opponent starts apologizing…
I don’t really get it, but I guess it’s similar to Japan’s foreign policy lol
Apologies mean nothing lol I understood that much lol
After all, this was the guy who didn’t stop no matter how many time Kayo asked him to.
I thought about it later but,
Kayo is always apologizing.
Maybe that’s why she’s always finding herself in such horrible situations…
Bones started to cry even harder lol
Bones: “Stop, please stop. I’m scared, I’m scared, help me.”
At that moment Kayo hugged me from behind.
She was trembling.

611:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 19:43:05.59ID:xprQa6pa0
Kayo’s here!

613:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 19:44:48.04ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo is trying to stop me…it took me a couple of seconds to realize it.
As I tried to let go of Bones I realized I couldn’t move my arms and legs.
Is this what rigor mortis is like?
Either that, or I couldn’t forgive Bones even though Kayo was trying to stop me .
Bones started crying even more.
Bones: “Please leht me go” or something like that.
I finally let go of him, but I remained hunched down.
I was prepared to push Bones over the handrail if he started attacking again.
Kayo’s face was pale and her legs were trembling.
Kayo: “Let’s go inside…”

614:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 19:45:25.04ID:FMP+r/eyO
>>1″Draw! Monster Card! Draw! Monster Card! Draw! Monste–
Kayo: “Stop it! >>1——-”

622:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 19:52:39.57ID:0kPk05Q00
Bones sat down.
For the time being I wanted to tell him to leave Kayo alone.
That’s right, my goal wasn’t to win the fight.
If I don’t say it clearly right now, Kayo will still be in danger.
Me: “W..w.what you’ve been doing is rape, do you realize that?”
Seeing that he had lost all desire to fight I was unstoppable.
I was unstoppable, but I was super tense too.
Me: “T..t..that’s a crime!”
Bones: “Please forgive me…”
Me: “That’s not the problem here!”
Kayo started wiping my bloody nose with a tissue while I was talking.
Me: “I’m talking right now!”
Kayo tensed up.
Kayo: “I’m sorry…”
And then went silent.
Me: “No, I’m sorry too.”
It was like I wasn’t myself anymore.
My breathing was still ragged.
It wasn’t just because it was hard to breath with a bloody nose.
My throat was also dry too so I drank some water.

Bones: “Kayo…I didn’t think she hated it.”
I was about to lose it again, but at that moment I looked over at Kayo.
I’ll never forget the way she looked at that moment.
She glared at him with eyes full of tears, but she looked like Yaksha.
Is that what you call eyes filled with hate?
I was scared. I was scared of Kayo’s glare.

635:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:00:39.06ID:0kPk05Q00
Frightened of Kayo, I hit Bones’s head.
This was the first time I’d ever hit someone who was not resisting at all.
I couldn’t hold back the anger that came from listening to Bones’s excuses.
Me: “She told you over and over she didn’t like it right?”
Bones: “I didn’t think she was serious…”
I hit him again. I guess this is what’s it’s like when your body moves by itself.
No matter how you look at it, it was obvious she didn’t like it!
He just wanted to do it, he turned people weaker than himself into his plaything.
And when someone stronger than him appears he has no problem spewing lies.
Regardless of whether or not I’m actually stronger than him.
Realizing this, I swung at Bones with all my might.
I missed. A slight smirk appeared on Bones’s face.
I threw another punch, this time it connected. Bones wiped at his bloodied nose.
Now we’re even lol
But I got a cut on my hand. Later that cut got infected, swelled up, and became a huge annoyance lol

640:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:04:50.89ID:0kPk05Q00
After I hit him Kayo started wiping his nose with a tissue.
Bones: “Ah, thanks…”
Seeing that made me even angrier.
Why the hell are you wiping his nose, are you an idiot?
That thought popped into my mind…
I never thought that I would get annoyed with Kayo.
Actually, I hated this feeling.
My feelings were all bottled up inside me with no no place to go.
Me: “You, never touch Kayo again, and give back your key…”
Bones took out his key and handed it over without any resistance.
With this, he couldn’t come in through the entrance anymore.
Kayo watched silently the entire time.
I had no idea what was going through her mind at that time.
Even now I have no idea.

641:名無し募集中。。。:2011/10/25(火) 20:04:58.11ID:5/CjFE3/0
Real stories are a lot more interesting than novels.

643:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:07:20.01ID:xQnUVg3X0
I wonder what Kayo was thinking.

646:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:08:40.94ID:4tJZnvQS0
She seems like the type of person that relies on men.
Which is a bit scary.

649:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:10:54.31ID:0kPk05Q00
Bones left the room while saying “Sorry”
I wonder if this result is OK… but I did everything I could.
Once again it was just Kayo and me.
For whatever reason I was still pissed off.
And Kayo didn’t say anything.
This was the first time in my life I had ever been so angry for no reason and with no way to vent it.
Afterwards Kayo told me that my eyes were bloodshot.
And I looked so scary she was scared to talk to me lol
My breathing was still ragged, I sat down but I still couldn’t calm myself down.
I looked at Kayo, for some reason she looked really fragile.
And at that moment I realized it.
I had a huge boner lollll

654:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:14:29.40ID:0kPk05Q00
In my mind I wasn’t thinking about having sex with Kayo at all.
But my thing was burning hot lol
When I finally noticed it, for the first time I felt the desire to have sex with Kayo.
Why is it standing up now?
But not when she asked “Shall we take a shower?”
What the hell does this mean????
But if we were to have sex in this situation…
Since I was a virgin I had no idea how to broach the subject lol
My breathing got even more ragged as I tried to hide my boner.
My only option was to readjust its position.
If I wasn’t a virgin I definitely would have forced myself on her.
Thank god I’m a virgin lol
If I forced myself on her in a situation like this wouldn’t I be a monster?

657:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:17:34.23ID:FW5WUYriP
Yeah, if you gave into your desire and attacked her then you’d become a piece of shit like her ex-boyfriend.
If you thought about how she felt at the time there’s no way you could’ve done it.

658:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:17:36.56ID:0kPk05Q00
I calmed down a little.
Me: “We got the key back, if he still comes back, whatever you do, don’t unlock the chain lock OK?
Just call me.”
My success in driving off Bones had given me confidence lol
Kayo nodded.
Kayo: “I’m sorry…thank you.”
Me: “Yeah, with this you can go back to wo…”
I stopped there.
What does it matter if you can go to work without worries from now on lol
Doing all sorts of things with stranger’s penises…
I started feeling anger towards Kayo.
Up until now I had treated Kayo as if she was a goddess.
Getting horny, getting angry, it was weird to me.
I never thought that I would ever get angry at her.
I wonder why? Was it the rush of adrenaline from fighting?
Whatever it was, all sorts of violent emotions that I never thought I had started erupting inside of me.

661:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:20:21.88ID:FBpp15Ts0
You did well Ryotaro…

662:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:20:38.04ID:0kPk05Q00
I didn’t go to work that day.
Kayo started telling me about herself.
It seemed like her story would take awhile and,
because such dramatic events happened yesterday and this morning, I was exhausted and didn’t feel like going to work at all.
I stayed up all night, but I wasn’t sleepy at all.
After Kayo graduated high school she came to Tokyo.
Because of that, she started a long-distance relationship with the boyfriend she had in high school.
Apparently, they really loved each other so they weren’t unhappy at all.
And that’s when Bones appeared.
Originally he was an upperclassman in the club that Kayo joined.
After the welcoming party he pressured her into letting him take her home by car.
He dropped her off in front of her mansion.
And Kayo’s inability to refuse went into full force.
He went up to her room and forced her to have sex with him lol
It’s nothing to laugh about though lol
From the way she described it, it sounded like rape, but Kayo didn’t seem to think so.
She thought it was her fault. She thinks everything is her fault lol
After hearing her story if I thought if I said something like
“That was rape” she would be really hurt, so I didn’t say anything.

664:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:22:38.70ID:0kPk05Q00
That was her first time.
But the amazing part was after that Kayo broke up with her boyfriend living in the countryside
and started going out with Bones lol
Kayo said, “I couldn’t bare to face my old boyfriend anymore, and after having sex
I had no choice but to start dating Bones.”
She also said that if she didn’t go out with Bones after what happened she would have been frustrated.
What? What kind of reason is that?
Does anyone here understand it?
Ladies? Tell me is it possible to feel that way lol?
After some time Bones ended up moving into Kayo’s apartment and living with her.
Of course, her parents in the countryside knew nothing about it.

674:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:27:10.73ID:ltqB/s0Xi
Sorry, those feelings are possible.

677:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:27:44.18ID:gl2MAW6zO
Well, I don’t really understand it myself, I’d never let someone like that into my room in the first place.
If I treasured my boyfriend I’d do anything to keep our relationship pure…

668:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:24:35.45ID:0kPk05Q00
Also, Bones cheated on her all the time.
He also took all of her money, it was absolute chaos lol
Kayo had been able to live off the money her parents sent her
but she started a part-time job so she could keep giving money to Bones lol
At that point she wasn’t working at a brothel, she was working as a waitress at a family restaurant.
Also at this point, whenever Kayo returned home
Bones would be having sex with another girl at their place.
Bones is unbelievable lol These types of guys actually exist lol
I mean, I read about these types of guys on 2chan, but I never thought they actually existed lol
I asked her why she didn’t break up with him, she said it was a mixture of “frustration and shock.”
I didn’t get it at all.

672:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:26:15.59ID:0kPk05Q00
I asked her what was frustrating.
Apparently she wanted him to fall in love with her lol
“That’s why I tried my hardest.”
When I asked her why she said “Because we were dating.” lol
she said “if Bones had gotten his act together and fallen in love with me
Then I would have been able to start liking him
And we would have become a normal couple.” lol
I don’t really understand women’s hearts.
Do people really think like this?
It was way to complex for a virgin like me, I felt like I was going to go insane.
I started feeling a mixture of hate and jealously towards Bones.
“Did you love Bones?” I asked, a difficult expression spread across Kayo’s face and she said “I dont know… but if he started treating me right I think I could have.”

682:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:31:08.09ID:0kPk05Q00
Bones started skipping class and spent all his time playing slots, pachinko, and things like that.
He also started to incur a debt.
At first he borrowed 10 to 20,000 yen from a money loaning company.
But his debt started growing and soon all the money Kayo made from her job
was going towards Bones’s debt.
Kayo started working all the time and stopped going to school.
And just like that she disappeared from school lol Her life became a mess lol
During that time Bones started borrowing money from shadier sources.
He ended up borrowing 3,000,000 yen from a dangerous place
and told Kayo that he was in trouble.
Kayo had no idea what to do.
So Bones brought a man over.
According to the man he would shoulder the debt while Kayo worked at a brothel to pay it off.

686:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:32:59.69ID:0kPk05Q00
That man convinced Kayo to work at a brothel.
Once again Kayo’s habit of being unable to refuse went in to full force.
which had the happy ending of her becoming a brothel girl.
Then the man told Kayo to break up with Bones.
He said that if she kept going out with him, things would only get worse.
But even then Kayo never told Bones she wanted to break up.
However, after awhile, Bones left the house and cut off all contact with her.
Leaving Kayo with his 3,000,000 yen debt lol
So…who the hell is that guy???

687:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:33:46.32ID:1EMYTFOP0
But >>>1, you have good luck.
On your first trip to a brothel you managed to meet such a pure girl.

689:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:35:06.68ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo started to pay back the debt.
After working for a year she only had 500,000 yen left to pay back.
This is when Bones reappeared
and started visiting Kayo’s place like a stalker.
Which brings us to the present lol
What do you guys think about this?
I listened to her story until 3 PM and then I fell asleep at her place, I didn’t even have anything to eat.
Kayo slept in her bed and I slept on the ground.
When I woke up, it was nighttime.
We went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant to eat and then parted ways.

690:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:35:59.55ID:SNflZQhe0
It’s the end of the world if someone like Bones can get pussy
while guys like us are virgins.

695:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:40:30.61ID:zzdYLec0O
>>690 I understand where you’re coming from, but girls love bad boys.

694:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:39:40.75ID:0kPk05Q00
When I got back to my house, I thought about what I wanted to do.
Up until this point my feelings of love for Kayo
were overpowering.
But so many things had happened since yesterday, it was like my emotions were paralyzed.
Me, still a virgin, was thrown into the carnage of relationships between men and women.
If she had 500,000 yen would Kayo stop working at a brothel? What about her living expenses?
She said that after she paid off the debt she wanted to save up some money and go back to school.
But could she save up the money to go to school again so easily?
Now that I think about it, I never asked her about her parents, I’m sure something happened between them.
…is there anything I can even do for her?
I started to think that wanting to get involved because I liked her was a childish way of thinking.
The things that she was going through were frightening.
When I thought about it, falling in love with a brothel girl didn’t mean you just had to deal with jealously,
you also had to face all the problems that the girl has.
Wait, I guess it’s the same even if you date a normal girl…

699:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:45:58.38ID:0kPk05Q00
Everything that happened so far seemed like a dream to me.
If I stopped thinking about Kayo, than my life would return to normal.
I was also scared about the ‘man that brought her into the sex industry’.
Bones was scary too.
I was bullied and ostracized, but I had never met anyone as evil as them.
Even though she was all by herself and working at a brothel to pay off a debt, despite all of that
she was so kind to me…
I started to cry. She lived all alone in that room.
All alone.
Even though she had been completely taken advantage of, she was working her hardest to pay off the debt.
She was foolish, but she was doing her best.
I loved her, and I wanted to make her happy.

701:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:47:06.55ID:gYIOBtiT0
I hope she becomes happy too.

706:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:49:58.89ID:0kPk05Q00
That’s right.
At that time,
I went from “I like her, I want to know how she feels about me.”
“I like her, and I want her to be happy.”
My feelings had changed.
I still wanted to date her, but the feelings behind that desire were completely different.
Oh, I forgot to write about it but Kayo was on the Track team.
Every now and then when they would do long-distance running a student would start to hyperventilate
and that’s how she learned that technique for treating hyperventilation.

712:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:53:36.12ID:FMP+r/eyO
Technique…that means that everyone who hyperventilated got hugged…

716:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:56:23.66ID:0kPk05Q00
From what Kayo said,
asking “Are you OK?” is pointless.
You should just clearly say “It’s OK.”
Hugging them also helps calm them down
I don’t know how most Track teams handle it though.

713:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:54:35.14ID:0kPk05Q00
My feelings had gotten a bit stronger but
it also made me want to know about Kayo’s feelings even more lol
How does she feel about me…
It’s not like I was starting to become full of myself but,
I felt like with the things that happened that day, that I had gotten a little closer to her heart,
that’s what I was hoping for anyways.
But…even if she did like me, did she even see me as a man?
For the time being, I decided to confess my feelings to her.
I would start from there, there were too many possible problems.
I’d worry about the things that came later, later.
It was impossible to move forward and resolve all her problems at the same time.
But reality wasn’t that kind.
The ‘man that introduced her to the sex industry’ appeared lol.

715:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:55:56.37ID:xvMfc45h0

718:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:56:44.42ID:1EMYTFOP0
The thug appears!!!

719:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 20:57:01.68ID:4niQ9dQg0
Bones left a horrible parting gift.

724: 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2011/10/25(火) 20:59:34.30ID:CHzDANCX0
This is a huge difference from the 60 yen Bones.

725:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 20:59:40.79ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo didn’t return to the store.
We exchanged mails and called each other sometimes.
But she didn’t feel like going outside.
I was happy that she wasn’t working anymore, but I didn’t have the courage to go to her house.
I was also thinking about what to do about her debt, it was a complicated time.
Then one day I received a call from Kayo.
She had something she wanted to discuss with me and wanted to meet.
She sounded really serious, but more than anything
I was excited to go to her house again.
This all happened about a week later.

728:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:03:03.21ID:0kPk05Q00
“How about starring in a porn video?”
The aforementioned guy had asked Kayo.
If she did that she would be able to pay back the debt instantly and would also have some money to use towards school.
It was something called a one-time contract? I didn’t really understand.
Well, when I got home I googled it and figured it out pretty quick lol
Actually, she had talked to this guy about Bones
and said she wanted to stop working at a brothel.
She also talked a little about me.
The following day that man brought up the subject of starring in a porn video.
But…what is that guy to Kayo?
According to Kayo that man
came off as someone she could trust.
She felt different talking to him than when she talked to Bones.
But it didn’t sound like she liked him…
Who the hell is he? At that time I had absolutely no idea.

730:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:05:43.16ID:0kPk05Q00
I was shocked lol
Me: “If you make a porno I’ll buy it right away!”
there was no way I’d say something like that lol
I was completely against it lol that much should be obvious right?
Just her working at a brothel was bad enough, but a porno!!
But, don’t I watch tons of those?
Hmm, this is kinda awkward…
In the end it’s just ego! Ego!

734:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:09:43.91ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo said she didn’t want to be in a porno.
But that man was persistent and kept trying to convince her.
Kayo kept asking, I don’t want to make one…what should I do?
Is she asking me for help?
Actually, if I don’t do anything,
won’t Kayo’s inability to refuse come into play again lol?
Is it hard for her to refuse because of the debt?
Me: “I’m completely against it, I don’t want you to be in a porno.”
I said that without anything to back it up, I mean, I couldn’t do anything about her debt but,
I had no choice but to say what I felt, there was no way I could keep quiet lol
Kayo: “Yeah, I’m not going to make it, but I’m not very good at refusing…sorry,
I think I just wanted you to stop me.”
It turns out that just an emotional argument was enough lol it made me kind of happy

736:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:10:14.51ID:EIvmf0nQ0
It seems like signing one porno contract would force you into a bunch of other ones.

739:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:14:07.14ID:0kPk05Q00
The next day Kayo came back and said
“He said it was my problem…that’s true…
I don’t want to work at the brothel anymore and he said that if I wanted to resolve it quickly a porno was my best option. But…I don’t want to do it.”
It seemed like her stance had weakened since yesterday lol
Apparently that man had even shouldered the late payments on Bones’s loan,
so Kayo couldn’t go against him too much.
Me: “But, it wasn’t your debt in the first place right?”
I remember being pissed off at how illogical the situation was but
there was no changing the past, we just had to deal with it.
But, what do we do now?
Which is better, for Kayo to continue being a brothel girl or for her to become a porn star lol?
Dumbass!! How the hell do you answer that? lol
But I hated the thought of everyone seeing Kayo moaning…!
Actually, I wonder if she would feel it when she got touched by a porn star…or a customer
ha ha ha…ha ha (cry)
HA HA HA, actually I was pretty confident that I was the type of person that would have a girl stolen from me.

740:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:14:53.59ID:FW5WUYriP
I’m pretty sure that guy’s a scout.
Scout’s are good at talking and handling girls,
his kindness is a show.
Bastards like him only see women as money.
They get an introduction fee and a cut of the profits for every girl they introduce to a store, that’s the kind of system they work in.
By the way, they make the most money if they get a girl to do a porno.

750:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:23:43.50ID:SNflZQhe0
>>740 He’s definitely a scout.
In the worst case scenario he might have connections to a violent gang.
They only see women as objects.
They’re trash among trash.
and then they have them debut at a company like Catwalk Poison, it makes the blood boil.

742:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:17:19.69ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “I’ll get the 500,000 yen.”
I said it in all seriousness.
Kayo: “There’s no way I would let you do that.”
She adamantly refused.
Kayo: “Burdening someone else with your money problems is the worst thing you can do.”
she said.
Me: “Why? (cry)”
I didn’t know what else I could do.
Why are you like this Kayo~
But thinking about it, Kayo was bothered by the fact that I was wasting my money at the brothel.
and then said that we should start meeting outside…
there’s no way she would accept the money…
There was nothing else I could do.
But I got the feeling that Kayo would just get pulled along lol

747:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:22:12.56ID:R3ZphA9a0
Kayo’s a good kid…
But she doesn’t seem very sharp.
I’m worried.

746:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:21:13.09ID:FW5WUYriP
Actually, just by introducing her to a call girl place most of the debt should’ve been paid off.
If you introduce a a good prospect you can get over 1,000,000 yen and 20% of her earnings.
That scout probably tagged her as an idiot and is using her well.

751:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:23:52.99ID:0kPk05Q00
2 days after I met with Kayo.
After work I sent a message to her.
“It’s been awhile since we ate out together, shall we go tonight?”
Not going outside is bad for your mind and body, and rather than always talking about serious things,
it’s good to talk about fun things every now and then.
Anyways, we ended up having a nice time at a izakaya.
This part of our relationship had disappeared lately,
so rather than going home right after dinner, we went to a nearby park and walked around together.
I was so happy lol
And as always, Kayo was tall lol
Should I confess to her?…no, until the problem with the porno is resolved that’s a bit…
No matter what her response was, confessing to her now was…
too heart wrenching.
Ever since that incident a few weeks back, I felt like Kayo and I had become closer.
I started to feel like her smiles were an acknowledgement of that.
At that moment her phone started to ring.

756:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:26:47.19ID:0kPk05Q00
“Sorry” she said as she answered her phone.
Kayo: “Yes. Yes. No…yes.”
She sounded kind of dark, it definitely wasn’t a fun conversation.
Could it be that guy?
I tried sending her a message with my eyes.
And she responded to me with hers.
It seemed like I was right.
Is he still trying to convince her?
Me: “Is it OK if I talk to him for a bit?”
I had decided.
I’d refuse for her.

761:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:28:40.11ID:xprQa6pa0
>>>1 turned into a true man, I wouldn’t mind turning gay for you.

769:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:30:21.36ID:0kPk05Q00
I motioned for Kayo to give me the phone, she hesitated a bit at first but,
Kayo: “I’m going to hand over the phone to someone else…”
Then she gave me the phone.
Me: “Hello.”
Man: “Who is this?”
Me: “I’m Kayo’s boyfriend.”
Man: “Really? Kayo had a boyfriend?”
He actually seemed kind of nice, maybe if I talked to him he’d understand?

773:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:34:38.53ID:1EMYTFOP0
He’s an intellectual-type gangster!!!!!!

776:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:37:01.40ID:0kPk05Q00
At times like these I would usually start stuttering, so I tried my hardest not to.
In a sense, it was even tougher than my encounter with Bones
because I actually had to think lol.
Me: “Um, I’m speaking on behalf of Kayo but she says she doesn’t want to make the video.”
Man: “Yes, I understand, her feelings about this are important but I’ve already started talking to the producers.”
Me: “Huh?”
Man: “Did you know? I’m the one who took on her debt and I’m also the one that’s introducing her to work so she can pay it off.”
Me: “Yeah…”
Man: “This is something I did in her best interest. Oh, you must be the person she was talking about, I heard about you.
She said that she wanted to stop working at a brothel, in that case if she takes this job
she’ll be able to pay off the rest of her debt and even have some extra money to use for school. Even for you this is a much better method than for her to continue working at a brothel right?”
Me: “But her identity will be known by the whole world right?”
Man: “You don’t need to worry, I’ve taken every precaution against that. Also, it makes things difficult when someone like you starts messing with the relationship between Kayo and me.
After all I’m discussing a job opportunity and she’s fully aware of the problem she’s facing.”
Me: “Huh?”
Man: “If she doesn’t make up her mind on her own than the same things will happen to her over and over again,
don’t you agree?”
Me: “What?”
Man: “Hmm, it seems like you’re rather concerned about this, in that case how about the three of us meet up and discuss this.”
Me: “OK…”

778:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:38:33.94ID:kGTsMwrz0
Don’t lose!

782:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:42:32.83ID:0kPk05Q00
Huh? The things this guy is saying aren’t wrong…
Man: “I wasn’t just playing when I lent Kayo that money, I’m not making a profit here.
As far as the methods used to pay off the debt, she didn’t have a lot of choices.”
Me: “But, that was originally Bones’s debt right?”
Man: “But that doesn’t have anything to do with me, in the end that’s a problem between Kayo and Bones right?”
Me: “That’s true…”
Man: “Well, I won’t do anything to intentionally hurt her ha ha! Could you put Kayo back on the line?”
It’s no good…
I was naive to think I could do something through force or fighting…
It seemed like I was in the wrong?
I wonder if there really is nothing we can do…
What??? Does that mean???
Kayo is going to make her debut??
She’s going to get banged by a porn actor from Soft on Demand lol?
She’s going to teach amateurs about sex lol?

785:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:45:00.76ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “I’m sorry.”
Kayo shook her head and took the phone.
Even though earlier I thought her expression had been kind of dark,
she actually seemed kind of cheerful when talking to him.
I felt like Kayo was so far away.
Is her relationship with this guy deeper than the one she has with me?
That thought terrified me.
Kayo: “OK, OK, I understand.”
She hung up the phone.
I hugged her.

790:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:47:18.08ID:1EMYTFOP0
From an intellecutal-gangster’s viewpoint this is a great situation.
Why is Kayo surrounded by all these horrible people.
>>1 is fighting by himself

798:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:50:40.91ID:SjJnk7ss0
If >>1 wasn’t there she definitely would have been in a porno
and then she would have paid off her debt.

812:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:52:54.24ID:FMP+r/eyO
And then she would have become our wanking material.

806:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:51:58.44ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo: “Hm? Ryotaro?”
Me: “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you…”
I was hugging Kayo but she was a head taller than me lol
Kayo placed her hands on me and said,
Kayo: “I’m sorry for always making you worry.”
Me: “…”
Kayo: “I’m not going to be in a porno! You don’t want me to be in one either right?”
Me: “Yeah…”
Kayo: “You don’t want me to work at a brothel either right?”
Me: “Yeah…”
Kayo: “That’s why I haven’t been working lately.”
Kayo looked down into my eyes.
She was so masculine ///!
But what did she mean by that…
Has she actually come to like me a little…?
Kayo: “We’ll take care of the debt somehow ha ha ha”
But we didn’t have another way!!!
That man was scarier than either of us could ever have imagined!!!

818:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 21:58:48.39ID:0kPk05Q00
I learned that the next day.
At night I got a call from Kayo.
In the afternoon he suddenly appeared at her house and drove her to 2 or 3 different companies.
There they talked about the amount of money they would be paid as well as the schedule.
Kayo said “Please give me some time.” but he just said,
“Well if you were to do it, the schedule would look like this.” and
“This would be about how much money you would make.”
He just kept pushing the plan forward.
Kayo: “What should I do?”
Me: “Huh? You have to refuse, there’s nothing else for you to do besides that.”
Kayo: “On the way back he started talking about fees for breaking a contract. He said ‘please don’t make me lose face.'”
Me: “…”
We’re trapped lol I don’t know what to do lol.

819:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 21:59:45.76ID:gYIOBtiT0
This game is impossible lol

821:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:00:38.02ID:R3ZphA9a0
They haven’t even signed a contract yet and he’s talking about cancellation fees?
Take it to court!!

825:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:02:08.74ID:fIMpEd/N0
Go consult with a lawyer lol

827:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:03:01.14ID:0kPk05Q00
The day after that he came again and took her to what she thought would be another meeting,
but he ended up taking her to a photo shoot.
A nude one lol! (laugh)
At this point it got painful to listen so I don’t remember the details.
But, her picture at the brothel was a nude one too.
I guess they were going to make it her profile picture.

830:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:04:41.39ID:SjJnk7ss0
I’m not the only one that’s starting to get annoyed by Kayo right?

835: 忍法帖【Lv=31,xxxPT】 :2011/10/25(火) 22:05:38.37ID:QFAbbV/y0
I think you’re in the minority but,
I agree with you.

839:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:06:33.19ID:z0hxnnlp0
I imagined what I would feel like in this situation so I understand what you mean lol

837:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:06:20.42ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “You can’t just tell him you’re not going to do it?”
Kayo: “I’m sorry…I keep telling him that but he won’t listen.”
Me: “Did you say it strongly?”
Kayo: “I did…or I think I did…”
It’s no good…
Kayo is getting weaker lol
I felt like if I get kept asking her questions I’d drive her further and further away.
Why is that?
Until now I got angry and cried and had other strong emotions, but
now it was like watching trees at the end of Fall, everything was slowly falling apart lol

840:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:06:59.21ID:SpbMUgvH0
I feel like at this point it’s not that Kayo can’t refuse
it’s just that she’s weak-willed.

848:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:09:45.98ID:0kPk05Q00
I realized that there was no way I could overcome this problem by myself.
I had only one friend I could rely on.
I decided to ask him for advice.
His name was Shinsaku, he was 27 (2 years younger than me) and lived in Osaka.
About 2 years ago, when I was halfway between a NEET and a FREETER
I met him on a SNS in a community for Shiba Ryotaro.
He was also the reason that I decided to go to a brothel.

856:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:12:24.76ID:xUK81ZP80
Shinsaku? lol
He’s not going to say something like “Even a boring world can be made interesting…” is he?

859:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:14:20.78ID:0kPk05Q00
Like me he was a huge fan of the Warring Kingdoms Period and the Bakumatsu Period so we started messaging and talking on Skype.
Around that time they were holding a Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Event in East Osaka so he asked if I wanted to go with him.
There were also a lot of historical relics from the Bakumatsu Period in Kyoto so he invited me to stay a couple of days.
So I headed to Osaka on an overnight bus.
Shinsaku lived in the penthouse of an amazing apartment all by himself.
What is this!! The view at night is incredible lol
Me: “What kind of job do you have?”
Shinsaku: “Investment and consulting lol”
Me: “If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you make a year?”
Shinsaku: “I don’t have a set salary, but I make about — hundred million yen lol”
Needless to say, this was the first time I had a friend like this.
He treated me to sushi and blowfish.
And his car was a BMW lol, it was the first time I ever rode in one.
We went to the Memorial Event for Shiba Ryotaro and saw the historical sites in Kyoto too.
And then Shinsaku suggested that we go to a brothel at night lol.

867:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:16:38.96ID:cNgM9d0m0
Shinsaku is a man who will begin a revolution.

869:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:17:07.77ID:FW5WUYriP
You don’t have a promissory note and the debt itself is rather large,
so you have no obligation to pay off someone else’s debt.
If you’re going to be told to pay off a debt, make sure that you’re doing it according to the law.
If he keeps bothering you about it, go to the police for help.
And that’ll be the end of it.

870:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:17:08.86ID:0kPk05Q00
We went to Shiba Ryotaro’s Memorial, Kyoto, and ended up spending the night in Kyoto.
Thanks to him, I had a day more luxurious than I could have ever imagined.
Shinsaku: “I don’t have anything to spend my money on lol So I have to spend it on things like this.”
He smirked as he said that.
He wouldn’t even let me thank him for it.
Actually, he treated me like I was his superior and whenever I talked he would just quietly listen.
When I was with him I felt really relaxed, I could fall for someone like him lol
Me: “Shinsaku, do you have a girlfriend?”
Shinsaku: “Not right now lol”
Me: “But you’re popular right?”
Shinsaku: “I do well enough.”
We were talking while he was driving the car but the way he turned the wheel was really manly, or should I say, confident?
It felt like I was falling for him lol
But I never thought that he would be a complete Hatsune Miku maniac…

872:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:17:12.47ID:kkD9eU600
Shinsaku’s presence and sense of security are abnormal.

876:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:19:38.02ID:0kPk05Q00
I have no idea why he became friends with me but,
after that he would come to Tokyo once a month on business trips and we’d go out drinking.
Shinsaku: “Please let me use up some of my money.”
Saying that, he wouldn’t let me pay for anything lol
But well, it’s not like he went to any shops that I could afford.
And on one of his many trips to Tokyo,
he said he wanted to go to Yoshiwara lol
Oh, he didn’t say he wanted to go to a brothel while we were in Osaka,
he said it when we were in Tokyo.
Me: “I..I’m sorry, I’m not mentally prepared for something like that.”
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro…could it be that you’ve never had a lover?
Are you a virgin?”
I thought there was no point in lying to him so I answered him honestly.
Shinsaku: “Alright, then let’s go to a cabaret club!
While I’m in Tokyo I’ll teach you a few things lol.”
Saying that, he took me to a cabaret club lol.
Needless to say, this was my first time going to one.

877:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:20:16.52ID:cNgM9d0m0
People who do consulting work have an amazing amount of knowledge after all.

879:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:20:43.82ID:AnhKK7DZ0
Shinsaku is true man.

886:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:24:18.85ID:0kPk05Q00
As expected, at the club it was silent me and super-popular Shinsaku.
Shinsaku’s ability to communicate was god-like.
But he kept talking me up to the cabaret girls,
and tried to get me to talk with them.
But when we got ready to leave…
Shinsaku: “Sorry, it’s really hard to say but tonight I’m not going to stay at your place,
I’m going to stay somewhere else. But I’ll see you again tomorrow.”
Me: “What? Why? You said we would watch videos on Nico Douga together.”
Shinsaku: “Well, I managed to hook up with one of the girls…”
What kinds of techniques does he have? Not only were we at a cabaret club,
he managed to pick up a girl in only a matter of hours…
Anyways, this person that had been so kind to me had wanted to go to Yoshiwara together,
and since I couldn’t afford it I would definitely have to go with him,
so in order to pay him back for his friendship I decided to go to a call girl place on my own.
And then I ended up in this mess lol

890:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:26:54.05ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “That guy’s probably a scout.”
Me: “Huh? A scout? Like a talent agent?”
Shinsaku: “No, different from that. He’s the kind that introduces girls to cabaret clubs, brothels, pornos and makes a profit from it.”
Me: “Huh? That kind of job exists?”
Shinsaku: “Moreover, that 3,000,000 yen debt is probably something Bones and that guy made up.
Me: “What do you mean?”
Shinsaku: “I’m saying that they’re working together, that Kayo girl aside, you really know nothing about the world Ryotaro…lol…”

I see…I don’t know anything either…
I had thought that Kayo was completely clueless to the point were it annoyed me but…I get it now.
And while talking to Shinsaku, I realized that it was a definite possibility.
Rather, the story was too messed up.
If it were true, than the only victim was Kayo.

893:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:29:19.04ID:0kPk05Q00
But if that was true, that meant Kayo’s situation was even more pitiful.
Shinsaku: “Afterwards, I think the scout cut off Bones, he was just an obstacle in the way of getting Kayo.”
Shinsaku: “And considering what you said about Bones, the scout probably gave him some money and told him to get away from Kayo.”
That would explain why Bones suddenly left Kayo’s apartment and cut of all contact lol.
Me: “But in that case, why did Bones start stalking Kayo?”
Shinsaku: “Well, that’s because she was a pretty convenient girl for him right? And if she really is a beauty
he probably started regretting it, not to mention the money he got from the scout was probably all gone.
But since he told the scout he’d cut of all ties he couldn’t return to the way things were,
or even to the apartment itself right?”
This explains everything lol
Shinsaku, you’re a god.

895:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:31:18.17ID:xUK81ZP80
Shinsaku is amazing!

898:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:31:34.10ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “Shinsaku, what…what should I do?
Kayo won’t take any money from me, and I’m not even her boyfriend,
I’m not sure if she’ll let me get involved anymore than I am.”
Shinsaku: “That’s true. Ryotaro, do you want to help her because of your sense of justice?”
Me: “Would you be able to just leave alone a girl in such a miserable situation?
And after hearing your explanation, there’s definitely no way I could leave her alone.”
Shinsaku: “If that’s the reason, it’s better to just leave her alone. Her situation is too complicated.”
Me: “What…?”
Shinsaku is an unexpectedly cold person lol
Shinsaku: “Or is it that you’ve fallen for this Kayo girl and you want to help her?”
Me: “Maybe…no, definitely.”

901:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:33:29.92ID:qgrhVlEp0
Osaka’s knowledge is in full force!

902:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:33:47.96ID:R3ZphA9a0

I would become gay for Shinsaku!!!

904:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:34:21.10ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “Seriously? You’ve actually fallen for this Kayo girl?”
Me: “Ye..yeah.”
Shinsaku: “In other words this has nothing to do with justice, it’s just something that you want to do right?”
Me: “Y…yeah. I guess that’s true…”
Shinsaku: “Everyone just does what they want, that’s how people are,
I love people that reek of humanity.”
I get it, what I thought was anger because of my sense of justice, it was really just from my feelings towards Kayo.
I got angry because I loved Kayo.
Shinsaku: “Are you prepared to go through hell for her?”
Me: “Y…yeah.”
Shinsaku: “Even knowing that if you make it through there’s no guarantee she’ll fall for you?”
Me: “I don’t care.”
Shinsaku: “Ha ha, you really are an interesting person. Alright, I’ll help you out!”
Me: “Huh?”

908:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:35:32.91ID:qgrhVlEp0
Everyone just fell in love with Shinsaku.

910:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:35:37.87ID:Y3ff97rc0
Shinsaku…I love you!

913:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:36:06.58ID:qgrhVlEp0
He truly is a god.

915:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:36:27.47ID:vRkmk7pf0
Rather than saying ‘I Went to a Brothel and My Life Changed’
Wouldn’t it be better to say ‘I Met Shinsaku and My Life Changed’?

927:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:38:44.20ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “Actually, once you started talking about the scout
I left the house and got in a taxi to New Osaka Station.
I’ll travel by bullet train and be in Tokyo tonight lol
I’m arriving 3 days earlier than planned for my business trip.”
Me: “What????”
Since a long time ago I thought that Shinsaku talked really fast, but not only that,
he’s extremely fast to take action. It’s mind boggling.
Shinsaku: “About halfway through the story I started to get so pissed off
I had to do this lol
And since you called me for advice, there’s no way I could just leave you on your own lol.”
Me: “Huh?”
But, I still had no idea why Shinsaku liked me so much lol
Shinsaku: “Since you’re already involved, it’s not like I’m doing this for justice,
I like these kinds of challenges, plus you have my interest so I’m going to Tokyo.
So I’ll be in your care, let’s wipe the floor with the scout and Bones lol.”
Shinsaku is coming to Tokyo to face that man, the scout???
Things are happening too fast…actually, Kayo’s and my problem
turned into a face-off between Shinsaku and the scout lol

933:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:40:37.41ID:qgrhVlEp0
A battle between substitutes lol

934:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:41:02.64ID:gPuIpZa10
I get the feeling that Shinsaku is going to become the main character…

935:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:41:25.45ID:0kPk05Q00
I have no idea what’s going to happen…lol but I’m feeling confident lol
How is this going to end?
Actually, Shinsaku, what the hell are you????
At 7 PM Shinsaku arrived at Shinagawa Station.
I went to meet him and we ate dinner together.
Shinsaku was pretty worked up and excited.
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, today let’s stay at ShinPri lol just the two of us. We need to have a strategy meeting. Shall I get some women delivered so we can have a pre-battle celebration?”
Me: “What’s ShinPri? Actually, why are you ordering girls lol”
Shinsaku: “ShinPri is Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The thing about the girls was a joke lol”

943:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:42:59.66ID:4niQ9dQg0
From here on out Shinsaku is unstoppable.

955:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 22:46:25.31ID:0kPk05Q00
Why is he so pumped up lol
How is calling girls going to help solve my problem lol
“Jokes aside, I’m going to get a room at ShinPri.”
This was the first time in my life I stayed at Shinagawa Prince lol
It was amazing, they had an aquarium and a zoo, I also ended up seeing a dolphin show without meaning to lol
What’s the point of running away from our troubles lol
As I sat in the cafe of the hotel I said that we shouldn’t be wasting our time like this.
Shinsaku: “Times like this are exactly when people need to do something to refresh.”
Me: “Refresh?”
Shinsaku: “Yes, refresh. If you just keep going without changing your thought process, you’ll never figure out a solution.”
Shinsaku: “At that point you either go into it all the way, or get out completely.”
Me: “What do you mean go in all the way?”
Shinsaku: “Like I said, we order some women…”
In all seriousness, I changed a lot because of this guy’s influence.
Once we entered the room Shinsaku’s face turned completely serious.
Shinsaku: “For the time being, we have to decide on our baseline goal.”
Me: “OK, at the very least we don’t want Kayo to be in a porno, I’d want her to stop working in a brothel too…but that might be difficult because of the debt.”
Shinsaku: “No, the details might be slightly different but I think my guess about what happened is correct. That girl was tricked into paying off a fake 3,000,000 yen debt.”
Me: “Are you sure? We don’t have any proof…”

960:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:48:11.12ID:qgrhVlEp0
That’s right, this is a crime.

962:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:49:04.83ID:fcYvPKvx0
I really like this atmosphere, it’s like a mystery.

966:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 22:50:25.50ID:xKQw8aw/0
I’m looking forward to seeing Shinsaku in action, I can barely contain my excitement.
What is Kayo’s fate? Will she become happy together with Ryotaro or…


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