Chapter 2-1

45:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:01:07.00ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “Right now we don’t have anyway of knowing whether we’re wrong or right.”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “So our first target is Bones. Before we talk to the scout we need to force the truth out of Bones.”
Me: “OK.”
Shinsaku: “It’ll be easy, it’s just a question of whether we threaten him or bribe him lol.”
I was starting to fear Shinsaku a lot more than Bones or the scout lol
Shinsaku: “That Kayo girl knows Bones’s phone number and mail address right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “Alright, it might be a little difficult but your first job is to get Kayo to call Bones and setup a meeting.”
Me: “What? That’s impossible!”

65:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:06:30.77ID:aBHU5BDR0
Wait…I know who Shinsaku is.
He’s the Demon of Minami right?
[Translator’s Note: Minami is a large shopping area in Osaka.]

66:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:07:15.38ID:qgrhVlEp0
No, he’s the Buddha of Minami lol

58:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:04:59.41ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “I mean, after what happened there’s no way Bones will meet with us.”
Shinsaku: “What are you saying lol? All Kayo has to do is send a message that says ‘Are you alright? I was worried about you after that fight’ and he’ll come flying over lol.”
Me: “Huh? How can you be so sure about that?”
Shinsaku: “How? Because Bones underestimates Kayo and doesn’t think she could ever tell a lie. Besides, if any guy is told by a cute girl that she’s ‘worried’ about him, he’ll come right away.”
Me: “…really?”
Shinsaku: “If Kayo said to you ‘I’m worried about you…can we meet?’ what would you do?”
Me: “I’d go running to her!…oh.”
Shinsaku: “Guys forget all the bad things they’ve done in an instant lol.”
Me: “I see…”
Shinsaku, you scare me.
Shinsaku: “Trapping the scout and stopping Kayo from appearing in a porno will be easy, but if we just do that I won’t be satisfied lol.”
Me: “If that 3 million yen debt is a lie than I wouldn’t be able to stop at that either.”

69:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:07:48.89ID:K7RvXV0z0
Don’t ever make Shinsaku into your enemy OK? If he becomes your enemy your life is over Ryotaro.

75:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:08:48.30ID:0kPk05Q00
What does Shinsaku looks like? He’s about 173cm? He’s definitely over 170cm but under 175cm.
He’s a bit on the skinny side.
As for his face…he looks like Tortoise Matsumoto lol.
But his eyes are always moving and darting around
So you end up fixated on him when you look at him.
It’s definitely more interesting to talk with someone so animated.

83:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:10:44.38ID:qgrhVlEp0
Tortoise Shinsaku lol

91:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:12:58.40ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “But we can’t do anything unless we confirm things with Bones, that’s the most important, and difficult, part of this plan. So I’m counting on you to convince Kayo to call him.”
Me: “Yeah, it’s our only chance!”
Shinsaku: “So how are you going to do it?”
Me: “I’ll tell her the truth.”
Shinsaku: “Well… considering your personality I guess that’s the best way lol.”
Me: “Why are you laughing? Is it a bad idea?”
Shinsaku: “Ha ha, I’ll leave it up to you.”
Me: “If you leave it all up to me I feel like I’m gonna mess up…lol”
Shinsaku: “I’m sure you can do it lol, we’re comrades in this fight, you have to do at least this much lol.”
Me: “O…OK.”
Yeah, I’ve had to prepare myself for all sorts of things since getting involved with Kayo.
No matter how long I think about something it’s always the same result,
I have no choice but to do it!

98:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:15:33.19ID:4niQ9dQg0
it’d be hilarious if 1 died during these events
and either Kayo or Shinsaku were writing this story in memory of him.

99:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:15:39.00ID:0kPk05Q00
I went to Kayo’s house.
I had no idea what I was going to say to convince her to call Bones.
Especially without any proof of what was going on.
Me: “Kayo, you’ve been tricked, you’ve been tricked and they’re stealing money from you.”
There’s no way I could say that, she’d be devastated. And there’s the extremely small chance that were wrong.
That’s why Shinsaku and I needed to get some evidence from Bones.
But if Kayo was actually tricked,
I wasn’t even sure if we could get the money back.
and if we did somehow manage to get that far, I had no idea how much money we could get back.
In this situation, I couldn’t talk about money at all.
I didn’t want to give her false hope…
My goal was to make sure that Kayo wasn’t hurt anymore than she has been.
But I still had to convince her to call Bones.
It felt like I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but that wasn’t actually true.
When I called Kayo answered right away and I went to her house without any trouble.
But, for some reason I felt oddly distant from her.

106:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:17:43.07ID:wj+u0HGO0
Reading this thread makes me grateful that I failed to get a job making porn movies.
Thanks >>1

108:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:17:57.82ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “Kayo.”
Kayo: “Yes?”
Me: “About Bones…”
Kayo: “…”
Kayo stiffened up after hearing his name.
Ever since that day I had never brought up the subject of Bones.
It was obvious She was still scared of him, and still wasn’t completely over the incident.
If I wanted to talk about him after the things that happened, I had to choose my words carefully.
I was honest with Kayo, but I approached the matter from a different direction.

117:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:19:51.86ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “After that incident, I made Bones promise to never come here again right?”
Kayo: “Yeah.”
Me: “Do you know where he lives?”
Kayo: “I don’t…after he left here I heard he went back to his parent’s house for awhile and after that he moved out and started living on his own.
Me: “So he knows where you live but you don’t know where he lives.”
Kayo: “Yeah.”
Me: “In that case…I’m still worried.”
Kayo: “…”
Me: “If he does come back again we’d have to take the issue to his workplace or to his house to stop him. But since he knows where you live and we know nothing about him, I think he might work up the nerves to come here again.”
Kayo: “…you might be right…I don’t know where he lives or where he’s working, I never wanted to ask…”
Me: “I know, that’s why I want you to leave everything to me, but I need you to call Bones, can you do that for me?”
Kayo: “Huh?”

124:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:22:54.69ID:JnS7YASW0
You actually stuttered a bit during these conversations right?

121:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:21:57.57ID:0fddhP8I0
You have to protect girls like Kayo, even if you marry her she seems like the type that would get tricked into buying an overpriced down mattress or joining a weird religion.

129:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:23:40.05ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo’s eyes filled with fear.
Kayo: “I don’t think he’ll come anymore…especially after you talked with him…”
What should I do now?
It was obvious Kayo doesn’t want to do it.
As I was thinking about what I could do or say to convince her…
Kayo: “OK, I’ll do it! I’ll even meet with him to if I have to! After all, you’ll be there with me!”
Kayo said that first.
It seemed like she had gotten some conviction, or was pretending to have it…lol
And at that moment I felt like I was a lot closer to Kayo than I had ever been.
She’s starting to rely on me…lol
Even though I’m useless she’s still relying on me.
But if I thought about it, Kayo was surrounded by people that were just using her.
I’m sorry that your only ally is this inept.
I was so happy that Kayo had said “After all, you’ll be there with me!”
But, I could see in her eyes that she was still scared lol
She was forcing a smile lol
Kayo: “How should I get in touch with him? Would a message be OK? Or would it be better to call him? What should I say?”
Me: “Um…”
What should I tell her to do lol?
I hadn’t thought this far.

131:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:24:48.66ID:qgrhVlEp0
No planning lol

137:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:27:08.54ID:0kPk05Q00
I knew that Bones was a chicken and dishonest.
However, I wasn’t sure if that meant he was stupid enough to come if we asked him to.
Saying that, I didn’t care what methods we used to get him here, we weren’t trying to be honest either.
In the end, we had to get a hold of Bones.
That was our only chance.
Me: “If you say that I want to meet him, there’s now way he’ll come.”
Kayo: “Yeah…that probably true…”
Me: “Alright, then what if you say there’s one last thing you want to talk to him about?”
Kayo: “Huh? A sneak attack?”
As she said that her eyes narrowed.
For some reason the way Kayo said ‘sneak attack’ sounded really odd to me.
This girl really is innocent.
But according to Shinsaku, so am I lol.
Me: “Bones did something like a sneak attack, he forced himself into your house right? We have to do at least this much or he won’t come.”
Kayo: “O…ok…”
She nodded slowly as she responded lol

156:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:35:38.84ID:hjKnCHBZ0
Kayo: “O…ok…”

153:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:33:53.29ID:0kPk05Q00
Kayo had a look of extreme determination on her face as she wrote the message.
But, the more determined she looked
the cuter she got, why???
Then, I remembered what Shinsaku said earlier.
Shinsaku: “I’m telling you that Bones guy is taking Kayo lightly, if she says she wants to meet with him alone he’ll come running with his tongue hanging out.”
Kayo asked ‘is this OK?” and showed me the message.
“I want to meet one last time and say our final goodbyes. Also, there are some things that you left here, throwing them out would be a waste so I want to return them to you.”
That’s the gist of what she wrote.
According to Kayo, Bones really did still have some things lying around Kayo’s apartment
which made it a pretty good excuse but,
if I actually found that stuff I’d break it apart and throw it away lol
And when I heard that the manga that I had read last time I was here
was one of that bastard’s things I got depressed lol it was Kaiji lol

158:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:36:19.40ID:iIto3OZJ0
I guess you have something to do tomorrow.
Sell Kaiji at Book Off

165:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:38:24.07ID:0kPk05Q00
The reply came immediately.
You’re fast Bones!! lol
He wrote. “OK, when? I can meet now if you want.”
Does he have nothing to do?
Well, it was 9 PM so even if he had a job it would have finished by now.
Me: “Kayo, you don’t want Bones to come here right? I’ll go meet him outside.”
I said coolly as I left the room.
And then I phoned Shinsaku right away.
Me: “Shinsaku! He said he’s coming right now!! What should we do?? I’m scared lol”
Shinsaku: “Hold on a second, he’s fighting with Oliver right now.”
Me: “What?”
Shinsaku: “Why do I always end up reading Baki?”
Shinsaku was at a manga cafe near my house reading Baki lol.
Me: “Bones is coming right now! Hurry up and get over here!!”
Shinsaku: “See? I told you he would. But I didn’t think he’d come this fast, it would have been better if I went with you.”
But I didn’t want Kayo to know about Shinsaku yet.

176:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:40:44.39ID:iIto3OZJ0
He fell for it completely——-

178:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:41:55.69ID:0kPk05Q00
Shinsaku: “Alright, I’ll head over right away, but what’s our plan? We don’t want to talk with him at Kayo’s place right?”
Me: “Yeah, I don’t think we need to get her involved.”
Shinsaku: “Alright then we’ll wait outside of her building and once we catch him, we’ll drag him off to a cafe or a izakaya.”
Me: “Huh? OK, let’s do that.”
I never even considered that.
But Shinsaku said it so non-nonchalantly lol
Shinsaku: “If he gets there before me, hold him down until I get there lol.”
Me: “Wait…that’s a bit…”
Shinsaku: “What are you worrying about? You beat him in a fight before right? lol”
Me: “Shinsaku, get here as fast as you can~”

180:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:42:42.96ID:HH/gYjHQ0

185:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:44:19.11ID:qgrhVlEp0
Shinaemon lol

189:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:45:16.69ID:0kPk05Q00
I was scared lol
I never wanted to be in a fight again, and it’s not like I really won last time.
If we fought on the street I was positive I’d lose.
About 20 minutes later Shinsaku arrived, I guess he took a taxi.
I’ve taken the taxi from my house to Kayo’s countless times too
and it usually takes about that long.
The whole time I had been worried about what I would do if Bones came first.
After all, I have no idea where he lived.
Shinsaku: “You did a good job, I didn’t think we would be able to meet with Bones today.”
Shinsaku patted my back.
What is this? I feel so safe lol
I want to give this feeling of safety to Kayo too.
Shinsaku was carrying a convenience store bag.
I wonder what he bought.

205:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:50:00.07ID:0kPk05Q00
Me: “Shinsaku! There he is!”
Bones appeared,
when he saw me in front of Kayo’s building he started looking at me suspiciously.
It was night, so he probably didn’t recognize me immediately.
Once he found out it was me…
Bones: “Why the hell are you here? Did Kayo lie to me?”
He glared at me while spewing out those words.
Me: “I had something I wanted to ask you.”
Bones: “Well I don’t have anything to say to you! And who the hell is this?”
Bones turned his gaze onto Shinsaku.
Shinsaku: “Let’s not talk about this standing around here, shall we go to that cafe over there? Or would an izakaya be better?”
Shinsaku seemed to be trying to speak in standard Japanese, but he couldn’t hide his Kansai accent lol.

212:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:51:59.84ID:0kPk05Q00
Oh yeah, someone commented on this earlier but
during these events I’d stutter a little from time to time.
However, I stopped stuttering most of the time.
After going through all of these situations, I guess I stopped feeling nervous all the time.

216:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:52:35.57ID:qgrhVlEp0
That’s what happens when you gain experience.

223:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/25(火) 23:54:23.81ID:0kPk05Q00
Bones started getting suspicious.
Bones: “No thanks, I’m not feeling well so I’m going home. Anyways, you were the one that told me to never come here again.”
At that moment,
Shinsaku: “Do you understand what’s going on here? From what I heard the things that you did were a shining example of rape. But we’re not here to talk to you about that.”
Shinsaku smiled as he said it, but his tone was sharp and full of conviction.
Bones and I both look at Shinsaku.
I think we were both scared lol
At times like these the Kansai dialect is scary.
I bet Bones also started thinking, “What the hell is this guy?”
Shinsaku: “We won’t do anything bad to you, so let’s just go somewhere we can have a nice, relaxing chat.”
Shinsaku is scary lol really scary lol

233:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:56:44.88ID:cNTBlyMG0
Shinsaku’s eyes aren’t smiling.

247:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/25(火) 23:59:49.82ID:cNTBlyMG0
Shinsaku: “I don’t forget any favors or grudges!”

254:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:00:56.25ID:0kPk05Q00
Bones: “Ca…can’t we just talk here?”
Shinsaku: “That’s fine too, it’s not like I’m planning to kidnap you ha ha ha.”
Every single thing Shinsaku said was terrifying.
Shinsaku: “So, you teamed up with the scout and stole money from Kayo right?”
You’re asking that already!?
How can you ask a question like that so easily?
What’s this going to do to our plan?
But I was really curious too and wanted to know the truth.
Bones: “Huh? What the hell are you saying?”
Bones started to get aggressive.
But before he said that, it was obvious his demeanor had changed.
Even an amateur(?) like me could see it.
Shinsaku: “I want to see proof that your 3 million yen debt actually exists. If you racked up a debt that big you have a promissory note right?”
Bones: “Huh? For the 3 million yen that Kayo’s paying back? There’s no way I’d have it on me right now!”
Shinsaku: “Yeah, I guess that’s true lol”

293:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:18:36.85ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “But that scout took on the debt for you right?”
Bones: “I don’t have to tell you anything!”
Shinsaku: “It sounds nice and pretty when you say he took on the debt for you, but in reality you just have a debt with the scout. So do you have any papers about that debt?”
Bones: “Like I said, I don’t have to tell you anything!”
Shinsaku: “Stop fucking around, if you don’t let me finish you’re going to regret it kid.”
Bones: “…”
Shinsaku: “According to the law, that Kayo girl has absolutely no obligation to pay off your debt, even then she’s doing it right?”
Bones: “…”
Shinsaku: “Did you show Kayo the promissory note?”
Bones: “No…”
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, this guy made Kayo pay back the debt without ever showing her the promissory note, in other words, proof that the debt existed. Do you understand what this means?”
Shinsaku said to me expressionlessly.
Shinsaku: “I can’t believe these things actually exist.
Things like phone fraud, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, one click scams…”
Shinsaku stared straight at Bones.
Shinsaku: “But you and the scout have a promissory note right? After all, you haven’t paid back the debt yet.”
Bones: “We…we do.”
Shinsaku: “Well until we see it Kayo won’t give you any more money, that and you’ll have to give her back all the money she gave you.”
Bones: “Hold on, you have nothing to do with this right?”
Shinsaku “The dumber the person is, the more likely they are to say ‘you have nothing to do with this.’ lol”

316:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:27:12.78ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “It doesn’t matter whether or not I have anything to do with this… I’m talking about the money Kayo is paying, in the end, it’s all in her head right? That is, unless you can show us the promissory note.
And if you can’t, she doesn’t have to pay anything.”
Bones: “No, but I…that’s…”
Bones was trapped lol
I was scared the whole time listening to Shinsaku, but
it was obvious he wasn’t even trying.
While I put everything on the line in order to fight Bones, he was just a small fry to Shinsaku lol.
Bones was one of those slimes you fight at level 1
As proof, Shinsaku even pulled out a nose hair while he was talking lol
Shinsaku: “So shall we go to an izakaya and have a chat? You’re just staying quiet because you’re scared of the scout right?”
Bones: “…”
Shinsaku: “After all, you were living pretty nicely leeching off of Kayo.
That’s why to retaliate against that scout you came back and forced her into having sex with you right?”
Bones had a puzzled look on his face, as if to say, ‘how do you know that?’
But I was focused on the ‘retaliate’ part.

320:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 00:29:18.16ID:s3jzU9EP0
Bones has rape written in his eyes lol

337:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:36:53.17ID:MhKsLsNt0
I spoke for the first time.
Me: “What do you mean by that?”
Bones: “…”
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, you know what jealously is right? Bastards like these don’t have any love, but in exchange, they’re full of jealously.”
Bones: “Wha…what did you say?”
Shinsaku: “Oaee Waa eeiiee!!!”
Bones & Me: “What?”
Shinsaku: “I said, ‘You, shut the hell up'”
Bones was so scared, that even if you insulted him to his face he couldn’t say anything back.
And if you do a gag at a time like this, how the hell are you supposed to respond?
If I were in Bones’s shoes, I would have been stuttering like crazy.
There really is a difference between people’s will power.
Though actually, it wasn’t really an insult since it was the truth, well, that’s what I thought anyways.
At some point Shinsaku had put his arm around Bones’s shoulders.
Shinsaku: “Alright, me and him are going to go to an izakaya around here.”
Me: “I’ll come too.”
Shinsaku: “You can if you want, but seeing as we’re standing in front of Kayo’s place,
just go spend some time with her, you’ve done enough work today.”
Me: “OK, I’ll do that lol.”
Shinsaku: “Take care, I’ll cya later.”
With that, Shinsaku disappeared with Bones into the night.

347:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 00:40:35.61ID:s3jzU9EP0
Shinsaku is too cool—
He even managed to seduce Bones lol

355:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:44:23.84ID:MhKsLsNt0
I went back to Kayo’s place to tell her what happened.
Kayo: “What happened…?”
Me: “He’ll definitely never come back again. By the way…”
I thought about telling her about Shinsaku, but I decided against it.
Kayo: “I’m sorry.”
Me: “Not at all, with this I don’t have to worry anymore.”
I sat down in front of the desk that looked like a tea table while Kayo sat on her bed.
Kayo: “I don’t want to be by myself tonight…”
She said, or at least I think so.
Her words didn’t make sense to me at first.
Me: “Do not want? What do you mean do not want?”
I asked her that with a straight face lol
But I had misheard her so completely even Kayo didn’t know what I was talking about,
which ended up with her saying,
Kayo: “Do not want? What does that mean?”
She asked me back.
And then, after a couple of seconds she laughed lol and then even later she got angry lol

379:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:50:54.33ID:MhKsLsNt0
Kayo: “I said! I don’t…want to spend the night alone…”
Does this mean she wants me to spend the night?
Meaning, she wants me to hold her?
Being a virgin, I heard that line as ‘I want to sleep in your arms.’
That doesn’t mean it’ll turn into sex right?
But, if you hold each other while sleeping, it’ll turn into sex right?
Or does she just want me to hold her while she sleeps?
Plus, Kayo knows that I’m a virgin.
While I’m trying to cure her of her loneliness another event might unfold lol
I just remembered it now but when Shinsaku said: “Spend some time with Kayo.” before he disappeared into the night,
He put his hand into that shape lol the one where your thumb sticks out between your pointer finger and middle finger.
[Translator’s Note: This is a hand sign that means ‘to fuck’.]
But it was weird.
Even though my chance had finally come I was really calm.
Things didn’t quite feel real to me.

383:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 00:53:09.70ID:eeawEVt60
I can’t believe there are still people that use that hand sign lol

393:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 00:54:23.08ID:HVfpmczj0
I ripped off my underwear.

399:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:54:58.70ID:MhKsLsNt0
I realized it later but this was a green light lol I had no idea lol
At that time I was going from one trial to the next, I was hanging on by a thread.
I mean, the first trial was when I met Kayo in the hotel and started hyperventilating, it seems so stupid now lol.
At that time my mental state was so bad I started hyperventilating,
so when the green light for sex appeared.
It was just like Tokyo-3, all of my emotional shutters closed
and I became completely emotionless lol I’m sure that’s what happened.
If I didn’t do that I would have started panicking.
Me: “OK.” I replied in a really non-nonchalant way.
Even though Kayo summoned up all of her courage to say that line lol

415:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 00:58:52.31ID:MhKsLsNt0
That, and until just a few minutes ago I had been extremely tense.
Plus I thought that I couldn’t do these sorts of things until I properly confessed my feelings to Kayo.
The face-off against the scout still hadn’t started either.
And right now Shinsaku was squeezing the truth out of Bones at an izakaya,
yeah, nothing about the situation had changed at all lol.
But those were all excuses.
In the end, I just had no idea what to do during sex.
Was tonight really going to lead to sex?
All the times before when Kayo had touched me
it never lead to sex lol
What should I do? Kayo is staring at me…

444:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 01:05:34.63ID:MhKsLsNt0
I slowly moved closer to her.
I didn’t really care either way, but I guess Kayo wanted to be held.
I had absolutely no initiative lol
I blame it on playing too many harem games lol
I sat down on the bed next to her and then pushed her down onto the bed.
At that moment Kayo burst out in laughter and some of her spit hit my face.
I was in heaven lol
Me: “Why are you laughing?”
Kayo: “You’re moving like a robot!”
Me: “Xianxingzhe?”
[Translator’s Note: Xianxingzhe was a bi-pedal robot created at a university in China.]
Kayo: “What?”
Me: “Nevermind (actually it’d be better if I was like Xianxingzhe).”
In the end, nothing happened that day.
It’s getting pretty late, so after a few more posts I’m going to stop for today.
Does it really go Confession > Dating > Sex?
I finally realized it’s not always like that.
And if I had been more confident about my sexual abilities I wouldn’t have suffered so much later.
I’ll talk a little bit more about Shinsaku and then call it a day.

454:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 01:07:53.59ID:VBhdrmBB0
Ryotaro you’re so awkward lol
And then there’s Shinsaku who’s so godly he can even seduce Bones lol

467:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 01:12:22.76ID:MhKsLsNt0
When I went to Shinsaku’s place in Osaka I noticed he had a room that looked like one BNF would use.
There were a lot of screens that seemed like they were used for stock trading.
The words he said at that time were really memorable so I’ll write them here.
Me: “How do you make a profit off of stocks?”
Shinsaku: “You’re thinking wrong, it should be ‘how do I not lose money on stocks?'”
Me: “Huh? What do you mean?”
Shinsaku: “For example, do you know who BNF is?”
Me: “The J-Com guy right?”
Shinsaku: “Exactly.”
Me: “What about him?”
Shinsaku: “Well, on 2chan he’s known as BNF but to the masses he’s known as J-Com Man right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “Do you see where I’m going with this?”

488:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 01:23:12.99ID:MhKsLsNt0
Me: “Not a clue.”
Shinsaku: “Whether it’s stocks or FX everyone’s just betting money.”
[Translator’s Note: FX is an abbreviation for the Foreign Exchange where people can invest money in currencies]
Me: “?”
Shinsaku: “The amazing thing about BNF is he made his fortune just doing regular, everyday day trading.”
Me: “?”
Shinsaku: “I saw on TV that he has over 10 billion yen, but he only made 2 billion yen off of J-Com right?
Even if it wasn’t for that incident he would have still made that profit, it might have taken a bit longer though.”
Me: “Yeah, that’s true.”
Shinsaku: “So, what I’m saying is that the people calling him J-Com Man aren’t praising the man himself, just an isolated incident. Everyone buying stocks and FX are all thinking about winning it big lol.”
Me: “Yeah, it gives you the impression that you can make a lot of money.”
Shinsaku: “10%…no even just 1% is fine. If you earn 1% everyday it’ll eventually become a huge amount.”
Me: “I see.”
Shinsaku: “But people don’t sell stocks while their price is on the rise, the reason for that is humans are naturally dreamers.”

489:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 01:26:03.01ID:4QE8UT+80
Yeah, I get it.
Things like stocks are just another form of betting.

492:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 01:29:34.48ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “If they weren’t people wouldn’t buy so many lottery tickets right?”
Me: “That’s true…”
Shinsaku: “Most people who invest in stocks or FX think of it like a lottery.”
Me: “So did I, I thought trading stocks was like gambling with enormous sums of money lol.”
Shinsaku: “It’s that kind of thinking that made people call him J-Com Man instead of BNF.”
Me: “I see.”
Shinsaku: “Don’t approach stocks full of hope, just move forward little by little, and the second you make a little money sell off the stock. Just doing that is enough. You need that tension of not wanting to lose any money, and even then you’ll end up losing money. Because they don’t think like that, most people lose all of their investment money lol.”
Me: “But it’s no fun if you do it like that lol.”
Shinsaku: “Well, it’s interesting in another sense, but the type that has no connection to what most people think is interesting. But normal people don’t make any money so it’s no good if you’re like them.”
Shinsaku: “Anyways, no matter what you’re doing in life, just 1% is enough. It’s just a question of how long you can keep going.”
These words left a huge impression on me lol.
Even now I recall those words whenever I have to give it my all.

715:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:10:46.60ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “What? You didn’t do it yesterday? What happened?”
Me: “It just wasn’t the right atmosphere…”
Shinsaku: “Atmosphere!? Ryotaro… if you just put some spit on it and put it in it would have been fine…”
Me: “I wasn’t sure if I should be so forward…”
Shinsaku: “My first experience ended before I knew it lol, it was over in about 3 seconds lol”
Me: “Exactly! So in a situation like that where you know you have to be brave and move forward but just end up panicking and then having sex and something like that happens…what do you do?”
Shinsaku: “You just laugh!”
Me: “You act like you’re talking about someone else lol.”

717:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:12:45.02ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “You should have just gone for it with the same tenacity you used to take care of Bones. That’s the whole reason I dealt with Bones by myself!”
Shinsaku: “That, and after you guys have sex she’ll come to rely on you even more.”
Me: “Huh? Why?”
Shinsaku: “Even if you ask me that…that’s just the way men and women are.”
Shinsaku: “Either way, your mentality of ‘I have to confess my feelings first’ is no good.”
Me: “But, it’s impossible for me to do it your way lol”
Shinsaku: “That’s why I wanted to train you up at cabaret clubs! But that aside, I managed to get what we needed from Bones.”
Me: “How did it go?”

720:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:13:51.45ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “He revealed everything. It was just like I thought when I first saw him, if I just gave him some alcohol and nudged him a little he’d talk right away.”
Me: “How do you figure out something like that?”
Shinsaku: “He isn’t really an evil person, just a naive kid, meaning he’s still pretty honest.”
Me: “How did you know that?”
Shinsaku: “When we started getting under his skin he kept saying “You don’t have anything to do with this right?”, if he really was an evil person he would have already prepared an excuse and recited it naturally.”
Me: “I see…”
Shinsaku: “In the scout’s case he corners you by talking logically right? But Bones’s only option is to force his way through. And then, if you corner him he just says “You have nothing to do with this!”, he’s just a kid!”
Me: “That’s true!”
That’s why from the very beginning Shinsaku wasn’t worried about Bones.
Shinsaku’s level of communication is amazing, but after that I realized his ability to read people is amazing too.
And I also remembered that when Bones was crying and saying ‘S..rr..y’ he was pretty child-like.
Plus, after that he was surprisingly honest.

722:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:14:50.90ID:MhKsLsNt0
After that Shinsaku let me listen to the recording of his conversation with Bones that he recorded on his phone.
I did my best to rewrite what was said.
Bones: “The scout was one of the upperclassman in my club, he taught me a lot about picking up women, he was really good at it. He said he used to work as a host or something a long time ago…”
[Translator’s Note: A host is the male equivalent of a cabaret girl]
Shinsaku: “In other words a Yari Club, so you introduced Kayo to that club?”
[Translator’s Note: A Yari Club is a club whose sole purpose is to party and have sex with girls]
Bones: “No, I met Kayo through a different club… it was a normal sports club. I really liked her…”
Shinsaku: “But I heard that you forced her your first time too.”
Bones: “That’s not quite true… I thought she would go for it so I was a bit forceful. Isn’t that how it usually is when you’re picking up a girl?”
Shinsaku: “Well… that all depends on your perception, let’s just forget about that for now.”

723:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:15:48.16ID:MhKsLsNt0
Bones: “I talked about Kayo to the scout too, I told him that I had finally found someone I really liked.”
Shinsaku: “I see.”
Bones: “At that time he told me, ‘if you like her, make sure you treasure her.'”
Bones: “After that, I got bored of college and started helping out the scout with his work, he did a lot of different things.”
Shinsaku: “What kind of work?”
Bones: “Scout, Porn Video Manager, Brothel Manager, things like that. I would introduce the girls I picked up or ones I knew to him.”
Bones: “But that work got boring too so I started playing slots and pachinko.”
Shinsaku: “And that’s when you started racking up a debt?”
Bones: “Yeah.”

724:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:16:47.68ID:MhKsLsNt0
Bones: “But at that point I didn’t plan on involving Kayo.”
Bones: “Kayo was really worried about me, she’d say things like ‘Are you alright?’, ‘Are you eating properly?’… and she even started giving me money.”
Shinsaku: “And you used that money for Pachinko too lol”
Bones: “I regret it now…”
Shinsaku: “…”
Bones: “During that time I stopped going to school and got expelled.”
Shinsaku: “But even after that you kept gambling…”
Bones: “Kayo told me to get a proper job, or at the very least eat properly. Before she went to school everyday she would make me food…and give me money…”
It sounded like Bones started to cry here.

727:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:17:57.41ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “But you kept using that money for gambling.”
Bones: “One night when I got back, the food that Kayo had made for me was sitting on the table, cold.”
Bones started to sob.
Bones: “I thought ‘Kayo, I’m sorry’.”
Shinsaku: “Then?”
Bones: “But, I was an idiot…”
Shinsaku: “So you just kept wasting money and playing around.”
Bones: “Around then Kayo started going to school less and less, but I didn’t know it was in order to work to give me more money.”
Shinsaku: “Anyone would notice that! It’s just that you took Kayo for granted so you weren’t even paying attention to what she was doing.”
Bones: “Before I knew it my debt had grown to 1 million yen.

730:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:19:34.19ID:MhKsLsNt0
Bones: “It was then that I met with the scout, it had been awhile since we last met. He asked me how I was doing and treated me to a meal.”
Shinsaku: “…”
Bones: “Since I didn’t have any money, I asked the scout if I could help him out with his work again.”
Shinsaku: “You told him about the debt too.”
Bones: “Yeah, so then he gave me half a million yen. He said not to worry about it.”
Shinsaku: “If you used that towards your debt, you would’ve gotten rid of it right?”
Bones: “…”

735:1:2011/10/26(水) 20:24:23.90ID:NbQJEQ550
Bones is a piece of trash.

732:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 20:22:51.26ID:XO090KI40
It’s like a story from Ujima lol
[Translator’s Note: Ujima is a manga that follows a money lender and the lives of the people that borrow money from him/his company]

736:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:25:16.50ID:MhKsLsNt0
Bones: “The next time we met the scout was furious with me, saying I was ungrateful for all the money he gave me. Then suddenly, he started being kind to me and said he knew a way for me to get rid of my 1 million yen debt in an instant.”
Shinsaku: “So then you guys made up the 3 million yen debt and made Kayo pay it off?”
Bones: “Yeah, he said we would split it 50/50, so we would each get 1.5 million yen. But since I already owed him half a million yen, he would just give me 1 million yen. but in the end, he didn’t even give me that much.”
Shinsaku: “Don’t act like you’re the victim! Your story isn’t making any sense.”
Bones: “I didn’t have any intention of making Kayo work at a brothel, but the scout kept going on about the half a million yen he gave me. He said all I had to do was let him meet with Kayo.”
Shinsaku: “You let them meet by themselves?”
Bones: “…after that Kayo said she was going to work a cabaret club to pay it off, and she asked me to work with her to pay it off.”

737:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:27:40.10ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “You didn’t know she was working at a brothel?
Bones: “Yeah, and after I found out I went to the scout and said that this wasn’t part of the deal.”
Shinsaku: “He just used you to get Kayo to work for him right?”
Bones: “He said if I got close to Kayo I would regret it, I thought he actually might kill me.”
Shinsaku: “Hey, I have something I want to ask you.”
Bones: “What?”
Shinsaku: “Did the scout have sex with Kayo?”

740:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 20:30:37.34ID:SDklXkOQ0

746:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 20:35:09.49ID:yYZCkVq50
At that moment the F5 key started crying.
[Translator’s Note: This story takes place on a message board, so in order to see the next post people will hit F5 to refresh the page and load any new posts]

749:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:35:46.35ID:MhKsLsNt0
Bones: “I’m not sure, but I don’t think they did. I mean, Kayo is kind of frigid.”
Shinsaku: “Frigid? You mean towards men?”
Bones: “I think I’m the only guy she’s been with, even though she works at a brothel (smirk)”
Bones: “I mean, no matter what the scout said to her she wouldn’t break up with me. So she must have thought that I just tossed her away…”
Shinsaku: “Are you still in love with Kayo?”
Bones: “Once we were apart, I started realizing how good of a woman she was, she even said ‘let’s work together to pay off the debt’.”
Shinsaku: “But no matter how much time passed when you tried to get things back to the way they were she refused.”
Bones: “I thought if I was forceful like the first time I could get things back to the way they were…”

751:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:38:05.64ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “But when you tried, Ryotaro was there with Kayo.”
Bones: “That’s why, I want Ryotaro to make Kayo happy (smile).”
Shinsaku: “(Quietly) Don’t get smart kid, I’ll kill you.”
Bones: “…I’m sorry.”
Shinsaku: “But if you really want Kayo to be happy, tell me everything you know.”
Bones: “…OK”

757:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 20:39:52.55ID:NSUlW4uS0
I bet there are a lot of guys that have fallen in love with Shinsaku.

761:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:41:50.97ID:MhKsLsNt0
I tried writing the conversation from memory but,
whenever Shinsaku was threatening someone he would talk quietly while smiling lol
When he does that he’s so scary I can’t even look at his face lol

763:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:42:22.80ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “well…that’s pretty much what happened.”
Me: “…”
Shinsaku: “Bones talked about his hate for the scout, and how he’s still in love with Kayo…actually, it’s more like obsessed with her. Which goes to show you Bones’s sense of justice and purity.”
Me: “Did Bones really wish that I would make Kayo happy?”
Shinsaku: “If he could, he’d do it himself, he just wants to sound cool. He wants to think of himself as a good guy, I mean, no one wants to be the bad guy. That just kinda shows his childish sense of justice.”


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