Chapter 2-2

765:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:45:02.31ID:MhKsLsNt0
Me: “But I think I understand what he means. In the beginning I was only worried about Kayo’s feelings for my own sake, I wasn’t thinking about her at all.”
Shinsaku: “There are different levels to not considering someone else’s feelings.”
Me: “But it’s the same thing that happened to me when I started hyperventilating, I was just thinking about myself.”
Shinsaku: “And after that Kayo took care of you right? That girl is the exact opposite of Bones, she’s the type that focuses only on other people’s feelings. Because of that, she starts thinking ‘I have to support them.’ ”
Me: “I think I read about this on the net, aren’t they a prime example of a domestic violence case?”
Shinsaku: “You might be right. A relationship between a girl with no self-confidence and a narcissistic guy ha ha ha.”

768:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:46:27.78ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Anyways, I got a written confession from Bones. It says that the debt was made up and that he teamed up with the Scout.”
Shinsaku took out a piece of paper from an envelope and showed it to me.
Me: “Oh, so that’s what you bought from the convenience store.”
Shinsaku: “That and this water-based red pen. I didn’t have an ink pad so I used this to get a thumbprint from Bones.”
He thinks of everything lol
Shinsaku: “They didn’t even make a promissory note, with this we’ve got the Scout trapped.”
Me: “Thank you so much.”
Shinsaku: “It’s not over yet, there’s still more to come Ryotaro (smile).”
Me: “Hm?”
Shinsaku: “Those guys took Kayo really lightly, that’s our biggest advantage.”
Me: “What do you mean?”

772:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:49:18.41ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “They were reckless when they setup this scam. We’re going to take full advantage of that (smile).”
That’s true, Kayo could get tricked by anyone lol
No matter who it is she always works her hardest for them and she’s never suspicious of anyone.
She’s kind to everyone and pure-hearted, in other words…an idiot and a fool lol
Shinsaku: “Why are you crying?!”
Me: “No reason…(imitating an anime character)”
I thought I sounded pretty sulky when I said that.
Shinsaku got really flustered.
Shinsaku: “All I’m saying is that I’m not going to stop and just refusing to make the porn video or working at a brother!!!”

796:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:03:21.76ID:ZBd7y5rX0
Ryotaro is amazing, he can make the invincible Shinsaku panic lol
But I think I know why Shinsaku likes Ryotaro so much,
He’s seen the worst sides people have to offer, so he’s drawn to how pure Ryotaro is.

773:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:50:10.76ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “You came this far because you wanted to protect Kayo right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “You just keep doing that, I’ll bring the Scout to his knees. Unless you do something harsh people like him never learn their lesson.”
Shinsaku’s eyes were serious lol
His expression was completely different from when he faced off against Bones.
Shinsaku: “After all, I didn’t come all this way just to scold that brat.”

774:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:51:06.43ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Anyways, that 3 million yen debt was a lie, so that means all of Kayo’s money just went into the Scout’s pocket.”
Me: “Yeah, it’s just like you said it was.”
Shinsaku: “You still don’t get it Ryotaro, that’s not the reason I’m going to destroy this guy.”
Me: “???”
Shinsaku: “In other words, he took away the 2.5 million yen that Kayo made.”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “But since this entire thing was a scam, there was no reason for Kayo to work at a brothel in the first place right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “You still don’t get it? Maaan (laugh).”
Me: “…”
What is he trying to get at?

781:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 20:57:32.98ID:2oWVXMPW0
It doesn’t seem like the Scout is backed by the yakuza or anything like that.
Get the money back from him!
Is there anything else to do besides that?

786:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 20:59:10.56ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “It means that what Kayo was doing was no different from working for the Scout himself.
Get it? That means that he was taking money from Kayo, the shop, the referral fee, and the sale margins.
And if the brothel itself had ties to the agent, that means he was making money off of that as well.”
Me: “!!!!!!!!!!”
Shinsaku: “In other words, Kayo was living only to provide money to the Scout.”
I had only thought about the money Kayo gave to pay off her debt…
Rather, I didn’t think there was anything else.
Me: “…isn’t that really bad?”

791:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:01:15.16ID:2oWVXMPW0
I get it, he was getting money from her in two different ways.
Meaning the Scout made even more than 2.5 million yen off of her.

799:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:03:30.56ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “And then there was the talk about the one-time contract for the porn video right? If it was a 3 million yen contract that means about 1.5 to 2 million yen would go to the prods.”
Me: “proffs? (That’s what I heard)”
Shinsaku: “It’s short for producers, if the Scout was meeting with the makers that means he was involved on the production side of things.”
Me: “Wait, wait, wait!!! He’s way too evil!”
Bones started to look cute in comparison lol
I really hate to say it but, I guess Bones really did like Kayo in his own way…or at least I think so.
The reason he brought her so much trouble was because he was ‘reckless’ and ‘took her for granted’.
Which resulted in Kayo’s life turning into chaos, but this Scout was only thinking about making money off of her.
In other words, the Scout didn’t even see her as a person!

812:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:11:16.41ID:2f4xQmZ00
Shinsaku can still transform 2 more times.
[Translator’s Note: This is a reference to Dragon Ball Z where one of the villains can transform 3 times and gets stronger with each transformation.]”

815:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:13:41.63ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “This is what it means to suck a girl dry.”
Me: “…(rape written in my eyes)”
I definitely couldn’t forgive Bones.
But Kayo at least showed some sort of emotion towards him,
I’ll never forget the way she glared at him that night.
But even then, Kayo would never say anything bad about him.
However…Kayo didn’t even really dislike the Scout, rather…
she said he even seemed a bit trustworthy…
She thought the only reason she was troubled was because she could never refuse…
It was scary.
Truly scary.
Is it really alright for things like this to happen in our world…?
Me: “How the hell can something like this even happen??”
Shinsaku: “It’s all about money.”

824:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:17:52.82ID:MhKsLsNt0
I was so angry the color drained from my face…
Do people really want money that badly…?
I can’t even imagine what it would be like having a lot of money.
I’d never handled anything larger than the 1 or 2 hundred thousand yen I made a month lol.
What was happening?
Until now I had always been angry for Kayo’s sake, but now I was just angry about how senseless this entire situation was.
This anger was different from any other kind of anger I had felt before.
Me: “Shinsaku! When you said you were going to destroy the Scout…how are you going to do it?”
Shinsaku: “If we report him to the police we can get this treated as a criminal case, and after he’s question he’ll probably be put in jail. But…”
Me: “But?”
Shinsaku: “But if we do that we won’t really gain anything and Kayo will be hurt even more. Also, the thing that money-loving people like him hate the most is…”
Me: “Losing money?”
Shinsaku: “Yeah, we’re going to take money from him (smile)! Right out of his hands!”
Me: “But, can we really do that?”

825:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:19:54.43ID:hjf+dAeh0
“A real-life Kurosagi appears!
[Translator’s Note: Kurosagi is term from a manga (of the same name) that describes a con man that only steals from other con men.]”

826:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:20:41.42ID:jiefkVss0
Yeaaaaahhhhh!! Get hiiimmmm!!!

828:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:21:25.39ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “It’s called a settlement negotiation, if we did end up going to court
we would be able to sue for damages and consolation, so we’re going to base our settlement on that.”
Me: “??”
I didn’t understand anything he was saying, I had rape written in my eyes.
I give up, I’ll just leave everything to you Shinsaku.

830:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:21:48.69ID:TaW87NVM0
+(0゚・∀・)+ Exciting +

834:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:22:39.68ID:MhKsLsNt0
It would be easier meeting with the Scout than it was to meet with Bones.
After all, he had already promised to meet with Kayo and me.
According to Shinsaku the Scout didn’t think much of me either which is why he proposed the meeting, he thought it would be easy convincing both us to let Kayo do the porn movie.
But before we met with the Scout I had to introduce Shinsaku to Kayo.
I called Kayo.
I just said I wanted to introduce her to someone.
I didn’t think I could explain it properly over the phone lol
The 3 of us met at a family restaurant.
Shinsaku: “Wow! She really is beautiful!”
Shinsaku said that when he finally saw Kayo.
Shinsaku: “I thought Ryotaro was exaggerating since he’s not used to being around women…”

849:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:28:32.75ID:UzKKu8XT0
Shinsaku really understands people,
I wonder where he learned it or who taught him.

853:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:29:22.71ID:MhKsLsNt0
Kayo: “Tha…that’s not true…”
Shinsaku was staring at her lol
And as he looked her up and down…
Shinsaku: “No you’re really beautiful! You get told that all the time right?”
As Shinsaku kept going on about how beautiful Kayo was…
Kayo: “No…that never happens (blush)”
Shinsaku: “You’re lying!”
Kayo: “(blush)”
Um, Kayo? I’ve never seen you that embarrassed before lol
Wait? Things like this can happen depending on how you meet right?
Kayo: “Shall we step into the shower?”
There’s a difference between meeting at a brothel and meeting under normal circumstances right?
There is!! There definitely is!!! ( ゚∀゚)hahAHAHAHAHAHAHA

861:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:32:05.42ID:seT62z5S0
Kayo is going to get stolen by Shinsaku!
Is Ryotaro going to end up being pursued by 893 and live the life of a fugitive? lol
[Translator’s Note: This comment is referencing another post that was not included in the summary of this thread.]

865:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:33:17.33ID:a2MIwL/K0
Please don’t tell me that Shinsaku actually does steal her…(;´д`)

870:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:36:11.33ID:MhKsLsNt0
Me: “Shinsaku? (anger)”
Shinsaku: “Ah, *ahem* I’m Ryotaro’s friend.”
For the time being, Shinsaku said that he was here to advise us on how to refuse the porno video offer.
Shinsaku: “I’m pretty knowledgeable about the adult entertainment business so I think I can help.”
Kayo: “I’m sorry…It’s because I’m easily pushed around…”
Shinsaku: “Not at all…the people in this business are used to taking advantage of girls after all. By the way, how old are you?”
Kayo: “I’m 19.”
Shinsaku: “19!? Ryotaro, you’re with a girl this young and cute?! You’re a criminal!!”
Me: “What about you? The girl you took home from the cabaret club was 18 right?”
Kayo: “Cabaret club?? (anger)”
Huh? Is Kayo angry lol?
And she’s looking at me…glaring at me…I’m so happy….lol

873:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:37:28.52ID:a2MIwL/K0

884:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:41:18.30ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “But 19…it’s not unheard of…especially considering the business that guy is involved in.”
Me: “Shinsaku is a very reliable person, if we leave things to him I think everything will turn out fine.”
Shinsaku: “That’s right, I can take care of this problem, and in order to do that I want you to sign over Power of Attorney.”
Kayo and Me: “Power of Attorney?”
Shinsaku: “I already wrote out all the details so all you need to do is sign it and put your thumbprint on it.”
The paper Shinsaku had written went something like this
I, Kayo, give Ryotaro Power of Attorney in the following matters:
1 Any adult video or entertainment contracts
2 Any contracts with creators of adult videos.

891:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:44:53.31ID:9Vznxmwc0
You shouldn’t sign these kinds of contracts lightly,
Think long and hard about it first Kayo.

892:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:44:57.12ID:Im4CRQEx0
I’m starting to think Shinsaku is manipulating everyone…

894:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:45:42.55ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “With this you don’t have to talk with the Scout anymore Kayo, rather, please don’t meet with him again.”
Kayo and Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “Actually, Ryotaro, tell her not to meet with the Scout anymore.”
Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “Kayo said herself that she was weak willed right? So you have to give her a push!”
I looked towards Kayo.
Then back towards Shinsaku.
I’ve never given an ultimatum to someone before, actually…what would I do if she refused?
Shinsaku: “Hurry up and say it.”
Kayo was shocked and kept looking back and forth between Shinsaku and me.
Me: “K..kk.Kayo!”
Kayo: “Y..yes!”
Shinsaku just watched us silently.
It was like he was watching two little kids.

896:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:47:02.76ID:ooA+g/pV0
Shinsaku: “That’s why I said you shouldn’t trust people so easily.”

905:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:50:40.30ID:MhKsLsNt0
Me: “I…I think it’s better if you don’t meet with the Scout anymore…”
Kayo: “…”
Kayo looked down at her feet.
Shinsaku nudged me several times and mouthed, ‘say it more forcefully’
Me: “I..I think it would be better if…”
Shinsaku jabbed me in the side and whispered in my ear.
Shinsaku: “(Quietly) Don’t meet with him!”
I finally just went for it lol
Me: “Don’t meet with him anymore!”
Kayo: “Ok…”
Huh? What? That was easy…
Kayo’s face was flushed and her eyes were slightly teary…what? What’s going on?
Shinsaku gave me a thumbs up.

911:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 21:52:29.23ID:2oWVXMPW0
Before, Kayo was never able to say what she wanted but she’s changed a little since she met Ryotaro

917:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:54:23.51ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Alright!”
Shinsaku had a huge smile on his face.
Shinsaku: “With this the problem of the porn video has been resolved.”
Kayo and Me: “What?”
Shinsaku: “As long as Ryotaro continues refusing there’s nothing the Scout can do.”
Kayo and Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “(laughing) The Scout said that this had nothing to do with Ryotaro right? That it was a matter between him and Kayo right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Shinsaku: “But now that you have Power of Attorney, he can’t do anything until he gets your approval!
So under the law, not only are you involved, you’re her representative!”
Shinsaku: “So if Kayo doesn’t meet with the Scout anymore we’re set!”

924:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 21:59:15.02ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Now that all the preparations are complete can you call the Scout? Tell him there’s something you want to talk about.”
Kayo: “O..Ok.”
Kayo called the Scout.
While she was calling Shinsaku whispered into my ear.
Shinsaku: “Let’s deal with the porn video thing and the taking money from him thing separately, it sounds like the makers have already started the process for the video so the first thing we need to do is refuse the offer.”
Me: “All I was thinking about was getting out of making the video, it’s gotten so complicated now.”
Shinsaku: “I was never worried about refusing the porn video job, since the beginning I’ve only been thinking about taking money from the Scout.”
Me: “Really? Since when were you thinking about that?”
Shinsaku: “Ever since you first called me (smile), by the way…”
Me: “Yeah?”
Shinsaku: “Kayo is a complete masochist, so please understand that about her.”

932:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:01:42.55ID:2oWVXMPW0
Complete masochist lol
Meaning she’s the type that crumbles under pressure and ends up relying on men.

967:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:18:04.64ID:MhKsLsNt0
I started to understand the true meaning of being information illiterate lol
It wasn’t a matter of how well you could use an internet browser lol
I read Naniwa Kinyudo, Gabaachitare, Ganbo, and Ujima but I still had no idea…
[Translator’s Note: These are all mangas about criminal dealings and/or money lending.]
Power of Attorney is amazing, and representative had such a cool ring to it.
I mean, pro baseball players have representatives that take care of their contracts and everything else!
Shinsaku: “So let’s get the discussion about the porn video out of the way so we can move onto cornering the Scout!”
Me: “Yeah! …I don’t think I’ll be useful at all though.”
Kayo: “The Scout said he’ll come.”
Me: “To this family restaurant?”
Kayo: “Yeah, I told him I was here with you and he said he would come right away.”
Shinsaku: “Alright, then please let us borrow your phone and then go home.”
I see, if we have her cell phone we can meet with the Scout, not only that,
the Scout will have no way of contacting Kayo.
Shinsaku really does know how to handle these types of things.

50:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:30:34.23ID:MhKsLsNt0
Kayo handed us her cell phone and, with a worried look on her face, returned home.
After a while a man in a suit entered the restaurant and started looking around.
Shinsaku pointed to him.
Shinsaku: “I think that’s him.”
Almost before Shinsaku could finish his sentence the man made a call on his phone.
Kayo’s cell phone started vibrating.
it’s the Scout!
The Scout’s here!!
He’s already here!!
Ahhhhhhh—-! I’m getting nervous…

62:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:33:06.38ID:iOa043xG0

56:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:32:12.93ID:Im4CRQEx0
What do you mean, ‘Huh?’

60:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:32:31.01ID:pObmK8wl0
What happened—–

76:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:36:59.08ID:MhKsLsNt0
He’s different from how I imagined him…
Shinsaku signaled to the Scout.
The guy gave a slight nod with his head and walked over to us.
Scout: “Hi, I’m the Scout…huh? Where’s Kayo?”
Shinsaku: “Go ahead and sit down for now, do you want to order something?”
As I looked at the man sitting across from us, I thought…
He’s kind of…lame?
He’s about as short as I am lol and he has a stupid smile plastered on his face lol
His voice over the phone was quiet, but pretty deep
it sounded like he was happy, but it had a weird sort of weight to it.
It’s so different seeing him in person lol

80:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:38:39.41ID:/WNJdsOA0

84:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:39:37.49ID:sicjQokr0
So he doesn’t look like a scam artist.

88:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:41:20.76ID:MhKsLsNt0
Scout: “Huh? Where’s Kayo?”
Shinsaku: “For today it’ll just be us 3 talking.”
When I looked closely even though the Scout was smiling, his eyes weren’t smiling at all.
Scarrrryyy lol
Shinsaku: “Can I see your business card?”
Scout: “Yes, of course.”
The business card that the Scout handed over had something like this written on it:
[Company Name] Scout, Talent Production, Video Production, IT, Advertising, Planning
He does a lot of things.
But I wasn’t scared at all lol
I thought he was going to be a much scarier person, is this what they call letting down your guard?

94:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:45:20.67ID:2f4xQmZ00
These types of guys are a lot scary than your average thug.

95:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:45:28.28ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Well then, shall we begin the discussion?”
Scout: “Are you Kayo’s boyfriend?”
Shinsaku: “No, that’s this guy here.”
The Scout looked at me with his emotionless eyes.
I gave a slight nod of my head as if to say “I’m the boyfriend”
But when I really thought about it…actually, I didn’t really have to think about it
I wasn’t really Kayo’s boyfriend lol
Scout: “Oh so it was you, the guy I talked to on the phone earlier…”
Shinsaku: “Now about our discussion…”
Scout: “So then who are you?”
Shinsaku: “I’m his friend.”
Scout: “Huh? Hey boyfriend.”
Me: “Yes?”
Scout: “I said it before right? This is an issue between Kayo and me.”
Me: “Yeah…”

102:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:48:22.24ID:iOa043xG0

105:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:49:24.73ID:2oWVXMPW0
Letting the Scout take the initiative I see.

110:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:51:14.44ID:aJpQ49Wc0
Does this mean anything to you!? [show Power of Attorney]

112:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:51:55.94ID:/WNJdsOA0
Dun dun dun!

114:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:52:23.33ID:MhKsLsNt0
Scout: “Essentially even you’re a stranger right? Even then, since you were so worried I decided I should have a chat with you, but this guy (Shinsaku) has absolutely nothing to do with this right?”
Me: “No…I…I’m not too knowledgeable about these things so I asked my friend for advice and had him come to discuss it…”
Scout: “I’m not playing around here, do you understand? A lot of money is already moving around, this isn’t the time to just bring a friend in…”
Me: “Well, he knows a lot about these types of things…”
Scout: “What I’m saying is that from Kayo’s perspective, leaving you aside, this guy is a complete stranger right?
Does he really have the right to discuss Kayo’s working situation just because he knows a little bit?”
Me: “Well he might be unrelated, but…we’re just talking right? It’s not really a bother if you have someone that knows a little bit sitting in on the discussion right?”
Scout: “No it is a bother, I don’t really feel too comfortable about this. How would you feel if you were in my situation? Would you be fine with it? You wouldn’t be right?”

120:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:54:26.08ID:ub76Da+S0
Silent Shinsaku is scary…

124:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:55:03.61ID:S2pdobPi0
I’m sure the Scout has no idea he’s the target right now…

130:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 22:55:57.21ID:MhKsLsNt0
Me: “Well…that…might be true…but”
Scout: “Right? You call me out of nowhere and when I come Kayo isn’t even here,
not to mention you bring in a total stranger, in a situation like this we can’t have a proper discussion right?”
Me: “No…I…but…”
Scout: “I’m going home for today, after all coming here to talk to you is out of my own good will.
Do you understand the situation Kayo is in?”
Me: “…”
Scout: “Alright, I’m leaving.”
The Scout started to stand up.
At that moment.
Shinsaku: “Could you please wait just a second?”

135:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:57:00.04ID:S2pdobPi0
Our Shinsaku is here!!!!!

146:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 22:57:38.47ID:GVr+UU9y0
Shinsaku wipe the floor with this guy!!!

166:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:01:57.58ID:S2pdobPi0
I can see the Scout starring in a porn 6 months from now!

181:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:05:24.99ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “So you’re saying that we’re not the ones you need to be talking to right?”
The Scout stayed standing and said,
Scout: “I’m right aren’t I? After all Kayo isn’t even here.”
Shinsaku: “Actually, the person you need to talk to is right here.”
Scout: “What? What are you talking about?”
I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and placed it on the table.
The Scout, with a puzzled look on his face, sat down and started reading the paper.
Even after reading it for awhile he still looked puzzled.
Shinsaku: “Do you understand? This person is here as Kayo’s representative.”
Scout: “Huh? What?”
Shinsaku: “What I’m saying is this person has to hear everything about this work you want Kayo to do, and unless he says ‘OK’, Kayo won’t move a single millimeter.”
Scout: “What?”
Shinsaku: “You’ve never heard of Power of Attorney?”

184:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:06:16.66ID:iOa043xG0

189:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:07:08.97ID:YtIoQSAX0
This is amazing, it’s like a modern day drama lol

192:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:07:28.72ID:UzKKu8XT0
Shinsaku is a man to be feared!

227:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:11:49.40ID:MhKsLsNt0
Scout: “But..everything is already in motion the planning has started…”
Shinsaku: That’s why we’re having this discussion, and if anything happens this person here will take full responsibility.”
What? You never said anything about that!!
I recalled Shinsaku’s words
Are you prepared to go through hell?’ I guess this is what he meant…
Shinsaku had intended for me to shoulder the heaviest burden…
But, I guess there would be no point in this if I didn’t…
Scout: “Take responsibility? How is he going to take responsibility for this?”
Shinsaku: “Like I said, let’s discuss the situation first,
if you don’t do that, then we can’t take responsibility right? But no matter what you do, you should be aware that you won’t have a chance to meet with Kayo anymore.”
Scout: “Huh? What are you saying?”
Shinsaku: “We already told Kayo not to meet with you anymore, so your only option left is to talk to Ryotaro here.”

232:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:13:20.76ID:/WNJdsOA0
Ryotaro is taking responsibility!!!⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)

240:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:15:08.87ID:seT62z5S0
When someone has planned as thoroughly as this, it’s better to just retreat.

286:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:23:49.72ID:MhKsLsNt0
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “So please talk to us, if we have to pay a fee for breaching the contract show us the papers and we’ll pay for it.”
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro will never let Kayo appear in a porn video, but we will pay for any fees involved with breaking the contract, so can you please show us the contract? You have one right?”
That’s right! Kayo said she never signed any papers or stamped anything lol
Scout: “…um, we’re not playing around here OK? Do you know what an ‘industry practice’ is right? Even if there’s no contract there are things we’re obligated to do!”

303:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:27:46.13ID:MhKsLsNt0
Scout: “This isn’t something an amateur should run their mouth about! And what is this scrap of paper? Do you really think this means anything?”
The atmosphere around the Scout changed in an instant.
Scarrry…What is this? He’s so short and until just a second ago he was smiling…
He’s scarier than the 180cm tall Bones…
I feel like I’m going to start crying…he’s terrifying…
I never been this scared before…
It wasn’t like the fear you get before you fight someone,
I see, this is that ‘pressure’ that everyone always talks about.
Industry practices? Obligations? What’s he talking about?
I thought we we’re invincible a second ago, was I wrong?

324:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:31:40.55ID:2oWVXMPW0
This is the Scout’s trump card.
But if you look at it in another way, it’s also his last defense.

339:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:34:16.61ID:ZeFr79w30
“Shall we take this to court then?” > Trapped
But I know that intelligent-type gangsters have a lot of tricks up their sleeves…

343:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:35:50.23ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “Are you a dumb ass? If we bring this case to the court it’s obvious that the law matters more than industry practices (laughing)”
Scout: “What did you say?!”
He’s weak!!!
His “What did you say?!” was so weak lol
Rather than sounding threatening he sounded like he was asking a question lol.
Shinsaku, what the hell are you???lol
Shinsaku: “Furthermore, considering the business you’re in no one can even appear in court right? Just give up.”
Scout: “You…what the hell are you? A lawyer?”
Shinsaku: “Do you want my business card (smile)?”
Shinsaku handed over his business card.
Now that I thought about it, I had never seen his business card before.
I knew he did consulting and investment, so I wondered what his business card said.
“Takasugi Shinsaku”
His business card only had his name and address written on it lol
Scout: “This doesn’t tell me anything…”

346:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:37:15.50ID:iOa043xG0
The Scout is weak now lolllllllllllll

349:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:37:41.85ID:VjdIcyvh0
Take that Scout lollllllllllllll

355:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:38:00.04ID:iOa043xG0
I want Shinsaku’s business card too (blush)

383:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:42:56.08ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku: “There’s something else I want to say, I already told you that Ryotaro here has the final say on this matter right? But what about you? Do you have the final say on your side?
Should we really be talking to you? Or should we be talking to someone from your company?”
The color drained from the Scout’s face.
Scout: “Huh? No..I…that’s…”
Shinsaku: “If you don’t have any decision-making power then it’s our turn to ask, what the hell are you doing here?”
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “Kayo isn’t here but we have someone who has the power to make the final decision so it doesn’t matter who the hell I am, get it? So I’m asking you, are you the one responsible for everything on your side?”
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “This is no good, no good at all…shall we go to your company and have a chat there?”

390:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:44:22.39ID:sicjQokr0

397:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:45:14.21ID:uMCYabdn0
I’m in love.

433:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/26(水) 23:51:44.80ID:MhKsLsNt0
Shinsaku told me about it later but, companies that make contracts with actresses usually use something called ‘Situational Representation’.
In other words,
the Scout (in this case he was the manger too though, it was confusing lol) could make decisions but
if a problem arose, the company would take responsibility.
And management hated it when that happened.
That should be obvious though lol
No one wants to cause trouble at their company.
And if the Scout tried to force Kayo into action by himself,
we wouldn’t have to talk to him anymore, and he didn’t have any kind of contract lol
So no matter what he did, the Scout was trapped.

461:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/26(水) 23:56:51.37ID:S2pdobPi0
I get it now. When you said that Shinsaku made you take responsibility for all damages incurred I thought he was being cold, but he did it so you had final decision making power in case you needed it.

473:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:00:09.92ID:cqhWLyp00
Suddenly, Shinsaku relaxed.
Shinsaku: “I understand how you feel, you were so close to making a huge profit right?”
The Scout fell into Shinsaku’s rhythm and let out a sigh.
Shinsaku: “But just give up this time (smile).”
Scout: “Well, it happens a lot… a girl says she’ll appear in a porn but then she suddenly gets a boyfriend and cancels on us…it’s really troublesome…”
Shinsaku: “I understand, managing girls is hard right? I’m sure you have girls with all sorts of problems lol.”
Scout: “That’s why when this guy over here answered the phone I got a bad feeling.”
What do you mean bad feeling? I didn’t get that at all lol
Scout: “I guess there’s nothing I can do, I’ll just suck it up this time. I’m in a rush anyways.”
Shinsaku: “So you understand then (smile).”
Scout: “There’s nothing else I can do…(smile)”
The Scout drank a bit of the coffee he ordered.
Scout: “About what you said earlier, I really can’t meet with Kayo anymore?”
Me: “Yes, and she’s going to stop working at the brothel too.”
Scout: “I see… Well she worked really hard, please tell her that I wish her well.”
Me: “What…?”

477:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:01:11.29ID:2JbGTf4J0
There’s no way you can leave it like this lol

483:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:02:11.61ID:aJpQ49Wc0
You’re not going to let him go home that easily right?

503:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:04:37.48ID:cqhWLyp00
The Scout had returned to normal, he was smiling and talking smoothly.
Scout: “She was really popular (laughing).”
Shinsaku: “I can imagine, someone that beautiful and kind would be.”
Scout: “Exactly, that’s why it’s hard to let her go.”
Shinsaku: “It is rather unfortunate huh?”
Scout: “I would have liked to talk her one last time about something other than business. Oh well…”
The Scout finished his coffee and started to get up.
Shinsaku: “Wait just a second there (smile)”

511:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:05:54.41ID:/WNJdsOA0
Yeaaaahhh the second ‘wait just a second” from Shinsaku!!!!!!!!!

516:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:06:41.26ID:RCIa7aY10
And the Scout’s nightmare begins.

546:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:10:25.06ID:cqhWLyp00
At this point it felt like all I could do was watch.
But I wasn’t as confident in Shinsaku as all of you guys were lol
After all, the Scout might have been more knowledgeable than Shinsaku.
I didn’t have any basis for telling who was superior lol
I guess I was like an extra running around trying not to get stepped on while two monsters fought each other lol

614:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:21:17.63ID:Njm6u2U/0
Yeah, I can imagine it’d be scary if you were actually there.

559:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:13:36.95ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “We haven’t finished talking about how you tricked Kayo and stole money from her (laughing).”
Scout: “(Laughing)”
Shinsaku: “(Laughing)”
Scout: “Wait…what?”

563:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:14:09.26ID:2JbGTf4J0
Scout lolllll

565:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:14:29.27ID:ibriZf5X0
I knew this was going to happen.

570: 本日の利用料 8,543円 :2011/10/27(木) 00:15:07.27ID:QDxD40H10
Shinsaku has him in a full mount lolllll

578:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:16:01.90ID:2JbGTf4J0
Bye bye Scout ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

636:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:24:17.82ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku looked at me.
I had the Power of Attorney paper and the written confession, I had something to do too…!!
Luckily for me, the Scout (who was supposed to be the boss character) was speechless after Shinsaku’s relentless assault.
I have to do my best too!
I took out Bones’s written confession and handed it to the scout.
The Scout’s face got paler as he read it.
His face was completely different from just a few seconds ago!!!
I could seem him starting to panic!!!
As long as I have this written confession I can become like Shinsaku?
What kind of power-up is this lol

670:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:29:24.15ID:ydk0+Bwk0
Ryotaro has overcome so many struggles,
we’ve seen him grow in such a short amount of time.

740:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:39:38.43ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “It looks like he understands what’s going on, that’ll make this easier.”
Shinsaku said that with a cheerful expression.
Huh? What’s he talking about?
Ignoring the Scout, who’s whole body was shaking, Shinsaku whispered in my ear.
Shinsaku: “If he was an idiot he might try to fight back right? Even though we know we’d easily win in a court case going though the process of suing, taking him to court, opening a police case, it’s all really troublesome right?”
Me: “I don’t get it…”
Shinsaku: “If he’s that scared it means he knows he has no chance of winning in court, so he won’t try and fight us and we don’t have to waste a lot of time explaining things.”
Shinsaku drank some water and slowly started talking again.
Shinsaku: “You’ll definitely be thrown in jail, no chance of getting a suspended sentence.”
Scout: “Please…don’t do this to me…”
Shinsaku: “You knew what you were doing from the beginning right? What do you expect us to do?”
Scout: “Please…don’t do this…don’t do this…”
Shinsaku: “Don’t do what? What don’t you want us to do?”
Scout: “Please don’t turn me in…”
Shinsaku: “Yeah, I’m sure you don’t want to get the police involved, but we have to sue you, so what are you going to do?”
Even though Shinsaku just said suing him would be annoying…

748:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:40:44.99ID:xoI8u1yb0
I guess it really is helpful to know how the law works.

789:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:47:45.17ID:cqhWLyp00
Scout: “I’ll return all the money…up until now I’ve gotten 2.5 million from Kayo, I’ll even add another half a million so I’ll give you 3 million in total…”
Shinsaku: “Money isn’t the problem here! You messed up a girl’s life!”
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “And even then, the amount of money you offered is off. You got a referral fee and margins too right? Not to mention you said earlier that ‘Kayo was really popular’, which means you have connections to the brothel as well right?”
Scout: “…”
I completely overlooked that part lol
This Scout was taking us lightly…even then…
Shinsaku: “You planned this all from the beginning… you don’t deserve any sympathy.”
Scout: “…”
Shinsaku: “10 million yen.”
Scout: “What?”
Shinsaku: “The settlement will be for 10 million yen, and if you don’t get it to us by the end of the day you’ll be on your way to prison.”

797:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:49:32.17ID:1qnP08aO0
10 million…
10 million…

798:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:49:33.68ID:MfnMMwWG0
1…0…Mill…ion lolllll
Wait…really? lollll

835:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:52:44.91ID:VdgFjodJ0
I heard that people from Osaka will always demand 100 million
I guess Shinsaku is a bit soft.

854:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:55:22.17ID:JGmMQAbn0
If the other guy was from Osaka they wouldn’t ask for 100 million though lol

853:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 00:55:21.62ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “What?”
10 million!!
10 million lol
I can’t be the only one that thought Shinsaku was like Blackjack right then.
「Translator’s Note: This is a reference to manga called Blackjack who’s main character is a world-class doctor that helps people for free.]
I whispered into Shinsaku’s ear.
Me: “Wa..wait…10 million? You said that you were going to base the amount on damages and consolation charges right? How did you get that amount?”
Shinsaku: “He was more scared than I thought he would be so I just said it to see how he would react.”
Me: “You just said it to see how he would react…?”
Shinsaku: “That’s what you do with money, the scout made up the 3 million yen debt too right? If he knew how stupid Kayo was he probably would have set it even higher.”
Me: “lol wait, Kayo isn’t stupid lol”

867:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 00:58:19.06ID:Ubc6Vkb60
10 million is a good amount.
Even if your just messing around it’s not good to set an amount that’s too high.

916:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:06:08.84ID:ibriZf5X0
This is a settlement? Are you sure it isn’t extortion?
Someone who knows law help me out here.

924:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:07:15.34ID:4fpP4RV20
It’s extortion, but it’s absolutely OK.

954:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:12:46.00ID:ibriZf5X0
Meaning that even from a law standpoint there’s no problem with it?
Of course, either way I think the Scout is a sack of shit.

964:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:14:49.88ID:4fpP4RV20
It kind of depends on how you look at it but as long as it’s given to them along with the settlement payment there’s nothing wrong with it law-wise.

922:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:06:33.27ID:cqhWLyp00
Scout: “10 million yen?…By today?…That’s impossible, I don’t have that much in my local bank account.”
Shinsaku: “When you say not in your ‘local’ bank account that means you have that much somewhere right?”
Scout: “No..I…”
Shinsaku: “We know that you stole 2.5 million with your scam, but we don’t know how much you made off of referrals, margins, store profits, and all that other stuff right? Or do you have all of that information written down in an accounting book? Can you prove how much the damages and consolation payments should be?
And after you think about that, can you pay us that amount by today?”
Shinsaku pressured the scout even more.
I just stayed quiet and ordered a cafe mocha.
Shinsaku: “How much? From your viewpoint how much is a fair amount? You admit to the fact that you made money from referrals and all other sorts of methods too right? Don’t try and say that those have nothing to do with the settlement!”
Scout: “…all together, probably about 6 million yen…”
Shinsaku: “What part of that is the consolation payment?”
Scout: “Huh? Maybe about 1 million yen?”
Shinsaku: “Then that means the damages payment is set at 5 million yen.”
Scout: “What?”
Shinsaku: “And that consolation payment, isn’t that kind of low? The reason she dropped out of college
was because of your scam right? That’s easily worth 3 million yen right?
So that means the settlement is 8 million yen, can you get that much to us in cash?”

926:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:08:04.55ID:s1PWTdMP0
“I stayed quiet and ordered a Cafe Mocha.”
Ryotaro! lollllllllllll

929:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:08:33.47ID:2JbGTf4J0
So this is how you corner someone.
I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to use this but it’s good to know.

943:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:10:42.23ID:sTX6BS93O
Shinsaku said how much the settlement payment would be.
It’s not extortion.
If Ryotaro said how much the settlement payment would be, it would be extortion.

946:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:11:23.54ID:cqhWLyp00
Some people are saying this counts as extortion but,
Shinsaku said that settlements are just lawful extortions lol
That’s why they even have settlement places lol
Shinsaku said that people could argue on the minor differences between them forever.

983:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:17:22.01ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “So now that we have the settlement payment, we just have to deal with the condition that you pay us by today. But if we waste our time hear talking about useless things the bank will close, so let’s talk on our way to the bank.”
Scout: “No…that’s…I”
Shinsaku: “Huh, do you not want to settle? In that case…”
Scout: “I’ll settle…”
So we got into a taxi and headed towards the bank.
Shinsaku said that we should stop by the Scout’s house so he could get his bankbook.
But fortunately, the Scout had his bankbook with him. Though I guess for the Scout it was actually unfortunate lol

986:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:18:19.90ID:4txEC4kt0
Kayo isn’t the only girl that the Scout is leeching off of.
That’s why Shinsaku made it clear that they weren’t doing it for ‘justice’
Even if the Scout loses Kayo he can still make money so that’s why he didn’t do anything that would completely destroy him, rather he wouldn’t.

997:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:19:17.67ID:cqhWLyp00
We got a taxi and all piled in the back seat,
the Scout ended up being sandwiched between Shinsaku and me.
While we were in the taxi Shinsaku turned to the scout and said,
Shinsaku: “Do you follow any sports?”
and then they started talking about soccer.
I wondered what was going through the Scout’s mind at that time
but the Scout seemed to get pretty into the conversation, he was even smiling!!!
When we got to the bank and saw his balance inquiry, the Scout had almost 20 million yen in his savings account!!!

14:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:20:22.89ID:xIPPLJfT0
20 million?

37:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:22:54.16ID:h0nvI81r0
Get all 20 million!!!

40:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:23:19.18ID:2JbGTf4J0
That’s too greedy Kusaya! lol
[Translator’s Note: In the above comment the poster used a slang term for grabbing something made famous by a TV show host called Kusaya.]

59:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:25:28.76ID:cqhWLyp00
From here on out the Scout kept griping and complaining
but as it got closer to closing time for the bank it was obvious he was starting to worry.
Now I understood why Shinsaku said that he had to give us the money by today lol
I mean, I was really happy that we could resolve everything today.
After all, this was something Kayo had been worried about for a long time
But I thought that getting the money from the Scout would take awhile,
and then Shinsaku suddenly said to get the money by today lol
I never imagined we would get it so fast.
No matter what Shinsaku does, he does it fast, he talks fast and resolves things fast too.
In the end, the settlement payment came out to 8.5 million yen, cash.
After receiving the money Shinsaku handed over a document saying we wouldn’t sue him over this incident.
Shinsaku: “Alright Scout, I don’t think we’ll ever meet again but take care.”
Me: “Take care.”
And like that we said goodbye to the Scout.

92:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:30:27.07ID:92wSUylm0
Even though Ryotaro didn’t do anything he’s acting tough lol

82:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:29:17.36ID:xIPPLJfT0
If the Scout has that much money in one bankbook he must have over a billion yen in assets.

91:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:30:25.54ID:4fpP4RV20
He has 20 million in his bankbook afterall lol

112:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 01:32:54.50ID:SLsFS6610
So your overall gain is 5,499,500 yen
3 million yen was originally Kayo’s
and 500 yen went to pay for Ryotaro’s Cafe Mocha.
by Shinjiro Manta

123:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:34:07.96ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “We have to give this to Kayo right away (smile).”
Me: “It’s crazy, this envelope is so thick…”
Shinsaku: “I feel uneasy carrying around this much money (laugh)”
Me: “But you’re loaded Shinsaku.”
Shinsaku: “But I never walk around with that much in cash (laugh)”
But, there was a problem.
How would Kayo react when I told her about everything that happened today?

141:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 01:36:27.72ID:cqhWLyp00
I’ll stop here for today.
I’ll answer any questions you have or explain anything that wasn’t clear.

506:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:05:23.65ID:cqhWLyp00
About Bones
Bones: “…after that Kayo said she was going to work a cabaret clu to pay it off, and she asked me to work with her to pay it off.
Shinsaku: “You didn’t know she was working at a brothel?”
This part was a bit hard to understand so I’ll explain it a little more.
Kayo was hiding the fact that she was working at a brothel from Bones.
So she lied and said she was working at a cabaret club.
So in the beginning Bones didn’t know that Kayo was working at a brothel.

512:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:07:54.83ID:cqhWLyp00
About the asides Shinsaku and me talking during the confrontation with the Scout…
Actually, we didn’t whisper to each other in front of the Scout lol
All those conversations actually happened before and after our confrontation with the Scout.
But I thought it would be hard to understand so I wrote it as if we were talking during the meeting with the Scout.
I guess it’s kind of like what they do in screenplays.

515:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:09:07.18ID:h0nvI81r0
You’re pretty good…
I think that was a good editorial decision!

517:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:11:39.79ID:cqhWLyp00
About the money.
There was a lot written about the amount, but I didn’t write down the actual amount.
Even then, the real amount was too different from the amount I wrote here.
The calculations were a bit more involved, we even discussed the rounding lol
Also, the Scout’s balance wasn’t exactly 20 million
And the amount of money we took wasn’t eaxactly 8.5 million either.
Also the term ‘balance inquiry’ was a bit incorrect.
I just wanted to write something that sounded cool lol
Since the Scout had his bankbook on him we fought with him a bit about showing us the amount.
And the exchange that happened between us was pretty uncordial lol

522:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:15:34.60ID:cqhWLyp00
Since our argument with the Scout got pretty heated, I actually talked to Shinsaku about it afterwards.
Me: “Won’t he have some dangerous guys backing him up?”
Shinsaku: “They usually do right? I’m not sure if he actually does though…”
Me: “Then…aren’t we in danger?”
Shinsaku: “He wouldn’t send them out considering how badly he messed up lol.”
Me: “Really?”
Shinsaku: “Yeah, plus now that we have that Anti-Gang Law in effect it’s even harder for them to act.”
Me: “Oh! I know about that! I read about it in Naniwa Kinyudo!!
Shinsaku: “Oh yeah, the did talk about that (laughter)”
The conversation went something like that lol

533:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:21:10.62ID:cqhWLyp00
I didn’t tell Kayo that we were going to take money from the scout.
I hadn’t even talked to her about how the Scout and Bones had tricked her.
It was going to be hard to tell her, and I couldn’t imagine how much hearing the truth would hurt her.
But if I didn’t tell her that she had been tricked and had money stolen from her, I couldn’t talk about the money we had gotten back.
Plus I didn’t know how much money we could get from the Scout, or even if we could get money from him.
That’s why I didn’t tell her anything other than that I asked Shinsaku for help in refusing the porn video work.
I couldn’t tell her about everything else until after we faced-off against the Scout.

535:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:22:19.00ID:cqhWLyp00
As we headed towards Kayo’s place in a taxi I started worry about what we would tell her, I even started to cry a bit. All while holding on to the money we had gotten (it was wrapped in a newspaper lol).
Shinsaku: “Are you crying?”
Me: “Thanks for everything Shinsaku… I don’t know if I can every repay this debt but if there’s anything I can do for you I’ll do it…”
Shinsaku: “All of this was your doing Ryotaro, all I did was help you do it (smile).”
But the reason for these tears was complicated.
We had gotten a huge sum of money, but because of this money Kayo’s life had been thrown into absolute chaos.
I imagined Kayo’s face in my head.
I wanted to hand it over quickly…
I wanted to free her from this hell…
But I had no idea what to say to her lol

542:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:24:51.52ID:rNCdkQy+0
Ryotaro must seem like a god to Kayo right now.

543:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:24:51.99ID:cqhWLyp00
We arrived at Kayo’s place.
She poured tea for us,
and gave us roll cakes.
Shinsaku: “This looks delicious!”
Shinsaku started eating the roll cake.
It seemed like Shinsaku was going to make me tell the story.
But my throat felt tight, so I drank some tea, cleared my throat, and…
Shinsaku: “Owwww!!!”
He’s so loud…and he spilled tea all over his knee…
But the burn mark was pretty big so it was nothing to laugh about, I was pretty sure it was going to leave a scar.
My eyes had rape written in them.
Right when I was about to start talking Kayo had run off to the ktichen to get a wet towel for Shinsaku.

544:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:25:35.45ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “We turned down the porn video job.”
Kayo: “Really?”
More than happy, Kayo seemed interested in how we did it.
I guess Kayo thought the Scout was a bigshot.
I wonder if that had something to do with the odd sense of trust she felt towards him.
But he was a surprisingly convincing person.
Especially to a naive 19 year old girl…
He wasn’t someone even I could challenge lol
Kayo: “Thank you Ryotaro…”
While this was happening Shinsaku was in the bathroom running water over his burn.

547:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:26:43.77ID:rNCdkQy+0
Shinsaku’s such a good guy, he’s making my eyeballs start to sweat.

554:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:29:25.26ID:Bhvnv1w10
I think that Shinsaku spilled the tea on purpose so Kayo and Ryotaro could talk alone lol

564:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:32:16.45ID:el52rdpt0
And Ryotaro doesn’t realize it at all.

549:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:27:33.57ID:TUwN9Pjl0
I wonder if Shinsaku’s burn is going to be ok..( ´・ω・` )

545:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:26:02.33ID:cqhWLyp00
Kayo: “What are you holding? Is it yokan?”
[Translator’s Note: Yokan is a type of dessert that looks a bit like jelly]
Kayo started to ask about the money I was carrying in the rolled up newspaper.
I don’t think anyone makes yokan like this.
Me: “About that…actually before that, this is yours.”
Kayo: “A treat?”
She looked happy.
It’s not yokan lol
Me: “No…it’s not a treat…it’s money…”
Kayo: “Money???”
Kayo’s face stiffened.
Kayo: “Why do you have money?”
Me: “Just stay calm and listen to me…the 3 million yen debt that you had to pay off, that was a lie.”
Kayo: “?”

550:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:27:38.77ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “You were tricked by Bones and the Scout.”
Kayo: “But what about the porn video? Bones had nothing to do with that right?”
Me: “Yeah, the porn video is something completely different, I’m just talking about the 3 million yen debt.”
Kayo: “???”
Me: “…”
Kayo: “What???”
Me: “Yeah.”
Kayo’s nose started to run, her mouth contorted, and her eyes started to well up with tears…I couldn’t bear to see her like this.
But it’s understandable, how are you supposed to react to something like this?
It wasn’t just about the money.
It also meant she never had to work at a brothel.
She hadn’t been deceived by just the Scout, but by Bones as well (and, in a way, Bones was tricked too).
This whole thing was too cruel, and too complicated.

553:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:29:13.09ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “This is the money for the fake debt, the money the Scout made through other means, and the consolation payment…all together it’s 8.5 million yen.”
I handed over the wrapped up money to Kayo.
Kayo slapped it away.
Kayo: “I don’t want this! I don’t want it!!!..I..don’t!!!”
I didn’t expect this reaction at all!
Shinsaku~! H E L P M E!!
At that moment,
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, I’m going to go back to your house.”
After that I heard the sound of the door opening and closing.
The bathroom was near the entrance of the apartment so Shinsaku ran away just like that lol
When I asked him about it later he said “I don’t want to deal with a situation like that, it’s so much easier dealing with someone like the Scout than something like that.”

558:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:30:48.65ID:78xXqvB60
“I don’t want it!”

563:名も無き被検体774号+:2011/10/27(木) 21:31:47.27ID:xoI8u1yb0
I can’t imagine what it would be like…the fact that your life was destroyed like that would be too much to handle…


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