Chapter 2-3

588:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:38:34.19ID:cqhWLyp00
Kayo was completely shaken
Was she…going to snap?
While Kayo was crying she started throwing anything in the room she could get her hands on.
I tried to restrain her.
I couldn’t do anything lol
She was way stronger than Bones lol
I was swung from side to side as I tried to stop her.
Me: “Kayo! Calm down…!! Calm down!!!”
Even though I was yelling at the top of my lungs she didn’t show any signs of stopping.
Then I remembered,
I softened my voice and said,
Me: “It’s ok, it’s ok…”
as I held her.
The same words that Kayo had said to me.

589:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:39:35.68ID:el52rdpt0
Put a plastic bag over her head!

616:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:45:36.24ID:kJJEc0yn0
If you do that she’ll die lollllll

612:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:45:18.20ID:cqhWLyp00
But I guess in her heart the words Kayo heard were
“Why are you acting like this? Calm down!” or something like that lol
Finally Kayo started to calm down.
Her hair was a mess, the room was in shambles, and I was panting.
This is the first time I’d been through an ordeal like this.
I’m not sure if I can it explain it well but, even though Kayo was still crying, she looked a bit happy and said
Kayo: “Thank you…”
Or at least that’s how I interpreted it lol
Kayo collapsed to the floor.
I hugged her from behind.
It seems like she’s ok now… I felt relieved.
But the back of Kayo’s neck…
It smelled good lollll

624:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:47:02.50ID:m32LPqy80
“smelled good” loll
Even after that ordeal I guess you still notice things like that lol

630:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:49:07.54ID:cqhWLyp00
Kayo: “Aaahhhh…”
Kayo let out her voice as she cried.
I gently patted her back as she did.
I’d thought about it before but,
Kayo rampages > I panic > Kayo calms down a little > I have nothing to really do
the flow is kind of like that.
Even though I was gently comforting her right now, I still didn’t have that much to do lol
What, what is this?
Have I gotten stronger?
If Kayo had done this when we first met I probably would have started hyperventilating,
we would have made the perfect storm.
And there would be no way to stop us lol

633:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:49:58.77ID:h0nvI81r0
You’ve grown so much…(;ω;)

664:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 21:54:43.48ID:cqhWLyp00
For awhile Kayo didn’t say anything.
But at least she had stopped sobbing.
I hugged her the whole time.
We stayed like that for about half an hour.
Kayo: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorryy…”
Like that Kayo started crying again.
But she had turned towards me and started to bury her face into my chest.
I tried to support her but…she’s just too big!!!
Unable to support her weight, we ended up falling to the ground lol
With my back on the ground I embraced Kayo.
She’s heavy lol
She’s not heavy…I actually think she’s pretty skinny but,
I’m skinny too…and then there’s the difference in height…

668:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:55:24.36ID:GjSiQc5p0

671:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:55:44.35ID:WDKW/PR40
Kayo’s weight is priceless.

681:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:56:59.23ID:fX7RtnUB0
The down button on my smart phone stopped working.
I just exchanged it last week too…

682:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:57:13.52ID:xoI8u1yb0
tap(∩`・ω・) taptaptaptaptaptap
 _/_ミつ/ ̄/
     /_/ ̄

686:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 21:57:42.10ID:9KR1r19g0
It’s so cute!

712:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:01:27.84ID:cqhWLyp00
People are pretty heavy lol
When you’re actually holding someone you have to start worrying about your body position
Also, girls have that cute, soft, transparent hair on their body.
Figurines don’t have that kind of hair.
They’re different from figurines lol
Also, girls are really soft…or at least that’s what they say in manga.
And they are…in some places, but in other places they’re hard!!!
This was the first time I had held Kayo for so long,
so a lot of these kinds of thoughts started popping into my head.
I also thought about these things earlier when I was comforting Kayo and had nothing to really do.

728:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:03:52.09ID:RS00xwib0
That’s definitely going to become a quote lol
“Figurines don’t have that kind of hair.” lol

733:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:04:24.28ID:GjSiQc5p0
After reading this story I wonder how many people went to a brothel
I’m definitely going to one.

751:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:06:47.14ID:ZjL7Ttax0
Me: “I’m going to have an exciting romance just like Ryotaro!”
Ding dong
Me: “Wah! Uh, can I get a different girl?”

762:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:08:13.45ID:Kp8iNryp0
So fast lol

747:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:06:21.89ID:cqhWLyp00
Kayo: “I’m ok now…”
Kayo let go of me and stood up.
Kayo: “I’m sorry…”
She started cleaning up the room.
Kayo: “That was the first time I ever lost it like that…I’m sorry.”
I was about to say something, but I stopped.
It was partly because I didn’t know what to say, but also partly because I thought it would be better not to say anything.
After Kayo had cleaned up most of the room,
Me: “Shall we go eat something?”
Kayo didn’t say anything, but she nodded her head.
We went to the Chinese place near her house.
While we were eating, I got a call from Shinsaku.

750:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:06:40.48ID:LYkVMWbB0
Just by meeting people or the way you treat them, you can either help them or hurt them.
Even from those normal, ordinary encounters with people, the amount of choices in our life increase, we just don’t notice it.

792:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:12:11.90ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “How’s everything going?”
How can he ask that so casually…
In the background it sounded like he was listening to the song Black Rock Shooter.
As expected of a Hatsune Miku fanatic lol also mikumikudance is his favorite thing lol
[Translator’s Note: mikumikudance is a software that can be used to animate a character and make them dance.]
He even submitted a video once, but it was so bad he didn’t even get 50 views lol
I had given Shinsaku my key so he returned to my house by himself.
And he was watching videos on my computer.
Me: “She’s calmed down!”
Shinsaku: “That’s great! By the way, I have a poem for you.”
Me: “What?”
Shinsaku: ” ‘I want to kill all of the birds in world, so I can sleep with you the entire morning.’ ”
Me: “Huh, what’s that from?”
Shinsaku: “Well, if she’s calmed down then I’m just getting in the way. I’ll see you tomorrow, you’re spending the night there right?”
Me: “She hasn’t said anything yet…”
Before I could say that, Shinsaku hung up.

797:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:13:34.46ID:h0nvI81r0
Shinsaku is way to cool lollllllllllll

801:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:14:05.09ID:4veaJbgg0
Shinsaku’s quoting poems from that 1800’s? He’s so cool!

798:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:13:42.43ID:cqhWLyp00
The reason I named him Shinsaku
was because he loves Takasugi Shinsaku.
In the book “Days in our World” by Shiba Ryotaro
Takasugi Shinsaku was one of the main characters.
There were 4 volumes in total, but in the first 2 volumes Yoshida Shoin was the main character.
I stopped reading after that,
it was the only book of Shiba Ryotaro’s that I had stopped reading halfway-in.
Shinsaku told me later that the ‘I want to kill all of the birds in world…’ was a poem written by Takasugi Shinsaku.

826:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:20:16.14ID:cqhWLyp00
After eating we returned to Kayo’s room, she seemed like she had calmed down.
She had an expression of child-like innocence, or maybe it was more of a transparent expression?
It was a little bit scary.
I was scared to talk to her lol
Kayo: “What am I going to do from now on?”
Me: “What do you mean…?
From tomorrow on you can do anything you want right?
She doesn’t have to work at the brothel and, of course, doesn’t have to become a porn star.
She even has enough money for living expenses and school.
Kayo: “I was so close to paying back the debt…
and after paying it back I was going to do my best to save up money…”

830:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:21:08.60ID:cqhWLyp00
I didn’t say anything.
Kayo had worked her hardest, but all of her effort had gone to feeding a lie.
Even then, it was still something Kayo had to deal with.
Kayo: “But, I don’t want to regret anything.”
Me: “…”
Kayo: “That’s why, I have to keep working hard right?”
Me: “…”
I didn’t know if I should say “yeah” or if I should say “you don’t have to force yourself”…
Kayo: “I don’t want to regret it…so that’s why I have to keep my head held up high, but…”
Me: “…”
I have no idea what to say…I’m making Kayo talk to herself…
But, I have to say something.
After all, this is the worst possible time to leave her alone right?

833:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:21:33.87ID:cqhWLyp00
I didn’t know whether or not it was the right timing,
What~? You’re saying it now? I even thought that at the time, but I didn’t have anything else to say
Kayo, I like you.
That was the only thing I felt confident about saying.
I had no clue what to say other than that.
That’s why I decided to tell her how I felt right then.
Me: “Kayo.”
Kayo: “Yes?”

840:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:22:20.67ID:tRJGsEvM0
Go for it—————!

837:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:22:12.08ID:utOvfz0j0
Go for it! Tell her! Tell her!

843:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:22:31.32ID:HmNrotgV0
He’s finally doing it!

872:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:24:33.24ID:m32LPqy80
( ゚∀゚)彡 Ryotaro! Ryotaro!

966:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:31:03.12ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “I like you, please go out with me.”
Yeah!!! I managed to say it without stuttering!
How manly am I right now?!
But standing across from me,
Kayo made a difficult expression.
And then she slowly said,
Kayo: “…no way”

968:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:11.11ID:wao+eCic0

971:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:20.56ID:xoI8u1yb0

973:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:26.54ID:lU3voGn20

984:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:40.75ID:ijV/0Cgf0

991:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:49.97ID:HmNrotgV0

993:Anonymous+:2011/10/27(木) 22:31:52.40ID:tOTs878d0
‘…no way’?????


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