Chapter 3

106:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:36:54.62ID:cqhWLyp00
Kayo: “There’s no way you could date someone like me right?? I’m unclean, I’m stupid, I have absolutely nothing to offer…”
Tears were streaming from her eyes, how many times is she going to cry? lol
(Rape written in my eyes) “Didn’t you just say you wanted to hold your head high?”
Now’s not the time to start pointing out her hypocrisy lol
But like I said earlier, when Kayo was like this I felt like there wasn’t a lot for me to do, so I end up thinking stupid thoughts like this.
So many things came rushing to my head that I even started to confuse myself.
Kayo: “I don’t want to cause anymore trouble for anyone… Ryotaro, you’re too good of a person, it’ll never work out, we don’t match at all…”
Umm…this…this means she doesn’t hate me right?
Once I realized that I started grinning despite the fact that Kayo was still crying.
I’m so heartless. I was shocked at my own reaction lol
But either way, I couldn’t accept Kayo’s argument for not going out with me.

172:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:40:57.73ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “Then can you tell me your feelings? How do you feel about me?”
Kayo: “I like you! Of course I like you!!”
Me: “Then…”
Kayo: “But I can’t, at least not now…I’m sorry!!!”
…I see…so…if I wait…something might happen?
If I just suppress my feelings and wait, then something might happen?
But I don’t like Kayo because I want to be nice to her, it’s because of these feelings overtaking my body.
Am I just being egotistical?
Right and wrong, kindness, loving a girl, they’re all different things right?
I recalled Shinsaku’s words:
Shinsaku: “Kayo is a complete masochist, so understand that and try to do your best for her.”

184:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:41:49.13ID:WDKW/PR40
You’re right!! You’re exactly right!! That’s what love is!!

182:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:41:47.68ID:3ehFJ3VG0
>Kayo: “I like you! Of course I like you!!”

192:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:42:36.02ID:m32LPqy80
This is where you’re supposed pull her close and kiss her!!!

198:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:43:23.65ID:iaZa+PDV0
Of course she would like you, if after all that she didn’t like you I would have lost my faith in women. Even though I’m a woman too.

247:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 22:48:21.26ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “Kayo!!”
I put my hands on her shoulders and stared into her eyes.
Kayo: “…wa?…Yes?”
I can’t get used to this new personality, it’s not me at all…If I don’t keep focused…my whole body is shaking loll
Me: “I’m not going to wait, I like you. Do you get it? I like you just the way your are. And from now on I’ll protect you! So go out with me!”
Kayo: “…”
Kayo returned my gaze.
Me: “I’m telling you to go out with me! I’m different from all the other guys you’ve been with right?”
Kayo: “…ye…yeah.”
Me: “Right?”
Kayo: (nod)
Me: “You like me right?”
Kayo: (nod)
Me: “And I like you too!”
Kayo: (nod)
Me: “Do you have a problem with any of that?”
Kayo: (shake)
Me: “So you’ll go out with me right?
Kayo (nod)
I’ll say it first.
YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

253:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:49:06.52ID:JGmMQAbn0
YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

266:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:49:35.39ID:h0nvI81r0
YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

250:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:48:48.32ID:hFPn5M//0
               /.   ノ、i.|i     、、         ヽ
              i    | ミ.\ヾヽ、___ヾヽヾ        |
  ┏┓  ┏━━┓   |   i 、ヽ_ヽ、_i  , / `__,;―’彡-i     |   ┏┓┏┓┏┓
┏┛┗┓┃┏┓┃   i  ,’i/ `,ニ=ミ`-、ヾ三”―-―’ /    .|   .┃┃┃┃┃┃
┗┓┏┛┃┗┛┃┏━iイ | |’ ;'((   ,;/ ’~ ゛   ̄`;)” c ミ     i.━┓┃┃┃┃┃┃
┏┛┗┓┃┏┓┃┃  .i i.| ‘ ,||  i| ._ _-i    ||:i   | r-、  ヽ、┃┃┃┃┃┃┃
┗┓┏┛┗┛┃┃┗ 丿 `| ((  _゛_i__`’    (( ;   ノ// i |ヽi..┛┗┛┗┛┗┛
  ┃┃      ┃┃ /    i ||  i` – -、` i    ノノ  ’i /ヽ | ヽ     ┏┓┏┓┏┓
  ┗┛      ┗┛ ’ノ  .. i ))  ’–、_`7   ((    , ‘i ノノ  ヽ .  ┗┛┗┛┗┛
            ノ     Y  `–  ”    ))  ノ “”i    ヽ
                 ノヽ、       ノノ  _/   i     \
                /ヽ ヽヽ、___,;//–‘”;;”  ,/ヽ、    ヾヽ

254:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:49:15.74ID:FYcg5oRC0
YEAH YEAH YEAH━━━(゚∀゚≡(゚∀゚≡゚∀゚)≡゚∀゚)━━━━!!

256:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:49:19.44ID:WDKW/PR40

260:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:49:28.40ID:LYkVMWbB0

304:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:51:14.06ID:m32LPqy80
 .\     YEAH! RYOTARO & KAYO―――――ッッッッッ       /
   \.                                    /
      (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚)
    (゚∀゚)(゚∀゚)(゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚)(゚∀゚)(゚∀゚)
   (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚)
 ( ゚∀゚)( ゚∀゚)( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )(゚∀゚ )(゚∀゚ )
.( ゚∀゚)( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ ) ( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )(゚∀゚ )
( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ ) ( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )( ゚∀゚ )

424:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 22:58:55.07ID:WDKW/PR40
Alright, your theme song is “1/3 Pure Feelings”

443:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:00:05.61ID:Mn2jZkhn0
My theme song is Mr. Children’s “I Like You”

590:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:14:09.25ID:cqhWLyp00
I felt like I forced her into it at the end.
When it comes to things like this, do people usually force things like this?
Or is it just about being brave?
I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that lol
Shinsaku, you’re a god. Thank you so much.
Kayo stopped crying.
Her cheeks are so red lol
I was overcome with an immense feeling of love.
Kayo, she’s so cute.
I wanted to protect her, I felt like I had to protect her.
I hugged Kayo.
My body moved on its own.
Because of that, I wasn’t really controlling my strength.
I hugged her so hard that she let out a little “nngh” lol
But she put her hands around my back,
And for the first time, we hugged each other.

594:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:14:24.08ID:agD48LQM0
I think when Shinsaku said “I want to kill all of the birds in world, so I can sleep with you the entire morning.”
he meant,
You’ve been through a lot so have a good rest.

601:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:15:30.64ID:G8TOmIFt0
Yeah, I agree.
Enjoy your rest.

619:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:17:35.43ID:cqhWLyp00
But I was in a weird, half leaning position, so it got hard to maintain my posture and my legs started to shake lol
But I felt like if I changed my posture I’d ruin the atmosphere so I just dealt with it.
Actually, what kind of atmosphere is this?
I had so many emotions running through me but I didn’t stutter at all.
Inside my heart I was screaming, “Kayo isn’t unclean!”
I kept saying that to myself because when Kayo said she was unclean it hurt so much.
I loved her so much and tears streamed down my face.
I guess this is what happens when you’re overcome with emotions.
The last time I cried this hard was when I was a kid.
While crying, I let out a voice that sounded something like “Uwaaah”
Kayo was crying too.
The amount I had grown these past few days was evident downstairs as well lol

639:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:19:04.93ID:HmNrotgV0
Whatever, just kiss her! KISSSSS

649:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:20:06.23ID:cqhWLyp00
But even with the way things were going, I didn’t know how to bring up the subject of sex.
How are you supposed to transition into sex from a situation like this?
What are you supposed to do?
Me: “Kayo, I want to have sex.”
Can you just say that?
Or would she bring it up?
“Shall we take a shower?”
It would have been so much easier on me if she had said that lol

656:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:20:43.77ID:h0nvI81r0
I laughed way too much at that lol

671:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:22:29.68ID:cqhWLyp00
In the end, I stayed the night at Kayo’s place. In the morning I left for work directly from her apartment.
Kayo seemed drained from crying so I said “shall we go to sleep?” Kayo nodded so we went to bed.
Like all the other times I stayed at her place I went to sleep on the rug, but Kayo told me to sleep in the bed with her.
Kayo used my arm as a pillow and fell asleep almost immediately.
But…using my arm as a pillow.
It was amazing!!
It was like I was a true man!
But when I woke up in the morning my arm was completely numb.
And Kayo’s legs reached so much farther down than mine lol
Even then, I still felt like I was a man lol

678:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:23:23.33ID:h0nvI81r0
Arm pillows, it makes both the guy and the girl happy.
But you can’t feel your arm in the morning lolll

683:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:24:13.86ID:HmNrotgV0
You don’t have to have sex with her but at least kiss her!!

708:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:26:25.27ID:WDKW/PR40
As expected of Ryotaro, the man who killed all of the birds in the world.

735:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:29:06.06ID:cqhWLyp00
Work ended early that day so I decided to go to Akihabara. When I told Shinsaku, he said he wanted to come too.
Shinsaku: “I’ve been to Nihonbashi, but I’ve wanted to come to Akihabara too!”
Me: “Shinsaku, you don’t look like it but you’re a pretty big otaku.”
Whenever we passed by a shop Shinsaku would start doing weird things.
For example, he would grab a Miku figure and say
Shinsaku: “Look at the lines, look at the lines, is it really okay for the modeler to show that much~?”
half-mumbling to himself.
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, have you ever seen Otaku-kun?”
[Translator’s Note: Otaku-kun (オタクくん) is an animated series about an otaku.]
After that Shinsaku showed me some Otaku-kun videos on Nico Douga, but it’s embarrassing so please stop Shinsaku lol
Shinsaku also has the habit of singing while walking on the street, and every now and then people would turn around and stare lol
Shinsaku: “‘…so I can sleep with you the entire morning’…so did you do it?”
Me: “Yeah, I confessed to her and now we’re going out, thanks to you!”
Shinsaku: “And sex?”
Me: “…no…not yet…”

773:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:33:30.92ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “Are you an idiot? Why didn’t you do it yesterday!? Especially after I went through all that trouble so you guys could be alone!!”
Me: “But, if I did it then it would seem like that was my goal from the beginning!”
Shinsaku: “This was your second chance! If you keep this up you’ll…ah…forget it!”
Me: “If you think about Kayo’s feelings there was no way I could have done it.”
Shinsaku: “That’s just an excuse right? It’s just because you can’t do it!”
Me: “Yeah..I don’t have any confidence.”
Shinsaku’s face suddenly turned serious.
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, I have a favor to ask.”

777:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:34:06.34ID:WDKW/PR40
He’s calling in his favor!!!

789:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:34:49.58ID:HRi0P32p0
I have a bad feeling about this…

800:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:35:42.47ID:RyB/lhob0
This thread will now become about Shinsaku and Ryotaro’s love.

806:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:36:01.41ID:cqhWLyp00
Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “I helped you out a little bit this time right?”
Me: “A little? I can’t thank you enough. One day I hope I can repay you for everything you’ve done. I’m serious, if there’s anything I can do for you please let me know.”
Shinsaku: “Alright, I’ll take you up on that offer right now.”
Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “I said it before right? I want to go to Yoshiwara with you.”
Me: “Yeah”
Shinsaku: “So I want you to go with me right now.”
Me: “What?”
Shinsaku: “You’re not going to refuse are you? You just said “if there’s anything I can do for you please let me know” right? And don’t worry about money, I’m inviting you to go after all…”
Me: “Wa..wait…isn’t that a weird request? I mean, when you talked about going last time our circumstances were completely different, right now I have Kayo…”

827:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:37:19.65ID:MVULz94p0
With this you’re going to get your second brothel girl lol

835:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:38:18.95ID:RyB/lhob0
I can’t predict what Shinsaku is going to do at all lol

851:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:39:34.90ID:MVULz94p0
He’s telling you to get some practice for Kayo’s sake lol

859:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:40:29.81ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku: “But you made that promise with me before you met Kayo right?”
Me: “That’s true, but…”
Shinsaku: “You know what they say about promises between men…”
You guys already know how convincing Shinsaku can be right?
Before I knew it I was standing in Yoshiwara lol
Shinsaku: “Let’s go to an expensive place. There aren’t any soaplands in Osaka, we have to go to Fukuhara in Kamido, but the most expensive places there are only 60 thousand yen. In Yoshiwara there are places that cost 100 thousand yen, so you can expect to have a really good time.”
Me: “100 thousand yen?”
Shinsaku: “At places like those you really have to enjoy the atmosphere. If you just go in and do it right away it’s no fun at all.”
Me: “But, I’m already feeling embarrassed just walking around this area.”
I might have just been imagining it, but it felt like the area we were in was already giving off a strange vibe, I felt like I had entered a different reality.

866:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:41:37.36ID:xoI8u1yb0
You’re going to graduate from being a virgin in Yoshiwara lol

899:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:45:42.73ID:cqhWLyp00
I thought through the scenario in my head. Once we got into the shop we’d go to different rooms,
and then I would definitely start panicking after meeting the brothel girl.
So in a way, I had a lot of ways of getting out of the actual act.
is there anyone here who’s been to a high-class brothel in Yoshiwara???
One that costs about 100 thousand yen…
It’s not a place you can enter easily lol
It’s scary!!!
From here on out is,
“I Went to a Brothel and My Life Changed – The True Story”

914:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:47:31.47ID:5Xgoul700
         ナ ゝ   ナ ゝ /    十_”    ー;=‐         |! |!
          cト    cト /^、_ノ  | 、.__ つ  (.__    ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄   ・ ・
ミミ:::;,!      u       `゙”~´   ヾ彡::l/VvVw、 ,yvヾNヽ  ゞヾ  ,. ,. ,. 、、ヾゝヽr=ヾ
ミ::::;/   ゙̄`ー-.、     u  ;,,;   j   ヾk’! ’ l / ‘レ ^ヽヘ\   ,r゙ゞ゙-“、ノ / l! !ヽ 、、 |
ミ/    J   ゙`ー、   ” ;, ;;; ,;; ゙  u ヾi    ,,./ , ,、ヾヾ   | ‘– 、..,,ヽ  j  ! | Nヾ|
“       _,,.. -─ゝ.、   ;, “ ;;   _,,…_ゞイ__//〃 i.! ilヾゞヽ  | 、  .r. ヾ-、;;ノ,.:-一'”i
  j    /   ,.- 、  ヾヽ、 ;; ;; _,-<  //_,,\’ “‘ !| :l ゙i !_,,ヽ.l `ー─–  エィ’ (. 7 /
      :    ’ ・丿   ̄≠Ξイ´,-、 ヽ /イ´ r. `ー-‘メ ,.-´、  i     u  ヾ``ー’ イ
       \_    _,,……::   ´゙i、 `¨ / i ヽ.__,,… ‘  u ゙l´.i・j.冫,イ゙l  / ``-、..- ノ :u l
   u      ̄ ̄  彡”   、ヾ ̄``ミ::.l  u   j  i、`ー’ .i / /、._    `’y   /
              u      `ヽ  ゙:l   ,.::- 、,, ,. ノ ゙ u ! /_   ̄ ー/ u /
           _,,..,,_    ,.ィ、  /   |  /__   ``- 、_    l l  ``ーt、_ /  /
  ゙   u  ,./´ ”  ``- 、_J r’´  u 丿 .l,… `ー一”/   ノ  ト 、,,_____ ゙/ /
        ./__        ー7    /、 l   ‘゙ ヽ/  ,. ‘”  \`ー— “,.::く、
       /;;;””  ̄ ̄ ───/  ゙  ,::’  \ヾニ==='”/ `- 、   ゙ー┬ ‘´ / \..,,__
、      .i:⌒`─-、_,….    l   /     `ー┬一’      ヽ    :l  /  , ‘ `ソヽ
ヾヽ     l      `  `ヽ、 l  ./  ヽ      l         )  ,; /   ,’    ’^i

934:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:49:17.47ID:5oYUR+/30
\         /_ /     ヽ /   } レ,’           / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
  |`l`ヽ    /ヽ/ <´`ヽ u  ∨ u  i レ’          /
  └l> ̄    !i´-)     |\ `、 ヽ), />/        /  風  ほ  こ
   !´ヽ、   ヽ ( _ U   !、 ヽ。ヽ/,レ,。7´/-┬―┬―┬./  俗  ん  れ
  _|_/;:;:;7ヽ-ヽ、 ”)  ”””’`` ‐'”=’-‘” /    !   !   /   だ.  と  か
   |  |;:;:;:{  U u ̄|| u u  ,..、_ -> /`i   !   !  \   :.  う  ら
   |  |;:;:;:;i\    iヽ、   i {++-`7, /|  i   !   !  <_      の  が
  __i ヽ;:;:;ヽ `、  i   ヽ、  ̄ ̄/ =、_i_  !   !   /
   ヽ ヽ;:;:;:\ `ヽ、i   /,ゝ_/|  i   ̄ヽヽ !  ! ,, -‘\
    ヽ、\;:;:;:;:`ー、`ー’´ ̄/;:;ノ  ノ      ヽ| / ,、-”´ \/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                 ̄ ̄ ̄            Y´/;:;:;\
[Text: From here on out is,”I Went to a Brothel and My Life Changed – The True Story”]

941:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:50:12.81ID:cqhWLyp00
I followed closely behind Shinsaku as he walked around seemingly oblivious to the kind of place we were in,
he entered a referral shop that looked kind of like a cafe.
Me: “Can we not do this?”
Shinsaku: “Ryotaro, you’re a man right? The promise you made with me was made way before you met Kayo right? And you just said that you would do whatever you can to repay me right?”
Me: “Yeah…”
Shinsaku: “So either you keep your promise, or everything you just said becomes a lie right?”
It’s no good lol
There’s no way I can win against him lol
Me: “Fine, I get! I’ll go!”
Shinsaku had a huge grin on his face.
Shinsaku: “Now that that’s settled, let’s go have some fun. After all, you’re about to have sex with a cute girl right?”

948:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:51:05.68ID:RCIa7aY10
Shinsaku is so scary lol

962:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:52:29.23ID:cqhWLyp00
A few minutes later we were inside an expensive soapland.
To get inside we had to pay something called an entrance fee, that alone was 30 thousand yen.
And we still had to pay the girls directly.
The amount varied depending on the girl,
it was anywhere from 50 to 70 thousand yen.
I didn’t really want to think about it but, at the place Kayo used to work at the lowest amount of time you could purchase was about 40 -50 minutes,
and the total price would come out to about 16 thousand to 18 thousand yen.
But here, they had something called an ‘entrance fee’ that was 30 thousand yen!
What’s with these high-priced soaplands…
Has anyone here been to one?

975:Anonymous:2011/10/27(木) 23:53:13.30ID:7rlGonKS0
Is that where the hardcore people go?

71:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/27(木) 23:59:39.12ID:cqhWLyp00
Shinsaku handed me some money and then picked a girl for himself..
Guy: “How about this girl?”
Me: “Um…I’d prefer a petite girl…”
Guy: “Alright, how about her? She’s about 150cm tall.”
I barely looked at the photo and just said “OK”
I’m sorry Kayo…
I won’t do anything with her.
I just wanted to see what a petite girl was like.
That’s why I wasn’t serious when picking her.
The waiting room was huge, they even had drinks and books there, it was really impressive.

109:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:03:46.63ID:mIByBGXJ0
You’re commendable!
I have faith that you won’t do anything!

111:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:03:59.93ID:NMCf6g/e0
I was called before Shinsaku.
When I left the waiting room the girl was already there waiting for me.
Aoi: “My name’s Aoi (smile). What’s your name~?”
Me: “I’m Ryotaro.”
What’s going on? Even though she’s so small her boobs are huge and she’s really cute!!
Aoi: “Nice to meet you Ryotaro (smile).”
Her skin was about as pale as Kayo’s, her lips were a nice pink, and her eyes were big and bright,
she also had a cuteness that was at an idol level. Not to mention her smile was adorable.

120:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:05:07.89ID:JuxZxMdU0
You’re getting seduced you bastard!!! >>139
Forgive him about the sea otter already lol

160:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:09:34.22ID:cqhWLyp00
Aoi: “I’ll show you to the room (smile)”
Aoi wrapped herself around one of my arms.
Me: “Wha? Um…”
Her boobs are pressing against my arm…
Aoi looked up at me and let out a cute laugh.
Huh? Is this what a brothel is supposed to be?
When I met Kayo it was like we were meeting for the first time, she spoke politely and I could feel the distance between us…
I thought that if I went to a brothel first and got some experience
I’d be able to handle what goes on at a soapland.
But the difference between these places existed in places I couldn’t predict.

170:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:11:10.32ID:Qh7v58Dm0
This is like those games where you can get two girls at once…

172:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:11:27.26ID:EaRTB6E+0
Now that we’re hearing the true story, is it alright if I take off my pants for real?

186:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:12:44.29ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi guided me to an elevator.
Aoi: “Ryotaro♪”
Me: “Yes?”
I looked towards Aoi, and at that moment,
She kissed me…
Me: “Huh?”
Before I could even processed what happened, she put her arm behind my head and kissed me even deeper.
I back peddled until my back hit the wall of the elevator and then I sank to the ground.
Then Aoi started touching my nether regions.
My first kiss…and the first time a girl touched me there…both of them…

189:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:13:14.92ID:EaRTB6E+0
Kayo! He’s over here! lol

195:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:13:58.48ID:2xeBEoZX0

197:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:14:05.99ID:pHCnC5Mi0
If a virgin goes to a high-priced soapland…
I guess it’s expected his life would get thrown into chaos.

252:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:21:10.45ID:NMCf6g/e0
The feel of her lips was so warm…and soft lol
I know my first kiss doesn’t really mean that much but,
I imagined Kayo’s face in my mind…
But, Kayo has kissed a lot of people too…
lots and lots of strange men…
After having my first real kiss, even considering the situation I was in, I started to get depressed lol
Aoi: “We’re here~”
We entered the room.
There’s a bath and a bed.
This really is a soapland…
I sat down on the bed. ‘Calm down, calm down, it’ll be fine if you just start acting awkward.’
I repeated that to myself.
If this really was my first time I probably would have been panicking for real.
But after all of my interactions with Kayo, I had started to become more masculine,
so even though I didn’t want to do it, ‘it’ was standing.

269:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:26:05.12ID:EaRTB6E+0
The true story is 18+ lol

262:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:24:35.07ID:30QkEDyt0
It’s rare that you end up living happily ever after with the person you lose your virginity to, so get rid of it here!

266:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:25:37.90ID:7Qz3zOCF0
I agree.

273:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:26:52.55ID:NMCf6g/e0
I had only ever been to Kayo’s store,
so I thought if I started with some small talk,
I could transition into complete panic.
But I was wrong.
As I was trying to calm down after sitting on the bed, Aoi sat down right next to me.
As she smiled at me she pulled my pants down and opened her mouth…
I lasted about 5 seconds lol
Me: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??”

278:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:27:35.71ID:EaRTB6E+0
Right away lollllll

281:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:28:26.08ID:JuxZxMdU0

276:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:27:14.13ID:xEF7A0O80
Damn you Shinsaku! What did you do with my cute Ryotaro’s virginity!

306:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:31:21.81ID:NMCf6g/e0
2 hours later…
Shinsaku: “How was it??? It was amazing!! The best!! HA HA HA!! Do you want to go get some sushi?”
My eyes had rape written in them.

308:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:31:55.95ID:YaYHnq810
Whatttt lolllll

310:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:31:56.78ID:dDwhrfOy0
Don’t stop in the middle!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

313:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:32:04.18ID:EaRTB6E+0
Shinsaku is so lively lol
You’re still a virgin though right? Right?

323:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:32:40.97ID:uedpCYHh0
You’re a liar! There’s no way a guy who just got a BJ from a beautiful big-breasted girl would have rape written in his eyes! Liar!

326:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:32:46.62ID:3nxVULNF0
Would it be correct to say you enjoyed it a little?…(´・ω・`)

333:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:33:26.30ID:EaRTB6E+0
You got some more experience points right? lol

365:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:38:04.55ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “I don’t know if I can face Kayo anymore… I know it would be rude to you, especially since you payed 100 thousand yen, but I wasn’t planning on doing anything there…”
Shinsaku: “…”
Me: “But that Aoi girl did her best for me,and I felt like I had to give in. I feel so guilty.”
Shinsaku: “But, it felt good right?”
Me: “Yeah, I can’t deny that…”
Shinsaku: “And now you’re finally ready to go out with Kayo right?”
Me: “Huh?”
Shinsaku: “You understand what Kayo’s personality is like now right?”
Me: “…”
Shinsaku: “You’ve never had sex or been in love.”
Shinsaku: “You realized how withdrawn Kayo is around you right? Even more than you were today, you realize that right?”

372: 忍法帖【Lv=15,xxxPT】 :2011/10/28(金) 00:39:09.97ID:RGJCARZI0
I get it now.

375:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:39:23.08ID:EaRTB6E+0
Shinsaku, you beautiful bastard.
I have no idea if this was a good method or not though lol

393:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:41:16.16ID:M9N6mOmYi
I see…
He didn’t take you to Yoshiwara just to have fun lol Shinsaku is so cool…

371:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:39:09.73ID:+fr6SQGk0
Shinsaku is too clever.

377:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:39:32.24ID:XM3y68820
Shinsaku, how can you get any cooler.

387:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:40:39.13ID:LyeJIl4T0
Shinsaku had everything planned from the start lol.

396:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:41:47.08ID:NMCf6g/e0
Shinsaku: “I thought that even if you guys got together, there was no way it would last.”
Me: “…”
Shinsaku: “Keeping a relationship going is infinitely harder than starting one.”
Me: “…”
Shinsaku: “Did you have confidence that you’d never attack Kayo over the fact that she worked at a brothel?
Even if you didn’t do it directly or on purpose, do you think you’d never touch on the subject?”
When Aoi kissed me I had thought about how many guys Kayo must have kissed working at the brothel and it was depressing.
I also remembered feeling jealous, or a feeling like that, when I first met Kayo.

418:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:45:30.67ID:+fr6SQGk0
Honestly, I can sympathize with what you’re feeling Ryotaro.
I’ve had times where I’ve been consumed by that kind of jealousy.

426:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:46:28.05ID:3nxVULNF0
Me too.

427:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:47:04.72ID:NMCf6g/e0
Shinsaku: “Why didn’t you have sex with Kayo even though you had so many chances to?”
Me: “I’m a virgin…but that’s not an excuse…I just didn’t have any confidence.”
Shinsaku: “No, being a virgin can be an excuse. When I asked the president of a company I knew about that kind of stuff he said,
in the old days, they had things built in to society so a man could have his first-time.”
Me: “Really?”
Shinsaku: “Brothels used to be place for turning boys into men.”
Me: “I see…”
Shinsaku: “Kayo is so single-minded it’s almost scary, and on top of that, she has absolutely no self-confidence.
She has absolutely no will of her own, which is why even though Bones forced her to have sex, she did so much to make him happy.”
Me: “…”

447:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:51:33.73ID:NMCf6g/e0
Shinsaku: “In order to make her happy, you can’t be pure or platonic.
I mean, even though Bones cheated on her all the time she was still there for him right?”
Me: “Yeah, even though he was such a playboy why didn’t she break up with him? I’ll never cheat on her again.”
Shinsaku: “Leaving aside whether or not a brothel counts as cheating, I really do think you’re the type that would never cheat on her. In which case, that would mean that Kayo would be the only woman you would have ever known, and the would become a burden on her.”
Me: “Huh? What do you mean?”

489:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:57:29.04ID:upWM044+0
Shinsaku is a con man too…
I understand he’s trying to lighten Ryotaro’s psychological burden but,
I think the pure Ryotaro would have been better in other ways!
I don’t have the confidence to actually give that advice though lol

501:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 00:59:42.87ID:JuxZxMdU0
I don’t think you’re wrong, but I couldn’t say it either.
And that’s why Shinsaku gets the mark of approval, he has the courage to actually say those kinds of things.

502:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 00:59:52.42ID:NMCf6g/e0
Shinsaku: “From my viewpoint, Kayo is a bit of an idiot, but she’ll never betray anyone,
she really is a good woman, but she has requirements.”
Me: “Requirements?”
Shinsaku: “Without each other men and women can’t become their best. Ryotaro, you have to guide her to become a good woman.”
Me: “Yeah, I kind of got that feeling too.”
Shinsaku: “She’s the type that can’t decide things for herself. And if ends up choosing wrong, she’ll end up going full force down the wrong path. That’s why you have to decide for her. In that “Follow me!” kind of way.
But right now you’re lost too and always saying things like “Kayo is…Kayo is…”
There’s no way your relationship will last.”

511:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:00:54.62ID:EaRTB6E+0
Shinsaku, you have too many experience points lol

504:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:00:23.12ID:L+XUFJjl0
My virgin mind can’t comprehend what Shinsaku is saying.

509:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:00:54.11ID:q7Grdi9v0

513:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:01:47.82ID:ZK7VtGiWO
Hey brothers.

522:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 01:05:32.21ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “I get it lol”
Shinsaku: “Huh? You suddenly started smiling (laugh)”
Me: “In other words, if I wanted to remain a virgin and wanted things to go well with Kayo,
I would have to be the type of man that would have refused to go to Yoshiwara with you no matter what you said,
even if it met cutting ties with you all together.”
Shinsaku: “Well…yeah…that’s true…ha ha…but…that’s kind of mean… But as expected of the man I respect.”
Me: “I’ll definitely make Kayo happy, and you’ll always be my best friend Shinsaku. Is there anything else I need to add?”
Shinsaku: “Nah, you got it (laughing)”
Me: “Alright, then lets go eat some sushi, I’ll make sure to repay you for this someday too. So for the time being, I’ll fully accept your generosity lol.”
Shinsaku: “Got it (laughing).”
I finally felt like I learned how to deal with Shinsaku.
But of course, it’ll still be millenniums before I can match him lol

528:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:07:28.03ID:QCNCumox0
“Well…yeah…that’s true…”
Why is Shinsaku so cute…

534:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 01:09:04.51ID:NMCf6g/e0
Afterwards Shinsaku talked about why he respected me.
It wasn’t just because I was a fan of Shiba Ryotaro.
Shinsaku really is a scary person…
Tomorrow I’ll write the last part of this story.
Final Chapter “A Date with Kayo.”

545:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:10:33.62ID:UGKhlKSN0
Have a good rest.
I’m looking forward to the final chapter!

563:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:11:59.07ID:vprYbklt0
Hey, this is going to have a happy ending right?
If not, I don’t think I’ll be able to go on living…

568:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 01:12:14.28ID:NMCf6g/e0
Becoming like Shinsaku was now a goal of mine,
especially after everything that happened.
I thought I’d never be a match for him but,
when I thought about breaking ties with him for Kayo’s sake…
I think I learned how to deal with him a little bit.
Compared to the sense of growth I felt after overcoming Bones and the Scout,
I felt like learning to deal with Shinsaku was worth so much more.
That’s why my life changed lol

578:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:13:29.83ID:GNfoja6V0
Breaking off ties with Shinsaku for Kayo’s sake?

605:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:17:38.96ID:a87A1uW10
He means that for the sake of the person he loves he would break a promise between men.
“In other words, if I wanted to remain a virgin and wanted things to go well with Kayo,
I would have had to be a man that would have refused to go to Yoshiwara with you no matter what you said,
even if it met cutting ties with you all together.”
Pretty much what he said earlier.

613:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:18:54.88ID:3nxVULNF0
So no matter what happened it would have worked out fine~
Shinsaku knew that already right?

618:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 01:20:33.94ID:EaRTB6E+0
Yeah, as expected of Shinsaku, he’s a man to be feared.

599:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 01:16:08.55ID:NMCf6g/e0
This was a discussion that happened later, but in order to protect things important to me
I would challenge people I was no match for, that was one of the things that Shinsaku respected about me.
We also talked about how sometimes that person would be Shinsaku.
After all, I didn’t actually want to go to a soapland.
But even after what happened, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say no to Shinsaku.

130:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 20:46:26.15ID:NMCf6g/e0
Good evening.
Today I was going to write about the final chapter, “A Date with Kayo”,
but before that there’s something else I have to write about.
I thought about it a lot, it has to do with the “I Went to a Brothel and My Life Changed: The True Story”
I didn’t actually tell the whole story because of how disappointed everyone was with me lol
That’s why the timeline in the last post felt so unnatural.
Plus, even though I titled it ‘The True Story’, the story I told didn’t really do that title justice.
What happened during those ‘missing two hours’ wasn’t a huge thing but,
If I don’t write about what happened to me during that time, then I can’t write about “A Date with Kayo” either.

140:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 20:50:54.24ID:NMCf6g/e0
Honestly after seeing everyone’s reactions I was scared.
I’m still scared even now, but unless I write about it you guys won’t be able to understand everything that happened to me that day.
So, I’m going to write about it.
What happened during those ‘missing two hours’ changed something inside of me and changed my life.
What happened went on to affect my work and my position in life, but more than anything, it changed my personality.
Rather, it changed the way I lived.
That’s why I called it the “I Went to a Brothel and My Life Changed: The True Story”
With that, let’s begin.

151:Manager:2011/10/28(金) 20:54:22.81ID:UCIMsLMhP
I’m the manager of a brothel, and there are tons of things I hate about this job, but listening to this story has motivated me to do my best again.
Thank you.

163:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 20:59:12.99ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “Wait! Wait! Wait!”
What is this feeling!! It feels way to good lolll
Aoi: “Huh? What’s wrong? (smile)”
Aoi had a mischievous expression on her face as she looked up at me.
I started to pull my pants up.
Me: “Please wait! This is my first time (actually, is it my first time?) at a place like this…”
Aoi: “Really? How cute! (smile)”
Me: “No, I…”
Aoi: “Then just leave everything to me~”
Me: “Wait! You don’t have to provide me with any service today.”
Aoi: “Huh? Why? (troubled expression)”
Me: “This might not be the right place to talk about it but..”
I took about 30 minutes to tell Aoi about everything that had happened recently.
It might not be a story that I should really tell people, but maybe because of the place I was in
I felt like I could talk about it. Also, this was the first time I had told anyone else so it helped me organize my thoughts about everything that happened as well.

178:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:04:54.83ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “What a pure love~”
Me: “Exactly. That’s why, even though it’s rude to Shinsaku…”
Aoi: “Why? You can’t find friends like that anymore!”
Me: “That’s why I decided to just chat a little bit and then go home lol”
Aoi: “…”
Aoi took a cigarette out of her bag and lit it.
She exhaled a puff of smoke.
Aoi: “You’re missing the point.”
What? Her voice completely changed in an instant…
Aoi: “You really don’t understand anything…”

180:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:06:06.91ID:ACbfBRlU0
Seems like Aoi is actually older than Ryotaro.

183:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:08:05.56ID:ZRK3M3fU0
What? In my head I had already given Aoi the voice of a cute little girl from an anime…

188:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:08:52.79ID:5MzRXYHq0
Same here.

189:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:09:03.65ID:Nyc0fIK20
Me too.

200:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:12:15.43ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “First of all, you can’t break your promise with Shinsaku right?”
Me: “Huh? But…”
Aoi: “What? Are you going to break it?”
Me: “Like I said, I just made a girlfriend…”
Aoi: “But you made a promise with Shinsaku first right? And if it hadn’t been for Shinsaku that Kayo girl never would have become your girlfriend right?”
Me: “…but, even if you say that…”
Aoi: “And if you really didn’t want to do this, you should have manned up and told Shinsaku that you weren’t going to come right? Instead, you’re just making him waste all of this money.”
Me: “…it was because I promised him…”
Aoi: “So what? You’re just going to pretend to fulfill that promise?”
Me: “…”
Aoi: “Shinsaku brought you here so you’ll have the courage to have sex with that Kayo girl, you understand at least that much right!?”
Me: “I had an inkling…”
Aoi: “In that case, keep our promise to Shinsaku, do your best with that Kayo girl and just don’t mention what happened today to her. If you do that there’s no problem right?”

206:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:13:57.27ID:imtmnZej0
Aoi has too many experience points too.

202:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:13:16.43ID:KICepNho0
What? A woman is speaking logically? Something’s wrong.

211:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:14:37.98ID:W3hJGodb0
You’re right! lol

225:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:18:06.53ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “And if you’re really adamant about not doing this, you should go to Shinsaku and beg him on your knees to forgive you, and if he still doesn’t let you off the hook, cut off all ties with him.”
Me: “Whaaaa? Why do I have to go that far…”
Aoi: “It’s because you’re indecisive. You want to look good in front of Shinsaku and Kayo right? But if you keep trying to please both of them, someday you’ll lose them both.”
Me: “…”
Aoi: “That Bones guy is a good example, in the end he didn’t get any money and he lost Kayo.”
Me: “Ah!”
Aoi: “If you can’t have both, you have to cherish and protect one. That way, at least you’ll be able to keep one of them.”
Me: “But, I can’t choose between them!”
Aoi: “If it was that easy to choose things in life no one would suffer. But there are times when you have to choose one or the other!”
Me: “…”
Aoi: “But, well, this time it isn’t that serious (laugh)”

230:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:19:46.47ID:1yYlQ0xB0
Aoi is so mature lol

237:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:21:07.22ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “Aoi, how old are you?”
Aoi: “Huh? Me? How old do you think I am?”
Me: “Uh, 23 or 24?”
Aoi: “Too bad, I’m 32.”
Me: “What~?”
What??? No way!!! She’s 3 years older than me? I don’t see it all!!!
Aoi: “And you? 24, 25?”
Me: “I’m 29…”
Aoi: “Oh, we’re unexpectedly close ha ha ha”

247:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:22:47.96ID:KICepNho0

243:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:22:32.14ID:8tUr97Um0
Me: “I’m 9…”

251:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:23:00.34ID:GNfoja6V0
Forgive him already.

261:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:24:37.24ID:S3rFHt1f0
This reminds me of the genius girl from ’81 Diver’ lol

277:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:27:50.89ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “A 29 year-old guy with a 19 year-old girl…I get it…your pride is part of the problem (laughing)”
Me: “…”
Aoi: “You’re worried about a lot of things right? She has lots of experience, even if she didn’t have a lot of boyfriends she was involved in this sort of business. And since you’re a virgin you’re embarrassed and have no idea what to do.”
She was exactly right.
I don’t want to look lame in front of Kayo…
Especially since I was so forceful when I confessed my feelings to her, if afterwards when it came to sex and I was all like
“What? Huh?”
I didn’t want her to see that side of meeeeee!!

281:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:28:37.60ID:MYziJ2Do0
I understand. I completely understand.

282:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:28:57.64ID:CgBpuTkA0
First Ryotaro met Shinsaku.
This time it’s Aoi bearing the Tokugawa family crest.
It really is the days spent in the dark, the Bakumatsu Period lol
[Translator’s Note: The Bakumatsu Period of history ended when the Tokugawa family took control of the government.]

305:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:34:44.87ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “Sex is really important. There are couples that have stayed together against all logic just for sex.”
Me: “There are actually people like that?”
Aoi: “You didn’t even know that much? Have you ever seen Evangelion?”
Me: What? No, I mean, yes I’ve seen it.”
Aoi: “I love that anime, but that Shinji is the worst.”
Me: “Huh? Why?”
Aoi: “Rei was a special case, but if Shinji had acted properly, he could have made Asuka happy.”
Me: “I see…”
Aoi: “When Asuka said “Kiss me!” Why didn’t Shinji do it!? It’s because he had feelings for Rei and Misato too! So Asuka said “If you won’t become entirely mine than I don’t need you!” right?”
Me: “Ah, I see…”
Aoi: “Asuka wanted to someone to hold her and lead her. Kaji had a relationship with Misato so she realized that he couldn’t be that for her.”
Aoi kept ranting about Evangelion lollll

313:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:36:54.27ID:CgBpuTkA0
Aoi’s a Evangelion otaku? lolllllllllllll

323:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:39:09.28ID:kQEX678c0
Hearing an analysis of Evangelion at a brothel.
It’s revolutionary!

324:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:39:10.47ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “Asuka was going through puberty so she was interested in sex, so if Shinji had stopped messing around and became the type of man that could embrace Asuka and have sex with her, Asuka would have become happy! Asuka wanted to be needed by someone!!!”
Me: “…”
Aoi: “But instead he did what? He came on her in a hospital room? There are limits to how horrible a person can be! You know that almost no girls are fans of Shinji right?”
Me: (I wonder…Is that true? lol)
Aoi: “And no matter how I look at it, that Kayo girl is the same. She’s the type of person that wants to be needed by someone else. I mean, she was even willing to work at a brothel because of that. In the old days there were girls like that right? That’s why if you keep hesitating like you are right now, even though you could be happy you won’t be.”
Evangelion is so deep…it’s too deep!!!

337:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:42:09.11ID:CgBpuTkA0
Going to a brothel and getting scolded by the girl using Evangelion.
As expected of Ryotaro lollll

345:Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:43:35.10ID:NMCf6g/e0
Aoi: “I used to be an Asuka cosplayer so I started to understand her feelings (laugh).”
Me: “I see…”
Aoi: “But more importantly, do you understand what I’m trying to say?”
Me: “Kind of…no, I understand!”
Aoi: “Alright, than leave everything to me!”
Me: “What?”
Aoi: “Are you still going to act like that? You’re a man right?”
Me: “I am! (Wait, what…?)”
Aoi: “Then leave everything to me, I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know (smile)”
Me: (what…)

346:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 21:43:45.64ID:CgBpuTkA0
Virgin become a legend~♪
[Translator’s Note: This is a play on words on the lyrics from Evangelion’s theme song.]

360: Ryotaro◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(金) 21:59:18.12ID:NMCf6g/e0
And then this leads to the date with Kayo.

438:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 22:00:24.81ID:GQaKn7S20
It’s finally here!

441:Anonymous:2011/10/28(金) 22:00:46.60ID:SEEEiUBR0
The last chapter YEAHHHHHH━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!


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