Chapter 4-1

479:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:09:05.48ID:NMCf6g/e0
I’m finally at the last chapter,
“A Date with Kayo”
I could finally meet with Kayo without worrying about her past, my complexes, Bones, the Scout, or Shinsaku
But there were some other unforeseen troubles lol
Still, no major events happened during this time so this post will read more like an epilogue.

456:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:04:17.48ID:NMCf6g/e0
It started with me wanting to understand Kayo more.
I had talked with Kayo a lot about what she’s done since she came to Tokyo, and I learned she hasn’t really done anything fun.
That’s why just going out drinking with me was fun for her.
Other than that, Bones took her to the movies once,
but he fell asleep halfway through!
So I decided to take her out on a date!
I wanted it to be a super fun and memorable one!!
After all, it was like she was on vacation everyday now.
That and I understood her personality a bit more now.
That’s why I’d be aggressive this time (that sounds kinda weird)
I wouldn’t say something like “Let’s go out again sometime” like I had before,
I’d just say “Let’s go to xxx tomorrow!!”
Also, Kayo barely has any clothes.
Since we were finally going on a date, I decided I would buy some clothes for her!
I didn’t even care if I used up all my savings!!
I wanted to give her a present that would make her happy!!
I wouldn’t let her refuse by saying something like “But I’d feel bad..”!!
After all, it has nothing to do with right and wrong, it’s an expression of my feelings for Kayo!

477:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:08:49.90ID:TN6Zu9vb0
You’re enjoying youth to the fullest! I’m jealous!

484:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:10:32.51ID:90MznyZl0
Brothel girls are teaching you all the things they never taught you in school!

511:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:15:49.77ID:NMCf6g/e0
After withdrawing all my savings I had about 200 thousand yen.
As long as I have enough to survive until next payday I’ll be fine.
And I decided I would surprise her with Shinpri!
In other words, Shingawa Prince Hotel, the place Shinsaku told me about.
It has an aquarium, a theme park, a dolphin show, and a beautiful view at night.
When I looked up reservations on the internet, it was actually pretty cheap!!
Reserving online I got a room the 36th floor for only 170 thousand yen!!!
It’s cheap if you compare it to the 180 thousand yen I spent at Kayo’s brothel! Is it weird to compare it to that?

518:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:17:20.18ID:W3hJGodb0
Aren’t you a digit off?

526:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:18:24.99ID:LlOQPtGk0
His perception of money is becoming like Shinsaku’s lolll

531:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:19:14.50ID:cArZiqTS0
170 thousand yen!!!

534:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:19:53.34ID:NMCf6g/e0
Sorry, I meant 17 thousand yen lolll

542:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:21:29.93ID:cArZiqTS0
Now I understand why Shinsaku said you were careless.

555:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:23:45.18ID:NMCf6g/e0
I sent a message to Kayo.
Me: “Kayo, let’s go on a date tomorrow.”
Kayo: “OK! Where are we going?”
Me: “I’ve already prepared everything, so just leave it to me!”
Kayo: “OK!”
Kayo: “I’m really looking forward to it!”
Kayo: “Good night.”
Me: “Good night.”
The exchange went something like that.

561:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:25:12.77ID:6DOqvEUy0
This is nice.
It’s so heart warming!!
That conversation is so heart-warming!!!

562:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:25:18.04ID:W3hJGodb0
It was a manly way of doing it, it went so smoothly it made me laugh.

560:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:25:08.85ID:GNfoja6V0
You’ve become quite the man!

573:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:26:29.47ID:NMCf6g/e0
So, in my nicest clothes from UNIQLO I waited for Kayo at the train station.
Kayo really is tall! She’s like a tower compared to me.
And he took my feelings into consideration and wasn’t wearing heels.
I also thought about how she only has plain clothes lol
Even then, she was pretty stylish,
but she only has dark-colored clothes.
The first thing on the agenda was to buy her new clothes,
so we headed towards Roppongi Hills.

580:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:27:03.26ID:GNfoja6V0
UNIQLO ? lolll

592:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:28:44.55ID:A1CC1V790
Buy some clothes for yourself too lol

591:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:28:41.40ID:NMCf6g/e0
This was my first time going to Roppongi Hills…
It was amazing…
Where is this? America???
It was amazing.
Kayo stopped in front of a boutique and looked at the clothes through the window.
Me: “Do you want to go in?”
Kayo: “Yeah!”

598:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:30:21.63ID:wwqeX/aC0
Wearing clothes from UNIQLO on a date, as expected of Ryotaro!

601:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:30:35.51ID:QCNCumox0
Buy some clothes for yourself…

602:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:30:59.21ID:lMNH25tgO
Stop dissing UNIQLO !!!

612:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:33:07.00ID:NMCf6g/e0
Kayo’s eyes lit up as she browsed the store.
Kayo: “This is my first time coming to Roppongi Hills too! It’s a wonderful place!”
Kayo: “They even have clothes that fit me!”
I see, it wasn’t just that she didn’t have much money to buy clothes, it was hard to find clothes in her size as well.
Clerk: “How about this one? You have a very nice figure so I think it would match you well.”
The Clerk motioned to a brown colored jacked and shirt.
Kayo: “Hmm…no thanks… I’m just looking.”
Me: “Go to the changing room and try it on.”
Kayo: “Huh?”

616:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:34:37.74ID:MYziJ2Do0
Rather than maturing, it’s more like Ryotaro evolved.

619:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:35:05.94ID:dbYSGc9P0
Thinking about it, going to Roppongi Hills at 19 must be quite an experience.

625:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:36:59.72ID:Z0ucpWbW0
That and they’re 10 years apart.
I’m jealous of Ryotaro.

620:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:35:19.52ID:NMCf6g/e0
I’m still not used to saying things like that though.
I felt like I was forcing myself, but I still managed to say it.
It felt really awkward saying it, but doing this meant that Kayo would have a more enjoyable time.
If it was the old me, I probably would have said something like,
“Are you sure you don’t want to try it on?”

639:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:38:42.86ID:SfE9kPSd0
Ryotaro is doing his best and leading Kayo, it’s commendable.

629:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:37:50.91ID:NMCf6g/e0
Clerk: “Your total is 35 thousand yen.”
Kayo: “…”
As Kayo exited the store,
Kayo: “Why? It’s expensive right?”
Me: “Um… (I couldn’t say something in-line with my new personality loll)”
Me: “I want to make you my personal dress-up doll.”
Kayo: “…What?”

640:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:38:45.88ID:+fr6SQGk0
Kayo: “…What?”
644:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:38:56.66ID:GNfoja6V0
Dress-up doll lollll

645:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:39:07.45ID:vprYbklt0
What are you saying!? lolllll

642:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:38:55.59ID:Z0ucpWbW0
Dress-up doll lollll

664:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:42:03.87ID:OQRp7p2CO
How about we turn you into a dress-up doll too?

672:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:43:02.15ID:5MzRXYHq0
Damnit, I laughed at that lolll

681:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:43:59.01ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “I mean, you’re already beautiful, but I want to see how much more beautiful you can get.”
Kayo: (blush)
Me: “???”
Kayo: (blush)
Me: “??????”
What??? Kayo stopped in her tracks.
I recalled what happened when Shinsaku told Kayo she was beautiful.
She turned bright red in an instant!
It turns out I can do it too lolllll!!!
And it’s so easy to make her blush lol
Is this what a sadist thinks like?
Me: “I mean, you’re so cute I thought…”
Kayo: (blush)
Ha ha! I can do it over and over again lol!!
If I ever get in trouble I can just say things like this lol

697:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:47:07.15ID:A1CC1V790
Welcome to the world of sadists lol

702:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:48:04.68ID:NMCf6g/e0
After that we went to a bunch of different shops and bought Kayo a new outfit.
In my mind I was thinking (it’s so expensive!!)
But I didn’t want Kayo to feel guilty so I said things like
Me: “Wow!! It looks really good on you!” and
Me: “Ah! You’re so bright I can’t look directly at you!”
After I said that, Kayo turned as red as Ishihara Satomi did after she kissed Katori Shingo,
and she won’t say no to anything when she’s like this too!
Cute!!! She’s so cute!!!!
But it was also so entertaining I couldn’t help but contiue to bully her lolll

783:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:02:09.69ID:+fr6SQGk0
Here’s a reference picture

791: 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:04:13.06ID:wK9ssroi0

731:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:53:30.21ID:NMCf6g/e0
At the last store we stopped by, I made her change into the new outfit she had bought.
And as we walked along, we passed by a store that did hair and makeup.
I forced Kayo to go in.’
Me: “When you’re done send me a message, I’ll be wandering around till then.”
I started to wander around Roppongi Hills by myself…but I had nowhere to go loll
But the feeling of happiness I had, it felt more real now that I was by myself.
I think part of it was the fact that this was my first real date.
After about an hour I got a message from Kayo so I headed back to the shop.
She was gorgeous! I think she had eye-liner and mascara on?
The make-up accented her eyes.
And her lips were red? They even seemed like they were sparkling a little…
Her make-up was a little flashy, but it matched her clothes really well.
She was so beautiful it made me a little uneasy…
Am I good enough for this girl? It was that kind of uneasiness…
But she was able to become serious even with a guy like Bones so I’d probably be ok lol
What a pathetic way of convincing myself…
But at some point, she’s definitely going to attract a lot of playboys.
What should I do then?
That fear would become a reality.

741:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:55:34.07ID:0dnH2w0f0
Is this going to end with Ryotaro getting hit on?

745:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:56:00.44ID:3g+HgBRe0
That’s definitely not going to happen.

751:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 22:57:09.97ID:vsEfe1U30
Earlier you said nothing major happened right?

766:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 22:59:13.83ID:NMCf6g/e0
When I came back from the bathroom a foreigner was talking to Kayo.
He was gigantic! Well, I don’t really know what the average height is for foreigners but this guy was about 185cm.
And unlike Bones, he actually had muscle!!
Plus he looked like Logan from Dark Angel!!!
They looked perfect together!!!
If I went over there right now…
Logan (185cm), Kayo (175cm with shoes), Me (163cm). It’d be like Do♪Re♪Mi lol
I didn’t know how I should approach them…lol

771:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:00:15.28ID:GNfoja6V0
Do♪Re♪Mi♪ lollll

785:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:03:12.01ID:NMCf6g/e0
But Kayo spotted me so I had to go over.
I wasn’t a match for the foreigner though,
When I went over, rather than being annoyed, he smiled, shook my hand, and then left.
After that Kayo said,
Kayo: “That was so scary~”
Are you from the countryside? lol

795:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:06:26.42ID:NMCf6g/e0
While she was saying ‘That was scary~’ she clung to my arm.
I had given myself the goal of holding her hand while we were walking, and with this I managed to reach it easily.
I was in heaven.

798:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:07:19.42ID:Qylg4gRE0
I’m so jealous…

800:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:07:31.16ID:7/0S0PD70
I’m starting to get angry…

805:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:08:08.31ID:1Qb7L7vc0
Die! Die! Die!

807:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:08:32.37ID:NMCf6g/e0
Since it was starting to get dark, we decided to go to the aquarium.
We made our way towards Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
After we got into the aquarium, I didn’t have to worry about what to talk about with Kayo,
Once we got it, she just stared at the fish.
Actually, she was staring at them so intensely it was kind of hard to talk to her lol
Because of that, we didn’t really talk while we were there.
Even though all the other couples were chatting as they walked around the aquarium.
Kayo would stop and stare at each tank for a couple of minutes before moving to the next.
I don’t have anything to do lol
Kayo: “It’s amazing that they have aquariums like this Tokyo.”
Kayo finally spoke.
Kayo: “This is my first time at an aquarium, I love it!”
Me: “Really?”
That made me happy, it didn’t matter that we didn’t talk the entire time.

818:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:10:20.79ID:ACbfBRlU0
If some says they ‘loved it’ it makes you feel good about taking them there.

812:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:09:27.32ID:W3hJGodb0
I didn’t know there were aquariums in Tokyo.

815:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:10:04.87ID:GNfoja6V0
There’s one at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro too.

819:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:10:52.43ID:NMCf6g/e0
When we walked through the acrylic pipe and had sharks and all other kinds of fish swimming above our heads, Kayo looked all around her with eyes full of wonder.
After we passed through the acryllic pipe we arrived at the area for the dolphin show.
For the show they have several dolphins and a small whale doing all sorts of tricks.
I highly recommend it!
Kayo became silent once again, she didn’t even blink as she watched the show.
I couldn’t even tell if she was enjoying the show, it looked more like she was analyzing it lol
She was staring so intently, I wanted to see what would happened if I poked her, right when I touched her, her body jerked so much it scared me a bit.
Why are you apologizing Kayo lol

825:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:12:01.11ID:vprYbklt0
Everything Kayo does is cute.

820:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:11:00.65ID:ybz5U0Dd0
Did Kayo grow up in a place that wasn’t near the ocean?

828:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:13:04.02ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “You’re not allowed to apologize anymore Kayo!”
I said something uncharacteristic of me after seeing Kayo like that,
but because I did that, Kayo smiled in a way I had never seen before.
Kayo: “This was so fun, thank you so much for today.”
Me: “Do you not go out a lot?”
Kayo: “Yeah, when I lived in the country-side we didn’t have places like this nearby, I didn’t have much money either.”
Kayo: “And in the time I’ve been here, I’ve only really gone to see a movie.”
Me: “Alright, then I’ll take you around to a lot of different places from now on!”
Kayo: “Yay!”
Kayo’s eyes were sparkling.
It seemed like Kayo was finally starting to get over the events that had happened in the past few days.

829:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:13:24.10ID:A1CC1V790
I’m really happy that everything is going so well for you, but I’m really jealous too.
…Hello? Is this where I can order a wall to punch?

838:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:14:55.09ID:NMCf6g/e0
We had dinner at the restaurant that’s on the top floor of Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
We had the ‘Top of Shinagawa Court’ course menu.
If you make a reservation at the restaurant and book a room at the same time online you get a discount.
After I met Kayo I checked love hotels on the internet too lol
The cost for staying here wasn’t that much more than a high-class love hotel,
And the course only cost about 5 thousand yen
By the way, even though I rented a room,
I hadn’t told Kayo about it yet.
I had stayed at Kayo’s place before,
but staying together at a hotel was on a completely different level.
I told her about it while we were eating,
if she agreed to it, it was pretty much the same thing as agreeing to having our first time together too.
Me: “It really wasn’t that expensive, don’t worry about it.”
Kayo: “But…I still feel bad…”
You’re supposed to be happy about it! lol
But I’ve gotten used to Kayo’s reactions.

852:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:18:39.27ID:upWM044+0
She’s a pure kid who hasn’t experienced that many things, so you have to make sure you step up and take care of her Ryotaro.

864:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:21:34.48ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “Um…I…I reserved a room here.”
Kayo: “Isn’t this place really expensive?”
Me: “No, compared to a br (othel…) I mean, it’s pretty cheap! (that was close lol)”
Kayo: “We’re going to stay here…?”
Me: “If that’s ok…(this isn’t how you’re supposed to say it!!!) the view at night is really pretty.”
Kayo: “I want to see it~”
Me: “Yeah…so…should we stay the night? (Crap, I just look like a perverted old man right now lol)”
Kayo: “Yeah, let’s stay the night! Yaaay!”
Thank God she’s so innocent
870:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:22:51.24ID:2xeBEoZX0

885:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:24:50.93ID:W3hJGodb0
Damn it, she’s so cute.

886:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:25:02.50ID:QCNCumox0
You’re acting like one of those creepy old guys from a manga.

906:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:28:21.12ID:NMCf6g/e0
After we checked in and got in the elevator Kayo started getting a bit fidgety.
It’s pretty easy to get that way when you’re alone in an elevator together lol
It was obvious Kayo was really nervous.
When we got into the room she ran to the window to see the view.
Kayo: “It’s so beautiful~”
Next she looked around the room.
It was a really nice room.
It looked something like this?
But after she finished checking out the night view and the room, she became silent.
Even I could tell how nervous she was lol
Me: “Shall we take a bath? (smile)”
Kayo: (blush)

910:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:29:24.18ID:W3hJGodb0
Even though she’s an experienced brothel girl, cuuuute!!!

919:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:30:19.29ID:HiDWMGqZ0
It’s a completely 180 from when you first met.

922:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:30:38.39ID:KICepNho0
Damn it, in the begining you hyperventilated!

908:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:29:18.16ID:wwqeX/aC0
She’s blushing again!!!

912:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:29:29.81ID:A1CC1V790
Hello? I’d like to add metal knuckles to my order for a wall to punch.

941:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:32:48.25ID:NMCf6g/e0
Seeing Kayo act so nervous made me more confident about my actions.
As expected of me.
If the people around me start acting weaker I get stronger.
Kayo sat on the bed.
I sat down next to her.
Me: “We’re finally alone.”
Kayo: (blush)
Earlier I was kind of joking when I said Kayo Kayo turned as red as Ishihara Satomi did after she kissed Katori Shingo,
but because Kayo is so pale, when she blushes she becomes unbelievably red lol
Kayo, can I kiss you? but I should be able to kiss her without asking,
but it’s so scarrryyyy

944:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:33:52.66ID:2xeBEoZX0
This is the true Ryotaro.

946:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:34:21.27ID:GNfoja6V0
Even though you’re an amateur virgin lol

949:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:34:30.17ID:EaRTB6E+0
Virgin— lol

951:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:34:36.78ID:5GMFYm/Q0
If you ask her I think her entire body will become red.

957:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:34:55.37ID:NMCf6g/e0
I decided not to think about it anymore lol
If you want to do something, you should ask first!
You should definitely ask! It’s no good to force things like this!
Me: “Can I kiss you?”
Kayo: “Huh?”
As she said that she looked up at me.
She gave a slight nod.

968:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:35:52.81ID:W3hJGodb0
Should it be ‘she looked down at me’?

976:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:36:37.28ID:EaRTB6E+0
Ryotaro definitely has a boner lol

992:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:38:06.47ID:NMCf6g/e0
Kayo closed her eyes.
and puffed out her lips a little.
It was like she was about to blow on something.
Her lips were in that kind of pouty shape lol
Since I didn’t have the courage or knowledge to french kiss her, I just kissed her on the lips for several seconds.
My heart was pounding, if i had been by myself I probably would have turned towards the mountains and screamed my heart out.
When I looked at Kayo her face was a deep crimson and her eyes were moist, there were tears in her eyes…
Kayo: “I love you (blush)”
I brought my face close once again.
This time I didn’t ask.
This is how you’re supposed to kiss.
Kayo even closed her eyes for me.
Kiss, kiss, kiss, we kissed over and over again.

36:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:41:07.68ID:A1CC1V790
I love you (blush) that has so much destructive power.

43:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:42:35.54ID:vprYbklt0
Yeah, after reading that I lost consciousness for a moment.

47:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:43:07.59ID:NMCf6g/e0
I rubbed her head.
It seemed like Kayo relaxed once I did that.
I decided to go a little further.
I gently pushed her down onto the the bed,
and then started to undress her.
Kayo covered her face with her hands.
Kayo: “Wait, wait, it’s too bright… (blush)”

53:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:44:06.11ID:UGKhlKSN0
(blush) that has so much destructive power.

66:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:44:51.21ID:sfOYp3lY0

73:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:45:11.25ID:QCNCumox0
This isn’t training.
This isn’t training.

71:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:45:08.68ID:KICepNho0
Kayo ⇒ No longer working at a brothel + 8.5 million yen + a good boyfriend
Ryotaro ⇒ No longer a virgin + a good girlfriend
Shinsaku ⇒ Had fun
Scout ⇒ Lost 8.5 million yen, isnt going to jail
Bones ⇒ …
Everyone’s happy!

88:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:46:36.46ID:HiDWMGqZ0
Bones is the only one with rape written in his eyes.

78:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:45:32.79ID:NMCf6g/e0
Kayo: “I…I want to take a shower too…I was sweating a little bit this afternoon…”
Me: “Now that you mention it, I probably sweated a little bit too.”
Kayo: “You’re fine, I don’t mind.”
Me: “Then I don’t mind either…”
Kayo: “Noo~ I want to take a shower~”
Huh? What am I supposed to do?
Should I let her take a shower?
Or does she want me to continue just like this?

82:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:46:10.70ID:2xeBEoZX0
Take a shower together

81:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:45:52.09ID:eoSgHAcO0
They’re definitely having sex tonight.

94:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:47:16.36ID:cAW8yMmu0
Me too. With my right hand.

103:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:47:58.47ID:NMCf6g/e0
Me: “Do you want to go take a shower then?”
She is a girl, and it’s our first time, I guess she’s embarrassed.
I’m making the right decision right?
Kayo gave a small nod and went to the bathroom.
While she was in the bathroom I paced around the room like a bear at a zoo.
I was thinking about how to get the mood back once Kayo had finished showering.
Things had been going so smoothly…
If after she got out of the shower and the mood was dead,
how was I supposed to revive it?

122:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:50:10.08ID:90MznyZl0
You were pacing around the room when you first met Kayo too!

125:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:50:57.22ID:NMCf6g/e0
For the time being, I dimmed the lights in the room.
After awhile, Kayo came out in a robe.
She sat down next to me on the bed.
She started to snuggle up to me.
The mood is back!!!
I pushed Kayo down on the bed once more and undid her robe.
She looked away from me.
Her face was bright red lol, she must have been really embarrassed!
I wonder why the more embarrassed Kayo gets,
the easier it gets for me to act.

137:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:52:25.43ID:HiDWMGqZ0
Rope lol
Are you going to tie her up?
[Translator’s Note: In the original text Ryotaro uses a short-hand to refer to the bathrobe, the shortened spelling can easily be confused with the word for rope in Japanese.]

149:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:53:40.16ID:jyD/yTnZ0
I’m pretty sure he meant bathrobe lol
…a rope would be nice too though.

147:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:53:33.74ID:NMCf6g/e0
This was the first time I had seen Kayo’s breasts.
They were beautiful…
I pressed my lips against her pink nipples
Kayo’s body jerked in reaction, but she continued to look away from me.
I tried sucking on them.
Kayo: “Ahh…”
Something inside me stirred.
I wasn’t going to let anyone else hear this voice except for me from now on.
And I would keep it that way until I died.
Or…so I hoped.

152:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:54:09.46ID:W3hJGodb0
Boobs YEAHHHHH━━━━━━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━━━━━━ !!!!!

160:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:55:10.51ID:KICepNho0
You’re scary Ryotaro, it’s scary that you thought so far ahead while you were sucking her nipples.

171:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:55:55.69ID:EaRTB6E+0
Don’t underestimate the fantasies of a virgin!

172:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:55:59.87ID:A1CC1V790
Our Ryotaro is…

188:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/28(Fri) 23:57:18.76ID:NMCf6g/e0
As gently as I could, as if I was handling something fragile,
I started to run my hands over her body, slowly.
Thank you master…
Kayo’s body starting undulating.
Her stomach was breathtakingly beautiful
Just then,
Kayo: “I…I can feel it.”
she said in a quiet voice.
At that time I didn’t think much of it, but when I talked to Kayo about it later it was actually extremely important.
After that, I laid my body on top of hers.

196:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:58:29.20ID:EaRTB6E+0
Master Aoi lolll

200:Anonymous:2011/10/28(Fri) 23:58:46.38ID:KICepNho0
In other words, Kayo had never felt anything before?
Considering she went from being raped by Bones to working at a brothel, I guess it’s not unreasonable.

235:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 00:01:24.03ID:NMCf6g/e0
When I started to move Kayo arched her back.
When I moved again Kayo let out her voice.
Every time I started moving I got a little more confident because Kayo reacted to every move I made.
Kayo’s body started to become covered in sweat,
Even then, everything about her was beautiful.
I embraced her with all my strength.
And she embraced me too.

244:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:02:05.42ID:2xeBEoZX0

245:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:02:05.78ID:KICepNho0
Don’t make that sound!

246:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:02:06.21ID:ZRK3M3fU0
Ahhh lol

270:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:03:21.35ID:dk3i4fDL0
You’re not supposed to cum first!

286:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:04:14.97ID:wwqeX/aC0
Ryotaro Ahhh lol

319:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 00:06:54.21ID:VXBV8rCr0
Kayo: “I love you…(tears) I love you.”
Me: “I love you too (tears)”
We cried together.
We had sex while crying.
More than feeling happy, I felt like I was connected to her.
We weren’t doing this just for pleasure.
I wasn’t really sure when I was supposed to, how do you say, ejaculate?
It felt really good so I was doing my best to resist ending early.
At one point, Kayo pulled herself really close to me and started shivering.
I think she came.
And right after that I did too.
After that we kissed each other.
Then looked at each other smiling.
This feeling of love!!! It’s too much!!!

326:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:07:55.26ID:q0/Uh39A0

328:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:08:02.73ID:0SsM/iTf0
I came~

330:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:08:10.76ID:sbNRwPaB0

340:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:08:56.47ID:SnsEMe6i0
It’s not fair…

351:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:09:44.77ID:+CJr3/R10
This is the greatest thread Ahh’ve ever read.

374:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:10:58.68ID:cNvP4eGy0
Stop saying such clever things…

381:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:11:32.74ID:VEd36BTs0
I want to experience that kind of sex! Damn it!

392:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:12:17.05ID:CTsnMIpO0
What’s with this thread, it’s killing so many sperm.

439:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 00:15:28.80ID:VXBV8rCr0
Afterwards we had some pillow talk.
I really felt like saying ‘Please marry me’
as expected of someone who was a virgin until just a little while ago, way too fast lol
I never thought I would treasure something like this so much,
Embracing each other countless time just because we felt like it,
and kissing each other.
And as we did things like that we welcomed the morning.
We had coffee together that morning.
And that concludes this story about Kayo.
The days after that many other things happened.
But that’s pretty much all there is to say about this story, I’ll just write a bit more to clarify some things I wrote about earlier.
They’re not really important so it doesn’t really matter if you read it or not.
Thank you everyone for reading my story!

448:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:16:15.11ID:3f6bQEFF0

452:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:16:19.78ID:sbNRwPaB0
That’s the end?

454:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:16:26.95ID:q0/Uh39A0
‘many other things happened’!?

638:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 00:28:39.41ID:so/Lg9Hc0
     (~)        ( )
   γ´⌒`ヽ    __( )
    {i:i:i:i:i:i:i:i:}   |;;lヽ::/ コポコポ
   ( ´・ω・)   .|;;| □o
    (:::::::::::::)   .i===i=i
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
     (~)    コーヒー飲む?
   γ´⌒`ヽ     __
    {i:i:i:i:i:i:i:i:}     |;;lヽ::/
   ( ´・ω・`)∫   |;;| □o
    (:::::::::つc□   .i===i=i
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|

861:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 02:23:08.27ID:VXBV8rCr0
I wonder what I should write in the addendum.
It sounds weird to apologize, but I’m sorry that it took so long to finish this post.
I’m sure I’m messing up a lot of people’s sleep schedules.
I haven’t been sleeping much these past few days either. When I first started I thought it would be fairly laid-back.
But lately it’s gotten really tiring to write…
I’ll just take it easy and write at my own pace.

890:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 02:45:28.68ID:XhfIB17S0
First I’ll summarize everyone’s questions.
・What are Kayo, Shinsaku, and I currently doing.
・What are all the reasons that Shinsaku is friends with you.
・How many times have you had sex with Kayo and how many times have you finished inside?
There won’t be any complaints if I write about these right?
・What are Kayo, Shinsaku, and I currently doing.
Right now Shinsaku and I are working together.
・How many times have you had sex with Kayo and how many times have you finished inside?
I don’t have to answer this loll

863:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 02:25:52.71ID:IOo8Zpz70
Are you still going out wit her?

913:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 03:12:33.97ID:VXBV8rCr0
We’re going to marry soon loll

919:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 03:17:24.96ID:hEP7l8bUO
Really? Marriage?(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ
Hearing that makes me really happy…
I want to go to the wedding ceremony lol

920:Ryotaro ◆wS2fCa8rNY :2011/10/29(Sat) 03:19:21.19ID:VXBV8rCr0
About the reasons Shinsaku is friends with me,
according to him,
“I’m an enabler”
At first I didn’t really understand what he meant but,
if he doesn’t do everything himself he gets annoyed,
and because he is very capable he doesn’t like having other people do things he could do himself.
But he doesn’t have much motivation unless it’s a job he’s passionate about.
However, the ‘passionate’ part is the problem,
he said he’s not very good at finding something he wants to do,
but he said, “If I stick with you, I feel like I’ll find something I can become passionate about.”
Apparently, the incident that happened this time fit the bill perfectly.
He found it interesting how serious I got about helping a girl that was working in a brothel,
so he ended up being able to give it his all when working with me to help her.
He also said that even though I was scared of so many things, I was very honest and true in everything I did.
I guess another way of saying it is, Shinsaku never messes up on the details, but he has trouble finding a goal.
And I don’t know how to do a lot of things, but I always know what the end result should be.
Because of that, in name only, I’m Shinsaku’s boss lol

922:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 03:22:25.32ID:ujNT3Cw40
Shinsaku’s boss lol

925:Anonymous:2011/10/29(Sat) 03:25:54.10ID:/thQhXESP
Don’t you mean Shinsaku’s puppet?


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