Chapter 1

1 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:24:50.30 ID:9ju+h4r2O
So if you send a message to all of the girls in your contact list asking them to go out with you, at least one of them should respond right? Hahaha
I’m going to use myself as a test subject and try it right now, I’ll prove to you guys that this is a fool-proof way to get a girlfriend!!!

2 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:26:05.12 ID:MuX1GX/JO
Send the messages all at once.

3 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:27:14.54 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I will! I have 14 girls in my contact list, I have so many! I’m living life to the fullest!
I’m going start with the girls I don’t care about at all.

4 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:27:20.90 ID:05FbheMiO
Let’s cheer him on!
Bxxbs! Bxxbs!
  _  ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡
 ( ⊂彡
 |  |

6 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:31:07.60 ID:9ju+h4r2O
1 Classmate from high school 1 – Cute – We probably exchanged numbers because of something we had to do for school.
2 Classmate from high school 2 – Ugly – same as above
3 Classmate from high school 3 – Stubborn – same as above
4 Club Upperclassman 1 – B*tch – She nicknamed me ‘shadow’ and makes fun of me all the time.
5 Older sister – 25 years old – A complete slave to the media. Haven’t talked to her in half a year.

I’ll start with these 5, by the way, even if they say yes I’ll reject them hahaha
I really don’t care about these people so I’ll send them a prank message.
I’m counting on you >>12!
[Translator’s Note: When sending prank messages the author will send whatever the is written in post #x. In this the author will send whatever is written in the 12th post in this thread.]

7 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:34:57.60 ID:SVb8gC0r0
That’s an impressive lineup.

9 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:35:34.96 ID:0ImHtjRK0
That’s what I was going to say.

10 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:38:08.17 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I started with the boring ones Sorry!

11 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:40:03.21 ID:9ju+h4r2O
There’s no one here! I’m never going to get to the prank message post.

12 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:42:45.20 ID:lf+O1N6T0
It’s been a long time, but I have something important I want to tell you, do you have time to talk?

14 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:44:54.91 ID:3/ZQrgQIO
There’s no one here!!!

15 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:47:44.87 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Ok I sent it! hahaha
On to the next ones!

6 Classmate from middle school – Super cute – I admire her, but I’m pretty sure she hates me hahaha
7 Classmate from high school 4 – Otaku – My only friend in high school. Into Yaoi stuff.
8 Club underclassman – Normal – Pretty dark. She gets picked on by Upperclassman in club 1 too.
9 Club same year – Normal – She’s kinda cute. Has a boyfriend.
10 Mom – 49 years old – She’s nice to me even though I’m kind of a recluse. She’s a saint.

I’m actually kind of serious about these ones so I’ll write the message this time.
The message is “Sorry about asking this so suddenly but, how do you feel about me?” hahaha

16 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:49:39.02 ID:B5K2m2mJ0
This is going to be good.

17 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:06.14 ID:8KAVp1BN0
Go for it!

18 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:51.39 ID:f8KZKAZq0
You’re sending it to your mom too? lolllll

19 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:57.36 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a response!!!

“Failed to deliver the message to the specified address” hahahaha
I got it from classmate from high school 1 & 2 and my older sister!!! My sister hahahaha

22 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:39.72 ID:mvGzm8EK0
Your sister’s mean! lolll

20 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:15.56 ID:SVb8gC0r0
Who’s next?

21 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:30.22 ID:9ju+h4r2O
This is the last of them, I really like these girls hahaha

11 Club same year 2 – Cute – Even those she’s cute she’s nice to me. She’s a goddess.
12 Club upperclassman 2 – Older sister type – She always listens to my problems and gives me advice.
13 Childhood friend – B*tch – Are houses are close and we go to the same university. She was adorable but ever since middle school she’s become more of a b*tch.
14 Older sister 2 – 22 years old – Athlete. She runs really fast.

That’s everyone! For these ones even if I come on a bit strong it should be ok hahaha
The message I’m sending to them is “I love you”!

23 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:55:35.25 ID:1BDT8eYT0
Did something bad happen to you today >>1?

24 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:55:46.45 ID:SVb8gC0r0
Huh? >>1 is just living life to the fullest right?

25 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:56:59.53 ID:fzGVVIEUO
He’s not doing prank messages anymore…
That aside, >>1 is really worked up.

26 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:57:06.98 ID:9ju+h4r2O
There’s no one here but I’m going to start talking anyways.
I can do this because I’m actually pretty confident about the result!
My childhood friend actually confessed to me before!!! hahaha It happened in primary school!
Girls don’t forget their first love right? So in other words this is like a fixed contest!!! hahahahahahaha
That’s all I wanted to say for now.

27 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:57:57.08 ID:1BDT8eYT0
I thought he was drunk at first, but now I realize he’s just drunk on himself…

28 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:58:09.22 ID:rQ/mC1l80
I like you.

29 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 19:00:11.57 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Too bad for you but I’ve already gotten responses from a couple of people!!!
It’s too troublesome to reply to all of them right away so I’ll share their messages on the thread first and then reply one by one.

30 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:00:22.08 ID:3/ZQrgQIO
Did you get a reply yet?

32 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:01:33.81 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a reply from classmate from high school 1
“Who is this-? (smilie)”
Ahhh, whatever.
I don’t need to reply to this message hahaha

33 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:03:17.23 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a reply from my childhood friend.
[Translator’s note: childhood friend will be shortened to CF from now on.]
“Thank you☆ Do you have the notes for our Civil Law class?”
She’s definitely interested!

35 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:05:29.22 ID:9h7t0zXM0
(^=ω=^) ・・・

34 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:05:10.63 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Reply from Club upperclassman 2
“Huh? Did something happen?”
Why is she dodging the subject…
From same year Club same year2
“Sorry >>45

41 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:13:35.51 ID:1BDT8eYT0

42 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:13:59.57 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Please! Someone write something!!!

44 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:14:17.22 ID:nYXDGHNXO
Wanna do it?

45 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:14:22.23 ID:D14SD0Sr0
If you’re busy, you don’t have to read this message now, I want you to take your time and read this message carefully.
I like you.
Please go out with me.
These are my true feelings, I’m not playing a joke or lying to you.
After you’ve read this message and given it some thought, please send me a reply.

48 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:16:52.63 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Alright, sent!

49 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:17:17.38 ID:m/mP1xNBO
This should be good.

50 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:17:24.09 ID:rJy1P4IXO
I can’t take the suspense!

51 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:17:36.58 ID:xXWGNyOj0
Everyone’s worked up lol

54 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:18:49.82 ID:hw5a82Pb0
I wonder if this will actually lead to something.

56 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:20:08.55 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a reply from Older sister 2!!!
She’s fast! And she’s pissed off hahaha
“Stay right there, I’m coming to beat the shit out of you.”
It went from kicking me to beating the shit out of me hahaha

57 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:21:04.73 ID:D14SD0Sr0
I don’t care if she beats you or kicks you, hurry up and post the replies from the other bitches.

59 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:23:05.46 ID:9ju+h4r2O
They haven’t sent anything yet!
Considering I’m the one who sent the message, it’s no surprise they need some time to think it over.
My reply to Older sister 2 >>65

60 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:23:21.77 ID:m/mP1xNBO
But I love you.

62 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:24:32.68 ID:D14SD0Sr0
Sorry, it was a joke.
You shouldn’t get fooled so easily bitch.

64 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:24:51.57 ID:QzgCY8R90
But sis, I really like you!!!

65 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:24:58.23 ID:1BDT8eYT0
I sent this message to a lot of people, but the only one that responded was you sis. I wonder if everyone else hates me…

67 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:26:13.59 ID:hw5a82Pb0

68 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:26:40.39 ID:c4PUs8om0
In my mind older sister 2 is a tsundere
[Translator’s Note: Tsundere is a term used to describe someone who has a harsh exterior or puts up a strong front, but in reality is a rather delicate person.]

72 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:29:02.77 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Older sister 2 kicked me!!! It hurts!!!
I just sent >>65, so for now the route for older sister 2 is over.
Response from CF
“What are you saying all of a sudden? Are you going crazy? What about the Civil Law notes?”
The Civil Law route is open!!!
My response >>77

73 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:30:20.42 ID:m/mP1xNBO
But I really do like you!

76 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:31:06.88 ID:kK/7SnGLO
What? We’re practically dating already right?

77 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:31:09.28 ID:D14SD0Sr0
It’s only been recently that I’ve realized my feelings for you.
I understand it must seem really late and be a bit of shock to you,
but I can’t hold back these feelings anymore.

81 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:33:59.76 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I sent it!
At this rate I’ll get a girlfriend before >>100

82 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:35:30.14 ID:D14SD0Sr0
That’s way to fast!

83 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:35:32.89 ID:KEeyeqfMO
You seem like you’re having fun.

84 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:35:44.72 ID:9ju+h4r2O
From Club upperclassman 2
“Sorry, there’s no way that’s happening. But if you have something you want to talk about we can meet on the weekend.”
A response like this means we’re practically dating already right?
For the time being I’ll keep her as a backup hahaha

85 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:36:04.01 ID:PfwbYA430
>>1 Is waay to excited lol

86 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:37:59.09 ID:5EP2z4foO
I thought this was a dumb thread but >>1 is really funny.

96 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:45:20.74 ID:1nX6r6wBO
Damn…I don’t hate this kind of atmosphere.

91 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:41:48.92 ID:5EP2z4foO
I think it’s good to have such baseless confidence and excitement.

It’s not baseless.
My old homeroom teacher used to help any student that came to him
and regardless of the problem he would always say “Leave it to me!” full of confidence and determination.
I was so inspired by his attitude, that even today I live by his words.
I’m so cool hahaha, even though everything I just said was a lie hahaha

107 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:56:28.26 ID:w7iG7rkm0
A lie?
Before I got to the end of that post I was thinking about how cool that was lol

90 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:41:28.07 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Response from CF.
“Sorry, but I’m in love with your notes, do you have them or not?”
She’s so dishonest hahaha
My response >>95

92 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:42:35.35 ID:J4Iaro020
I come with the notes.

93 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:44:34.43 ID:fgKO3FhiO
If you go out with me I’ll lend them to you.

94 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:44:40.58 ID:QzgCY8R90
I’m the notes hahaha

95 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:44:51.14 ID:PfwbYA430
Shut up bxtch!
I’ll give you the notes so plz go out with me.

97 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:46:19.64 ID:2qF5Lm+80

98 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:46:39.19 ID:m+IiGpsJO
>>1 is amazing

99 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:46:47.92 ID:w6WQCUfMO
I wonder how she’ll react hahaha

102 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:49:39.70 ID:9ju+h4r2O
My mom called for me.
“I think you sent me this message by accident. You shouldn’t say these things through a message, you should say it face to face!”
She lectured me.
I’m sorry mom, but it’s too late hahaha
I sent >>95

104 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:51:49.23 ID:SVb8gC0r0
You’re mom is a good person.

105 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:55:02.50 ID:/qyvw/InO
I just found this thread.
>>1 is hilarious!

106 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:56:08.34 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a response!
“Die! I’ll wipe the floor with you again!”
She definitely likes me!
Whenever we play Street Fighter 2 together she always beats me.
Guile is too strong hahaha
My reponse >>112

109 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:57:58.19 ID:uY93gUng0

111 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:58:13.95 ID:D14SD0Sr0

112 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:58:24.10 ID:D14SD0Sr0
Sorry…I don’t have the energy to play along with those kinds of jokes right now…
I’m sorry I said I liked you…
I only said it because I couldn’t hold back my feelings for you anymore…
I’ll get out of your life…bye…

117 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 19:59:07.97 ID:WXC/D06T0
>>108 this is definitely going to lead to his death.

119 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:01:13.92 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I sent it hahaha
This message will make her cry right? I feel sorry for her!

120 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:01:21.82 ID:TGaDSnxrO
It’s starting to get interesting.

122 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:04:34.51 ID:9n3FH0Lh0
This should be good.

118 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:00:08.40 ID:hx+DZpb50
>>1 what are your specs?

124 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:08:43.48 ID:9ju+h4r2O
My specs:
A 20 year-old Sophmore in university and an all-round nice guy.
I’m currently learning how to hide my presence so at university I’m like part of the background.
My goal is to become a magic user so I’ve been protecting my virginity.

Response: “Wait! Stay calm and let’s talk about this together! So come over and bring the Civil Law notes with you!”
She is really dishonest, I just need one more push! My response >>130

125 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:09:19.64 ID:9n3FH0Lh0

126 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:09:51.11 ID:1nX6r6wBO
Just say whether or not you’ll go out with me!

127 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:24.20 ID:1nX6r6wBO
Just say whether or not you’ll go out with me!

128 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:28.01 ID:VVH6nL2H0
Write “I love you” on your Civil Law notes and give it to her.

129 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:32.47 ID:+QM4zTds0

130 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:38.67 ID:c4PUs8om0
Which do you treasure more? Me or the Civil Law notes?

133 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:44.42 ID:WXC/D06T0
Shes keeps dodging the question,
he ability to side track a conversation is amazing.

134 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:10:47.24 ID:PfwbYA430
So can I go in and out with you or not?

140 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:11:44.56 ID:9n3FH0Lh0
Once it gets close to the prank message post, the number of posts increases like crazy.

141 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:13:19.91 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I sent the message but I got a reply from Club same year 2
“What are you saying all of a sudden? Are you going crazy? What about the Civil Law notes?”

142 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:14:46.08 ID:PfwbYA430
lolll they figured it out!

143 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:14:47.76 ID:WXC/D06T0
>>141 Sorry, I’m drunk.
Just send that and then try to attack from a different angle.

144 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:15:55.21 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I forgot that my CF and Club same year 2 go to the same university and are in the same department and are actually good friends.
I guess they overheard each other?

146 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:17:50.95 ID:w6WQCUfMO

147 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:17:56.63 ID:WXC/D06T0
>>144 It’s because you sent all the messages at once.
>>1 I wish you luck in your next life.
But if you manage it well, you could play it off as confusion.

148 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:18:08.33 ID:/qyvw/InO

149 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:19:19.96 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Message from childhood friend
“Do you understand your situation now?”
My response >>158

150 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:20:09.74 ID:w6WQCUfMO

151 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:20:25.63 ID:w6WQCUfMO

153 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:20:36.00 ID:CwXyBmWy0
Yes, but I’m still completely serious.

155 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:21:39.22 ID:/qyvw/InO
I want the three of us to become one.

156 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:21:56.78 ID:hx+DZpb50
Are you sure? Do you not care what happens to the Civil Law notes?

158 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:21:59.13 ID:BYqBq22K0

162 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:22:13.32 ID:hx+DZpb50

164 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:23:10.94 ID:1nX6r6wBO

165 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:23:38.63 ID:WXC/D06T0
>>158 this is a tough one to send.

166 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:24:00.32 ID:w6WQCUfMO
By tomorrow his number of female friends will be zero.

168 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:25:43.02 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Hey, be more serious.
If you thought about it just a little bit you’d realize there’s no way I could send something like this considering the situation right now.

That’s what a normal person would say hahaha but to me, it’s just another challenge to overcome.
I sent it hahaha

169 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:26:44.93 ID:x+P+AztK0
What confidence…

170 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:26:49.26 ID:WXC/D06T0
>>168 You actually sent it? lol
Time to start praying for his soul.

171 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:27:28.02 ID:8I9tyfPo0
>>1 hahaha

172 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:29:11.05 ID:XpMPLEXGO
And with that, the most likely candidate is gone.

175 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:30:42.42 ID:/qyvw/InO
>>1 is amazing.

176 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:30:44.91 ID:9ju+h4r2O
She’s calling!!!
But if I answer it I won’t be able to do any pranks since I’m using my cell to view this thread hahaha
I’ll call her back once I get prank from >>180

178 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:31:04.24 ID:hx+DZpb50
Answer the phone “Please go out with me.”

179 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:31:38.71 ID:PfwbYA430
“Please go in and out with me”

180 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:31:49.37 ID:hx+DZpb50
I lost the Civil Law notes.

184 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:36:47.95 ID:w6WQCUfMO
I hope this turns out good.

185 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:37:25.57 ID:oxH6O6iV0

186 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:38:01.65 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Phone call complete!
I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll write a quick summary of what happened.

187 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:38:30.84 ID:5NwLffQM0
Bring it!

188 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:38:43.78 ID:WXC/D06T0
Give to us!

189 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:39:06.70 ID:oxH6O6iV0
( ゚∀゚)

191 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:41:05.77 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Me: “Yes?”
Childhood friend: “You’re the worst.”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “You sent me and Club same year 2 the same message”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “How desperate are you for a girlfriend hahaha”
Me: “Yes”
CF: “You’re creepy!”
Me: “No.”
CF: “Ahhh, whatever hahaha Shall I introduce you to a girl?”
Me: “!”

193 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:41:51.28 ID:WXC/D06T0
You’re waaay too lucky lol
Screw you!

195 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:43:00.58 ID:0gxal5ZD0
Don’t let them find out about this thread.

196 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:43:09.10 ID:pAI/WeXS0
The power of prank messages!

197 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:44:07.86 ID:/qyvw/InO
A new route appears.

198 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:44:36.95 ID:8I9tyfPo0
The “!” makes the conversation seem so real.

199 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:45:47.49 ID:9ju+h4r2O
CF: “I’m here with Club same year 2 but we’re going to meet with one more person and go to dinner.
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “So meet us at the restaurant and I’ll introduce you to her.”
Me: “But there’s no way I could do something like that…(blush)”
CF: “And that’s the reason why you don’t have any friends hahaha”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “Alright, meet us at xxx at 9.”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “And what about the Civil Law notes? You need to pay me back for this.”
Me: “I lost them.”
CF: “What? Seriously?”
Me: “I’ll find them all before the test.”
CF: “Good.”

That’s where the call ended, by the way the entire time older sister 2 was punching and kicking my door hahaha
I think she just read the last message I sent her hahaha

200 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:45:50.63 ID:5NwLffQM0
Even though this thread is so entertaining there’s no one here lol

202 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:47:37.80 ID:hx+DZpb50
Good job!

203 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:47:38.37 ID:PfwbYA430
Let me come too!

204 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:47:44.57 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>199 A scary development is here! wwヘ√レvv~(゚∀゚)─wwヘ√レvv~─ !!
The future is hard to predict. What kind of girl will your CF introduce you to!?
Or is it just a trap to get you to pay for dinner?
No matter what happens, I hope you suffer lol

206 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:48:16.93 ID:wj4f6ovB0
>>1 is going to explode from excitement.

208 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:51:10.74 ID:fgKO3FhiO
That’s why you were in a rush lol

209 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:00.10 ID:4fy4Zv2T0
This is going to be good.

210 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:00.84 ID:ymczbsUt0
This thread is amazing!
Do your best!

211 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:01.42 ID:9ju+h4r2O
9 o’clock…There’s no way I’ll make it in time.
I don’t have any clothes to wear, everything I have is from UNIQLO hahaha
I’ll do some pranks, but I won’t be able to mess around on my phone while I’m there so,
I’ll just check this thread once when I get there and then do the pranks.

212 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:20.65 ID:fgcccBhI0
Make a good report.

214 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:51.44 ID:fgKO3FhiO
Open your mouth and say “Ahhhhh”

215 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:52:57.34 ID:1bo4VVZe0
“For right now, sex.”

216 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:53:06.53 ID:ymczbsUt0
When you see your CF
“Was it this mouth that said those things to me?”
And then french kiss her for 10 seconds.

217 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:53:15.62 ID:UEaR2PJz0
Hug her.

218 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:53:32.16 ID:5NwLffQM0
“You’re my sun!!”
Say it to the girl you’re being introduced to.


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