Chapter 2

224 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:54:27.73 ID:wXC/D06T0
He’s dead if he does these.
These pranks are so devious I can’t help but laugh.

225 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:55:53.05 ID:DdvMktAT0
These are harsh lol

226 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:56:08.51 ID:0gxal5ZD0
His life is over lol

227 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:56:19.19 ID:0mSe5rReO
Thank you for using this service.

228 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:57:08.66 ID:oL7zN5bDO
>>1 is dead lol

229 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:57:25.83 ID:9ju+h4r2O
You bastards lol If it was anyone else but me they would definitely get killed for doing those things.
Just sit and watch, I’ll prove to you guys that this is a fool-proof way to make a girlfriend.

230 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:58:18.88 ID:8I9tyfPo0
No matter how hopeless it is…>>1 will definitely pull through.

231 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:58:21.64 ID:01PlrfB50
It’s almost 9!

233 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:59:20.57 ID:5NwLffQM0
Do your best!!!

234 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:59:48.75 ID:PfwbYA430
We’re counting on you! So tell me where the place is (truncated)

235 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 20:59:56.73 ID:w6wQCUfMO
I can’t wait for the report.

236 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:00:13.54 ID:DdvMktAT0
>>1 do your best!

238 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:01:04.29 ID:x+P+AztK0
I think he’s going to end up getting all 3 of the girls.

239 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:01:36.84 ID:wXC/D06T0
It’s 9’oclock!─wwヘ√レvv~(゚∀゚)─wwヘ√レvv~─ !!
Let’s enjoy the live reports and then bask in the report later.

240 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:02:48.86 ID:KnAZZaFE0
I can’t wait

241 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:02:50.67 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Crappp, my mom thinks I took her advice to heart and going out to confess to a girl.
She’s telling me to do my best hahaha
Aghhhhhh!!! My sister’s kicks hurt!

243 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:03:57.69 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>241 Chaos!
Anyways, you have to decide whether you’re going to be serious
or whether you’re going to be mess around before you get there.

244 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:04:14.00 ID:0gxal5ZD0
Can you lend me the Civil Law notes too? lol

247 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:06:46.92 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I forgot to bring the Civil Law notes!!!

245 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:04:23.29 ID:/3ZP2aVs0
1 is really worked up lol
I have a test tomorrow, but I don’t even care about it anymore.

246 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:05:29.79 ID:UEaR2PJz0
I wonder if CF is like a Dom.
Or maybe a Gyan…
[Translator’s Note: The following posts are all references to robots that appear in Gundam, a popular anime series in Japan.]

251 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:08:55.46 ID:oxH6O6iV0
She’s obviously a Zakrello…

252 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:09:33.25 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>251 No, she’s an Apsalus

253 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:11:29.50 ID:j2zaPwSR0
She’s an ACGuy!!!

254 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:11:47.53 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I’m almost at the restaurant, I’m ready to do all the pranks!
There’s a good chance I won’t be able to use my cellphone after I get there so I’ll get the girl’s number as fast as possible and come home.

257 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:12:59.57 ID:01PlrfB50
What’s going to happen!? What’s going to happen!?

258 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:13:27.40 ID:lwhwxu3K0
It’s fine if you leave early, but just remember this.
“Pranks are law”

260 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:14:34.91 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>254 More than worrying about being able to post from your phone,
you should worry about getting arrested lol

261 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:15:44.77 ID:4gl65Dnp0
Do your best!

262 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:17:31.82 ID:9ju+h4r2O
How do you have sex?

264 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:18:56.02 ID:4gl65Dnp0
What happened!?

265 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:20:28.51 ID:lo1TQIpKO
What are you asking all of a sudden lol

266 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:21:35.19 ID:lwhwxu3K0
Virgin found!

263 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:18:47.83 ID:1bo4VVZe0
As long as you say ‘sex’ it’ll all work out.

267 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:21:38.20 ID:9ju+h4r2O

272 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:30:54.96 ID:9ju+h4r2O
This friend… hahaha

274 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:31:17.46 ID:X3NlwFGx0
What happened?

275 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:31:50.80 ID:8I9tyfPo0
I think the Friend is going to be as weird looking as a Baltan Alien.
[Translator’s Note: This is a reference to a enemy that appears in Ultraman.]

276 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:32:02.77 ID:wr2KuNdE0
What happened?

277 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:32:51.90 ID:SOTPIJcb0
I can’t wait for the report.

278 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:33:55.50 ID:Om8pb7Or0
Is she Captain Akagi from Slam Dunk?

279 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:33:55.42 ID:w6wQCUfMO
Is she super hot!?

280 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:35:00.41 ID:88N4BwKB0
Maybe she looks like Asashoryu?
[Translator’s Note: Asashoryu is a sumo wrestler.]

284 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:37:09.23 ID:gHlco5vzO
I guess we just have to wait expectantly until he gets back home.

286 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:40:03.31 ID:DdvMktAT0
I can’t wait that long!

287 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:40:10.82 ID:Oy6xTks+0
I’m imagining a lolita-version of Uchidate Makiko
[Translator’s Note: Uchidate Makiko is a Japanese author with an unflattering face.]

289 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:41:02.03 ID:gHlco5vzO
What the hell would that even look like?

285 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:39:16.89 ID:r4PTe/ADO
I just got here.
I see a lot of threads like this, but are there people actually hoping he succeeds?

290 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:41:04.66 ID:Oy6xTks+0
He’s succeeding right now.

292 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:45:20.73 ID:r4PTe/ADO
This situation is too surreal…
I’ll just have to contain my excitement and wait till he gets back.

293 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:48:48.20 ID:3dRcrBtx0

295 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:51:33.82 ID:5NwLffQM0
This is the year I’m going to get a girlfriend too.

296 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:52:38.79 ID:UEaR2PJz0
It’ll be fine if you start trying hard next year too.

297 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 21:54:14.00 ID:fgKO3FhiO
It’s almost been an hour.

298 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:01:36.07 ID:wr2KuNdE0
Where’s >>1?

299 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:02:17.62 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>1 is going through the gauntlet right now, all we can do is wait.

300 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:04:00.18 ID:35GrG4+nO

301 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:04:31.43 ID:Oy6xTks+0

302 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:06:04.04 ID:5NwLffQM0
(・ω・)(・ω・) (・ω・)

303 : :2008/01/28(月) 22:07:56.15 ID:SGTsmqd70

304 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:08:38.72 ID:SOTPIJcb0

305 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:10:14.04 ID:SOGh2uJoO
v(・ω・)v crab crab

306 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:10:18.48 ID:iXs2TMc+O

307 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:10:30.83 ID:D14SD0Sr0
v(・ω・)v crab crab v(・ω・)v crab crab

308 : :2008/01/28(月) 22:10:36.01 ID:SGTsmqd70
(´・ω・`) (´・ω・`)

309 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:11:57.79 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I’m home!!!

311 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:12:21.15 ID:TaFpB5ek0

312 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:12:21.71 ID:3dRcrBtx0
He’s here!!!

313 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:12:34.06 ID:s1dHmS9wO
I can’t wait to hear the story.

315 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:13:01.77 ID:3dRcrBtx0
Give us the full report! Please!!!

316 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:13:02.13 ID:ymczbsUt0
He’s here!!!

317 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:13:03.23 ID:iXs2TMc+O

321 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:13:52.62 ID:oxH6O6iV0
Did she look like Takamisakari…?
[Translator’s Note: Another sumo wrestler.]

322 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:13:55.46 ID:Y3O/brHg0
He’s backーーーーーーーーー

323 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:14:12.78 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I didn’t have sex! Sorry!!!

327 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:15:21.43 ID:s1dHmS9wO
There’s no way you could have sex so easily lol

330 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:15:53.08 ID:oxH6O6iV0
Just hurry up and tell us what happened!

329 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:15:32.10 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got there 10 minutes late.
CF and Same year club 2 were sitting in a booth, the other friend still hadn’t arrived. She’s so inconsiderate! You’re supposed to be places on time!
[Translator’s Note: Same year club 2 will now by SY2]

CF: “You’re late.”
SY2: “Yo”
Me: “Sorry.”
I sat next to CF, but I felt weird because the seat across from me was empty hahaha
CF: “Don’t sit next to me.”
I ignored her and hugged her hahaha
Me: “Is this the mo…”
CF: “Stop it!”
She knocked me away, my butt hurts.
Sorry everyone!!!

333 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:18:02.72 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>329 Of course that would happen.
Also, you’re late too!

334 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:18:44.52 ID:Oy6xTks+0
“Yo” what’s the meaning behind that?

335 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:18:47.96 ID:iXs2TMc+O
It’s painful to read, but keep going!

336 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:19:56.45 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Me: “Owww”
CF: “What are you doing!? Quit messing around!” Stop being so dishonest with yourself~ hahaha
Me: “I’m sorry, I’m just really nervous…”
SY2: “You’re acting really weird today.”
CF: “You’re being super creepy hahaha”
Me: “Sorry.”

338 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:21:07.25 ID:SBkJx8w1O
1 is amazing.

340 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:21:19.30 ID:5NwLffQM0
You were so close! lol

341 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:21:21.43 ID:3dRcrBtx0
>>1 can definitely come back from this!
So…what happened in the end?

342 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:21:50.03 ID:bMzwF2rK0
You can’t even follow through on the pranks lol
What a crappy thread lolllllllllll

343 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:21:59.99 ID:8I9tyfPo0
At the very least, no one can match >>1’s feelings. Do you best!

344 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:22:01.45 ID:DdvMktAT0
1 is cute lol

345 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:22:10.94 ID:3dRcrBtx0
1 is insane.

346 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:23:36.62 ID:pUMyhdyG0
>>1 level of optimism is insane.

347 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:24:13.25 ID:9nn2xw9kO
This situation is cute.

348 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:24:18.48 ID:BjrAYeti0
This is getting interesting loll

349 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:25:00.30 ID:9ju+h4r2O
There’s one thing I want to say.
CF’s boobs were really soft hahaha

350 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:25:07.60 ID:w6wQCUfMO
It’s been a while since a thread made me laugh this hard.

351 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:25:44.63 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>349 Sexual harassment!

352 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:26:32.38 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Since the other friend was late we decided to order food.
CF: “I’ll have the salad bar.”
SY2: “I’ll have the grileld chicken and tiramisu for dessert.”
Sweets hahaha how disgusting, you’re going to get fat!
Me: “I’ll just have sex.”
CF: “What?”
Waitress: “(blush)”
Me: “I’ll have the Japanese-style Hamburger.”
The waitress was super cute, I think I’m in love hahaha

353 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:27:23.56 ID:wXC/D06T0
The waitress is completely creeped out lollll

356 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:27:53.22 ID:5NwLffQM0
There’s no way she was blushing lolll

354 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:27:27.91 ID:4kp84kKX0
Sexual harassment! lollll

355 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:27:38.36 ID:Oy6xTks+0

357 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:27:58.95 ID:BjrAYeti0
Wha? lollllllllllll

358 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:28:02.99 ID:9nn2xw9kO
The waitress definitely got wet after hearing that.

360 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:28:15.13 ID:3dRcrBtx0
You’ve got some guts >>1
What the does “I’ll just have sex” supposed to mean lolll

361 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:28:18.69 ID:pUMyhdyG0

367 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:31:22.32 ID:9ju+h4r2O
10 minutes after I arrive the other friend comes.
She’s cute! What’s going on!?
Friend: “Sorry I’m late!”
CF: “Hi”
SY2: “Yo”
Whaaat, that’s your default greeting?
CF: “This is the friend I mentioned earlier.”
Me: “Wassup, my names >>1 nice to meetcha.”
I was completely worked up.
Friend: “Nice to meet you, I’m friend~”
CF: “You’re creepy >>1, what are you doing?”
Be quiet, it’s all going according to my plan!

369 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:12.52 ID:01PlrfB50
The creepiness…
It’s flowing out so naturally lollll

373 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:56.70 ID:9nn2xw9kO
You’re hilarious!
There’s something wrong with this world if you can’t get a girlfriend.

370 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:42.60 ID:3dRcrBtx0
>>1 delivers!

371 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:50.35 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>367 Everything you do is creepy.
That’s definitely what CF is thinking.

372 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:53.93 ID:5NwLffQM0
I’m so jealous of you lolll

374 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:32:58.25 ID:4kp84kKX0
Creepy lolll

375 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:33:11.44 ID:BjrAYeti0
CF is way too good of a person lol
I could fall in love with someone like that lol

376 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:33:36.12 ID:wr2KuNdE0
Soon everyone will change from wanting to see >>1 getting a girlfriend to just wanting to watch him be a creeper.

377 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:33:40.73 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Friend’s specs
She’s cute with a child-like face, but she has pretty big boobs.
She’s in the same club as CF
She elongates the end of her words ajnd slurs them just a tiny bit.
Overall she’s pretty cute hahaha

378 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:33:45.71 ID:Oy3bVm+N0
>>1 is hilarious!

379 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:34:05.51 ID:DbEmYaw80
>>1 reminds me of Ootake from Summers
[Translator’s Note: Summers is a comic duo in Japan.]

381 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:34:28.51 ID:3dRcrBtx0
This is your chance!
Go for it >>1!!!

386 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:37:36.58 ID:9ju+h4r2O
The friend ordered too, she ordered the soup bar and tiramisu hahaha
She’s adorable hahaha
And that’s when I turned on the charm.
A long time ago I heard that if you want to impress a girl you have to be a good listener, I know everything about girls already hahaha
I just sat there and listened intently to them as they talked about their part-time jobs, and their club.
I didn’t say anything the entire time, but no worries! Because this is the best method to get a girl hahaha
388 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:38:21.69 ID:wXC/D06T0
You’re just a wallflower!!!! lol
It’s over!\(^o^)/

390 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:38:48.14 ID:BjrAYeti0
You didn’t say anything lol
As expected of >>1

389 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:38:34.89 ID:01PlrfB50
Hahahaha You dumbass!! lolll

393 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:39:48.82 ID:F2faILLZ0
“I know everything about women.”
I think you got that knowledge from a knock-off Chinese product.

394 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:39:51.77 ID:Oy6xTks+0
Know everything lollll

395 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:40:12.20 ID:gHlco5vzO
What are you doing lollllllll

396 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:40:56.49 ID:w6wQCUfMO
It’s over lolllllllllll

398 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:41:06.10 ID:Uriwru6v0
×Good Listener

403 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:42:20.01 ID:SBkJx8w1O
You’re an idiot lolll

404 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:42:22.30 ID:9ju+h4r2O
CF: “>>1 Can you go get some salad for me?”
Me: “With pleasure!” I’m such a nice guy lolll
This hamburger is delicious!!!
Friend: “>>1 I’m surprised you can eat something so heavy this late at night, won’t you get fat?”
CF: “This guy has always been super skinny.”
You’re supposed to say super buff! hahaha

407 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:43:25.04 ID:Uriwru6v0
×Nice Guy

406 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:43:03.79 ID:/v67agzR0
With pleasure! lollll

409 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:43:31.80 ID:DCsMD3zE0
You’re a pushover

410 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:43:37.04 ID:wr2KuNdE0
You’re such a pushover lollllllll

412 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:44:07.74 ID:g1lkkeau0
I can’t be the only one that’s jealous of this situation.

415 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:45:43.81 ID:wXC/D06T0
>>404 You’re Not Found!!!
[Translator’s Note: Reference to a 404 error when a webpage cannot be found.]

422 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:50:05.95 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Even after everyone had finished eating, I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation at all!! How am I going to get her number?
CF: “Are you ok with it ending like this >>1?”
Me: “!?”
CF: “Sorry, but could you exchange numbers with this guy?”
Good job CF! …but are you really ok with increasing your number of rivals?
Friend: “Sure thing! Is exchanging by infared ok?”
Me: “Bring it on!”
I got her number!!! SY2 is the wallflower now! hahaha
Friend: “Thanks.”
Me: “You’re my sun!”
That’s the knockout blow! She’s definitely wet for me!
Splash!!! Don’t get too excited Friend hahaha
CF: “Stop it! You’re really being creepy now!”
Calm down, I know this is making you wet too hahaha

423 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:51:01.00 ID:01PlrfB50
CF Good Job!

425 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:51:02.35 ID:61Crpfn20
Good job virgin lollllllll

426 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:51:09.87 ID:DCsMD3zE0
Are you sure she isn’t completely horrified?

424 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:51:01.60 ID:wr2KuNdE0
I just want to say one thing.

427 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:51:10.99 ID:DdvMktAT0
Bring it!!!

429 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:04.41 ID:9nn2xw9kO
Creepy lol

430 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:14.66 ID:Nw7qYTo10
She’s definitely creeped out.

431 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:16.01 ID:pUMyhdyG0
>>1 is way too creepy lolll

433 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:36.42 ID:gHlco5vzO
Splash! lolllllllllllll
That’s a good expression for when you’re too concerned about what other people think of you.

434 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:47.65 ID:IyuVSVA20
It’s a super creepy line, but if >>1 is a playboy she would get wet.

435 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:52:50.20 ID:5NwLffQM0
Well done >>1!

436 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:53:03.02 ID:SBkJx8w1O
>>1 has good sense.

437 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:53:55.97 ID:gqV7eYN9O
Splash! lolllllllllllll

438 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:54:50.61 ID:lo1TQIpKO
That was a good splash.

439 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:55:49.69 ID:xXwGNyOj0
What would you have done if CF wasn’t there.

440 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:56:51.76 ID:pwPy/3kD0
CF is a good person.

442 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:57:12.56 ID:9ju+h4r2O
We left the restaurant.
Friend: “Bye >>1, when you get home send me a message.”
Me: “Okey dokey.”
CF: “So creepy.”
SY2: “Bye bye.”
Everyone else left, so it’s just me and CF.
CF: “She’s cute right?”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “She’s a bit absent-minded but she’s a good girl, be good to her!”
Me: “Yes.”
CF: “Also, you might have been trying your best today, but to be honest, you were completely unnoticeable so be careful hahaha.”
I was perfect!
Me: “Alright, I’ll be careful.”
CF: “Civil Law.”
Me: “Yes master.”
And now I’m home. No matter how you think about it I’m living life to the fullest hahaha

444 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:58:01.78 ID:pwPy/3kD0
I want a childhood friend like this too!

445 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:58:09.24 ID:Nw7qYTo10
CF is a good person!

446 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:58:15.46 ID:/bCInRJ60
Introduce me to CF.

447 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:58:51.77 ID:jM3aw2dh0
You’re life is so awesome! I’m jealous!
Give me some of your friends.

449 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:59:08.36 ID:pUMyhdyG0
From this point on, >>1 mission is the Civil La (truncated)

450 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:59:08.68 ID:JphhNcn6O
If only I had a childhood friend like this!

451 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:59:15.94 ID:61Crpfn20
I’m fine with SY2 so introduce her to me.

453 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:59:29.94 ID:1nX6r6wBO
This is just a feint, he’s really aiming for CF.

454 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 22:59:36.34 ID:DCsMD3zE0
You seem like the type that forms strong bonds with others,
so even if you do something creepy, they’ll just laugh it off and forgive you.
CF is an incredibly kind person.

459 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:00:21.55 ID:/3ZP2aVs0
Good work.
It seems like you enjoyed yourself.

460 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:00:37.85 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I’m sorry, there are tons of people I’d like to introduce CF to but,
I’m pretty sure she’s in love with me hahaha

461 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:01:13.95 ID:wr2KuNdE0
completely unnoticeable lollllllllll
My somach hurts rom laughing lolllllllll

462 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:02:10.71 ID:SOTPIJcb0
I like this >>1

463 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:02:15.93 ID:4fy4Zv2T0
I think she likes you too lolllll

464 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:02:16.74 ID:w6wQCUfMO
completely unnoticeable’ She’s pointing out all your flaws lolll

466 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:02:20.26 ID:61Crpfn20
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Understood.

469 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:04:30.72 ID:w0x0pnzSO
CF is sitting right next to you saying
while reading this thread right?

471 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:05:01.49 ID:gqV7eYN9O
How can you be so confident loll

470 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(月) 23:04:34.56 ID:9ju+h4r2O
This super cool awesome me has already gotten a message from Friend.
“Today was a lot of fun, you’re a bit of an oddball huh?(laugh)”
This means we’re dating now right? hahaha


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