1 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:24:50.30 ID:9ju+h4r2O
So if you send a message to all of the girls in your contact list asking them to go out with you, at least one of them should respond right? Hahahahahaha
I’m going to use myself as a test subject and try it right now, I’ll prove to you guys that this is a fool-proof way to get a girlfriend!!!

2 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:26:05.12 ID:MuX1GX/JO
Send the messages all at once.

3 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:27:14.54 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I will! I have 14 girls in my contact list, I have so many! Hahahahaha I’m living life to the fullest!
I’ll start with the girls I don’t care about!

4 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:27:20.90 ID:05FbheMiO
Let’s cheer him on!
Bxxbs! Bxxbs!
  _  ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡
 ( ⊂彡
 |  |

6 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:31:07.60 ID:9ju+h4r2O
1 Classmate from high school 1 – Cute – We probably exchanged numbers because of something we had to do for school.
2 Classmate from high school 2 – Ugly – same as above
3 Classmate from high school 3 – Stubborn – same as above
4 Upperclassman in my club 1 – B*tch – She nicknamed me ‘shadow’ and makes fun of me all the time.
5 Older sister – 25 years old – A complete slave to the media. Haven’t talked to her in half a year.

I’ll start with these 5, by the way, even if they say yes I’ll reject them hahahahaha
I really don’t care about these people so I’ll send them a prank message.
I’m counting on you >>12!
[Translator’s Note: When sending prank messages the author will send whatever the is written in post #x. In this the author will send whatever is written in the 12th post in this thread.]

7 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:34:57.60 ID:SVb8gC0r0
That’s an impressive lineup.

9 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:35:34.96 ID:0ImHtjRK0
That’s what I was going to say.

10 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:38:08.17 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I started with the boring ones hahaha Sorry!

11 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:40:03.21 ID:9ju+h4r2O
There’s no one here! I’m never going to get to the prank message post.

12 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:42:45.20 ID:lf+O1N6T0
It’s been a long time, but I have something important I want to tell you, do you have time to talk?

14 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:44:54.91 ID:3/ZQrgQIO
There’s no one here!!!

15 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:47:44.87 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Ok I sent it! hahahahaha
On to the next ones!

6 Classmate from middle school – Super cute – I admire her, but I’m pretty sure she hates me hahahaha
7 Classmate from high school 4 – Otaku – My only friend in high school. Into Yaoi stuff.
8 Underclassman in club – Normal – Pretty dark. She gets picked on by Upperclassman in club 1 too.
9 Same year as me in club – Normal – She’s kinda cute. Has a boyfriend.
10 Mom – 49 years old – She’s nice to me even though I’m kind of a recluse. She’s a saint.

I’m actually kind of serious about these ones so I’ll write the message this time.
The message is “Sorry about asking this so suddenly but, how do you feel about me?” hahahahaha

16 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:49:39.02 ID:B5K2m2mJ0
This is going to be good.

17 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:06.14 ID:8KAVp1BN0
Go for it!

18 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:51.39 ID:f8KZKAZq0
You’re sending it to your mom too? lolllll

19 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:50:57.36 ID:9ju+h4r2O
I got a response!!!

Could not deliver the message to this address hahahaha
I got it from classmate from high school 1 & 2 and my older sister!!! My sister hahahaha

22 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:39.72 ID:mvGzm8EK0
Your sister’s mean! lolll

20 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:15.56 ID:SVb8gC0r0
Who’s next?

21 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:53:30.22 ID:9ju+h4r2O
This is the last of them, I really like these girls hahahaha

11 Same year as me in club 2 – Cute – Even those she’s cute she’s nice to me. She’s a goddess.
12 Upperclassman in club 2 – Older sister type – She always listens to my problems and gives me advice.
13 Childhood friend – B*tch – Are houses are close and we go to the same university. She was adorable but ever since middle school she’s become more of a b*tch.
14 Older sister 2 – 22 years old – Athlete. She runs really fast.

That’s everyone! For these ones even if I come on a bit strong it should be ok hahahaha
The message I’m sending to them is “I love you” hahahahaha

23 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:55:35.25 ID:1BDT8eYT0
Did something bad happen to you today >>1?

24 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:55:46.45 ID:SVb8gC0r0
Huh? >>1 is just living life to the fullest right?

25 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:56:59.53 ID:fzGVVIEUO
He’s not doing prank messages anymore…
That aside, >>1 is really worked up.

26 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:57:06.98 ID:9ju+h4r2O
There’s no one here but I’m going to start talking anyways.
I can do this because I’m actually pretty confident about the responses!
My childhood friend actually confessed to me before!!! hahahahahaha It happened in primary school!
Girls don’t forget their first love right? So in other words this is like a fixed contest!!! hahahahahahaha
That’s all I wanted to say for now.

27 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:57:57.08 ID:1BDT8eYT0
I thought he was drunk at first, but now I realize he’s just drunk on himself…

28 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 18:58:09.22 ID:rQ/mC1l80
I like you.

29 :Anonymous:2008/01/28(Mon) 19:00:11.57 ID:9ju+h4r2O
Too bad for you, but I’ve already gotten responses from a couple of people!!!
It’s too troublesome to reply to all of them right away so I’ll share their messages on the thread first and then reply one by one.


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