Chapter 1

1: OP
Me? I’m a virgin ha ha ha ha ha… (´;ω;)
My brother’s room is right next to mine…I can hear them…

6: Anonymous
Go join them!

9: Anonymous
The younger brother has surpassed the older brother

10: OP
It gets worse, do you know what I’m doing while my brother is having sex?
I’m building a weird plastic model.

11: Anonymous
What kind of plastic model?

13: Anonymous
Upload a picture of it!
16: OP
Ok I’ll post it, just give me a sec…
The moans are so loud I can’t concentrate on building my plastic model…

21: Anonymous
Big brother (´・ω・`)

23: OP
Here’s the model
I haven’t touched it since I bought it 3 months ago…
Link to picture

24: Anonymous
Nice choice ha ha ha

25: Anonymous
What the hell…

27: Anonymous
Why did you buy that

28: Anonymous
Ha ha ha

29: Anonymous
Everywhere rice plants are crying.

78: OP
I have another one too, I’ve built a little of it.
Link to picture

83: Anonymous
A farm house?
Oh god, you’re making me laugh too hard.
I’m gonna die ha ha ha

87: Anonymous
Build the farm house!!!

92: Anonymous
Farm house, you’re hardcore!

95: Anonymous
Your duty is to build this now.

Your planting seeds in your plastic model while your brother is planting them somewhere else.

111: OP
Alright, which one should I build?
The farm house or the crossing…

121: Anonymous
Build the crossing and post a picture of it.

120: Anonymous
Get a girlfriend first.

135: OP
Girlfriend? Ha, why would I waste time on a girlfriend when I could be building farm houses?!

I really want a girlfriend!!!!!!!

138: Anonymous
The scream from your heart

144: Anonymous
Oh god, this is too funny.

152: Anonymous
My stomach hurts from laughing too much…
It doesn’t matter what your brother is doing, do a live update of building those plastic models.

158: OP
By the way, it came with seeds.

166: Anonymous
It actually came with seeds ha ha ha

170: Anonymous

187: Anonymous
I’m dying from laughter right now

188: OP
I’m gonna start building the farm house now.

190: Anonymous
While the older brother is planting seeds in his plastic model, the younger brother is planting seeds in his girlfriend.

194: Anonymous
Younger brother: Kids
Older brother: house
The scale is completely different!

196: Anonymous
The older brother is definitely cooler

201: Anonymous
No matter how you look at it the older brother wins.

204: Anonymous
The older brother has way bigger dreams.

229: Anonymous
Live footage of OP’s location when this thread started.
Link to picture

239: Anonymous
Good job!

230: Anonymous
To start building a farm house in Japan where importing is king…
Every person in Japan should learn from OP’s example.

234: OP
I’ve finished the roof and walls so far.
Link to picture

240: Anonymous
That roof is insanely realistic ha ha ha

244: Anonymous
That’s a high quality roof.

246: Anonymous
That roof is super detailed.


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