Chapter 2

261: OP
I finished building the farm house
It’s hard to see, but there’s a cooking pit in there.
Link to picture

263: Anonymous
The construction is a bit off…

268: Anonymous
I want to live in that house.

280: Anonymous
I don’t know why, but I feel a bit sad when I look at the plastic model.

283: Anonymous
What kind of farm house is that

284: Anonymous
I understand now, you’re the type of person that can ignore immediate gratifiication for greater rewards in the future.

290: OP
Update on the plastic model.
As far as what I look like,
I’m 22 years old and just barely 168cm (5’5). I’d like to think I’m normal-looking.
Hobbies…you can already guess right?

My younger brother is 20, about 170cm (5’6), and slim. He kind of looks like a talent from Johnny’s.
[Translator’s Note: Johnny’s is a talent agency in Japan known for recruiting cute, youthful looking male talent.]

292: Anonymous
I want one of those plastic models now…

293: Anonymous
Those tools are so detailed.

300: Anonymous
Baskets and a pull-cart.

294: Anonymous
They kinda look like condoms.

297: Anonymous
That thing in the top-right kinda looks like a riceball.

298: Anonymous
Looking at this plastic model makes me feel at peace~

301: Anonymous
This is my favorite thread this year.
Seriously, I think I tore a muscle in my stomach from laughing too hard.

305: Anonymous
I have to buy this entire line of plastic models now.

308: OP
It came with an old farmer too.
Link to picture

309: Anonymous
You just keep on delivering!


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