Chapter 3

426: Anon
You still haven’t planted the seeds!

424: Anon
What is that in the background…

428: Anon
Seriously…what is it?

429: Anon
It looks like a turtle’s head.

432: OP
That’s a turtle stuffed animal.
It’s kind of smushed though…

I’m planting the seeds now~

433: Anon
Why do you have so many stuffed animals?
I’m pretty sure there was a Stitch doll in one of the other pictures too.

436: Anon
I finally caught up!
I’m cheering for you big brother!

438: OP
Seeds are planted~
Yeah, I get a lot of stuffed animals as presents.

Link to picture

440: Anon
Hiding the bodies! Ha ha ha

442: Anon
You used way too much adhesive powder ha ha ha

444: Anon
It’s so fancy, the ground looks like gauze!
Don’t forget to water the seeds!

446: Anon
The old ma and scarecrow are getting along so well!

449: Anon
The old man and scarecrow are being used as fertilizer.

452: OP
Here’s a picture of all the stuffed animals I got.
I’ll add water later, for now I need to decide what to do with the crossing plastic model.
Link to picture

456: Anon
Stitch stands out so much, it’s hilarious!

452: Anon
Who gave you the stuffed animals?

455: OP
A girl from work.
She’s a farmer’s daughter.

459: Anon
I’m pretty sure that’s a sign she likes you.

460: OP
The bathroom…
Link to picture

461: Anon
You meant ‘the crossing…’ right?

463: Anon
Is that real wheat?

465: Anon
Ha ha ha

467: OP
It came with two green old guys…
Does she like me…?

The wheat is real.
Link to picture

468: Anon
Details on the farmer’s daughter!

472: OP
Farmer’s daughter, she’s kind short, slim, and…21 years old?
She has medium length, brownish hair.
We hang out together sometimes.

474: Anon
So you’re close with a cute country girl that gives you stuffed animals?

I hope you die…

475: Anon
Take your plastic model and barge into brother’s room saying “Look at what I made today!”

476: Anon
She definitely likes you.
Are you trying to mess with us?

477: Anon
>>1 there’s no way a girl would hang out with a guy she hates.
I’m pretty sure she likes you.

Good for you, you can graduate from being a virgin.

483: OP
I did what you said, but my brother wasn’t there so I left the model on top of his desk.

I guess I’ll send her a message, but what should I say?

485: Anon
Ha ha ha, don’t leave it on his desk!

479: Anon
How long have you known this girl?

482: Anon
I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to marry a country girl though, it seems like you’d end up spending the rest of your life trapped in a rural town.

487: Anon
I just met her this year.
The place I live is still more or less a city.

489: Anon
Just invite her to go somewhere with you for now, but I have no idea what kind of things you can do where you live.
Where do you guys usually go?

507: OP
We do things like go to the arcade, karaoke, shopping…and sometimes she comes with me when I go fishing.
I always help her with baiting the hook and taking the fish off the hook.

491: Anon
I can’t believe you just left it on your brother’s desk ha ha ha

You’re amazing, I don’t what I can do but I want you to be happy!
Message the farm girl!

486: Anon
By the way, what do you think of her, do you like her?

492: OP
I’ll send the 500th message in this thread to her.

I think I like her a bit…

496: Anon
I love you. Let’s harvest potatoes together.

497: Anon
Do you want to build a crossing with me?

499: Anon
Let’s build plastic models together.


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