Chapter 4

500: Anon
Do you want to plant potatoes together?

506: Anon
What’s with all the potatoes? Ha ha ha
510: OP
>>500 Sent
I’m kind of scared what her reply will be.

513: Anon
Did she reply yet?

518: Anon
This is the first time I’ve been so worried about someone else

519: OP
The reply came.

“Huh? We can’t plant potatoes at our place, are you talking about your place Ka-chan? Are you saying you want me to help you plant potatoes?”

We can’t plant potatoes at our place either.

522: Anon
You left your nickname in the reply…

523: Anon

526: Anon
But seriously, just ask her out on a date, say the thing about planting potatoes was just a stupid lie.

527: Anon
It’s gonna be hard to come up with a reply.

530: OP
Help, I need to reply…I’ll send post 536 as the reply.

531: Anon
I want to plant my seeds in you.

533: Anon
Farms are amazing aren’t they?

535: Anon
If we can’t plant potatoes, then I want to pull your weeds…sexually

536: Anon
Let’s build a happy farm together.

541: OP
It sounds like a proposal ha ha ha


543: Anon
You’re being way too forward ha ha ha

546: Anon
Don’t do it Ka-chan! XD

548: Anon
But I think it’ll work out as long as OP takes the intiative.
I can’t imagine a girl going fishing alone iwth a guy if you didn’t have some kind of feelings for him.

549: Anon
A farm girl seems like she’d be really pure.

552: OP
Got a response.

“I’m not continuing the farm and neither are you Ka-chan (smiley face) What are you trying to say?”

She’s the third youngest daughter in her family. I’m the oldest son, but it seems like my younger brother is going to take over the farm.

553: Anon
Do you think she figured out what’s going on?

554: Anon
This is totally a proposal.

555: Anon
She’s pressuring you for a response!

557: Anon
Just a little more…send another message quick!

558: OP
I’m really nervous right now…I’m even starting to sweat.
Post 568 will be the reply.

560: Anon
She’s definitely pressuring you for a response, this next message will make or break it.
I wonder what kind of message it will be.

562: Anon
I can’t wait to see the message.

564: Anon
I love you!!! Please go out with me!!!
I’m serious!

567: Anon
Do you like potatoes?
I”m thinking of starting a potato farm, so maybe help me out with the financial capital?

568: Anon
Now that you mention it, are you in love right now?

574: Anon
Straight to the point

579: Anon
Stop drawing it out…

580: OP
I changed the wording a bit to match my style.
“I meant, are you in love right now?”

A farm girl…I’m jealous.

587: ANon
Woah, don’t scare her off!

568: OP


I’m blushing, my face is burning hot.

This is the first time I’ve felt like this!

“I am, with you”

590: Anon
SUCESSSSSSS━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

592: Anon
Good job! Congratulations!

596: Anon
Congratulations Ka-chan

597: Anon
Go back and look at posts #1, #23, and #588
Who could’ve predicted this outcome.

600: Anon
Seriously, I’m happy for you.

610: OP
I have no idea how it ended up like this, but thank you everyone!!
I’ll be sure to properly confess my feelings to her as well.

613: Anon
I guess this means VIP was the crossing between OP and the farm girl.
[Translator’s Note: VIP is a sub-community of the 2ch messaging board]

615: Anon
I’m rooting for you!

619: Anon
I’m going to go buy a crossing plastic model tomorrow.

624: Anon
I’m going to go buy a farm house plastic model.

626: Anon
Crossing Man: There’s something I want to show you
Gives the plastic model farm house to the girl.
Farm girl: What is this? (smile)
Crossing Man: Someday, I want to live in a house like this with you.
[Translator’s note: Crossing man is referring to the OP of the thread]

639: OP
I just got a phone call, she says she wants to meet right now.
I’m a nervous mess right now.
But for now we’re going to go meet outside since everyone else is asleep already, we’re going to meet up at a restaurant, park, or maybe just talk inside the car.

I started this thread just to say my younger brother was having sex in the room next to me right?
Why did I end up building a plastic mode and confessing to a girl?? Ha ha ha

643: Anon
The only thing that I love more than you in this world are crossings!
If you use that line, everything will turn out fine.

645: Anon
Make sure you properly confess to her!!!
Show her your manliness!

650: Anon
You’re going to graduate from being a virgin tonight!

652: Anon
If things go really well, then in the future you can reminisce about how you and your brother lost your virginities on the same day ha ha ha

654: Anon
You’re meeting her right now!? Are you going to be OK being alone with a girl?
Make sure to accompany her back to her house!

He built a house AND made a girlfriend. OP is definitely winning at life.

664: OP
She still isn’t here, so I’ll make a quick post.
It’s prety late, so I’ll try and make this as quick as possible and then take her back to her house.

Also, I’m just going to confess today. My mind is such a mess I can’t think about anything else right now.
Wish me luck!

666: Anon
While you’re out I’m going to go buy a crossing and a farm house.

669: Anon
Go for it Ka-chan!!!

670: Anon
This thread is so heart-warming.

705: Anon
What the hell is going on in this thread ha ha ha

706: Anon
I went to go buy some drinks, the farm girl is sitting in my car. So just a quick post.
We’re going out now 🙂
I’ll write more details later.

Thank you everyone!!!

711: Anon
Congratulations Ka-chan!!!

You’re making sweat come out of my eyes! (´Д⊂)

712: Anon
Stores all over the country are going to run out of crossing models now…

714: Anon
The power of plastic models is amazing…

720: Anon
A new legend, Crossing Man, has been born.

721: Anon
Go build some plastic models with her!

722: Anon
Yeah, I’m definitely going to buy a crossing tomorrow.

723: Anon
The first thing I’m doing tomorrow is buying a farm house plastic model.

724: Anon
I’m going to buy a crossing plastic model too!
Who sells them?

The manufacturing companies are going to be so confused.

For some reason farm house and crossing plastic models have gotten super popular!
We don’t know why, but scenic models are a hit now!

And then it’s going to spread on the Internet.
Today’s youth are turning towards plastic models based on the countryside for relaxation.

We’re not sure if it’s the miniature gardens or if it’s signalling a new spark of interest in Japanese culture.
But the fastest selling plastic models are crossings and farm houses!*

*Due to extreme popularity you may have to wait for up to 3 months before receiving your order.

773: Anon
This whole time we we’re just dancing in the palm of OP’s miniature garden.

776: Anon
So this was Ka-chan’s stand…
The power of ‘Riverside Love”!

[Translator’s Note: This is a parody/reference to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the manga each character has a ‘stand’, a type of power, that allows them to perform supernatural feats.]

780: OP
OK, I dropped off the farm girl at her house.

She came by motor bicycle so I dropped her off at home in my car first. Then I came back, parked, and rode her motor bicycle to her house to drop it off. I’m walking back home right now. It’s about a 3 Km walk.

785: Anon
Because she’s a country girl, I have this image of you walking home under the star-lit night sky smiling to yourself.
It must be a nice feeling.

788: Anon
Countryside eh?
It must be nice there…

789: Anon
I’m jealous, but I’m really happy for you.
I just can’t help thinking about the two of you grinning like idiots while fishing together under the clear blue sky.

791: Anon
I can totally imagine him skipping his way back home ha ha ha

792: Anon
I’m envious…

790: Anon
That’s exactly what I’m doing.
I just screamed out loud from happiness! Ha ha ha


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