Chapter 5

793: Anon
You’re being a public disturbance!
Your mood is completely different from this morning.

794: Anon
I bet the only thing that can hear him are the fields.

797: Anon
To be young again, I’m so jealous…

798: Anon
I don’t think you’re going to be able to sleep tonight.

799: OP
Right now I can hear the chirping of crickets and see fields, mountains, and see the lights from the city.

801: Anon
I’m feeling pretty cheerful now thanks to you OP

803: Anon
I’m imagining that scenery right now, it’s bringing a tear to my eye.

802: OP
I wanted to thank everyone again.
Really, thank you everyone for your help.
I never would have imagined this outcome.
Also, nothing happened, I’m still a virgin ha ha ha.

804: Anon
I finally caught up.
I’m really happy for you man. And I actually hope that you stay a virgin until you’re married.

805: Anon
I just came back from a walk as well, it was just to the vending machine and back though…
But it was still relaxing.

811: Anon
What’s going on, I’m crying…ha ha ha

812: Anon
That’s just your heart sweating.

813: Anon
You seem to be crying for a lot of different reasons.

815: Anon
Make sure you preserve the crossing model in perfect condition so you can bring it to your wedding.

817: Anon
Please treat the crossing plastic model like a treasure.

822: Anon
How do you feel looking back at what you were like at the start of the thread?

823: OP
It makes me cry for a different reason ha ha ha….orz

824: Anon
I hope you’re so happy it makes up for your past and my present!

832: Anon
Hey, if you get home and find out that the model you left in your brother’s room is broken…
Don’t go crazy.

836: OP
I have about 1 Km until I’m home, I’ll post about what happened to the model when I get home.

839: Anon
If you have time, can you tell us about any time you thought ‘does she like me?’ when you guys went out together in the past?

845: OP
Hmm…If I had to pick…
The first time I went fishing by myself I got a call from her.
When I told her I was fishing she came to where I was and brought a lunch box and a fishing rod.
She doesn’t even fish, so she went out of her way to go borrow that fishing rod. I was really happy that day.

846: Anon
I feel like she’s probably done a lot of things to show she’s interested in you, but you were just to thick-headed to notice.

847: Anon
It’s so obvious she has feelings for you ha ha ha
More details on your relationship with her! Did you guys meet at school?

849: Anon
She sounds like the really nice domestic type, take good care of her.

850: Anon
Hey! What the hell is with this super happy atmosphere!?! Aaaaggghh
But seriously? She was being so obvious about her feeligns and you never made a move? What the hell man!

851: Anon
OMGGGG It’s so obvious she liked you! I guess it just proves how thick-headed you are…
She must have tried so hard up until now to get your attention.

852: Anon
It’s because of threads like these that I keep coming back to VIP

853: OP
I’d seen her around before, but we never really talked until this year.
We live in the country, so I guess it was kind of like a neighborly relationship?
We started talking after she joined the company I work at.

856: Anon
It’s seems like you just made the biggest catch of the year.

860: Anon
Good one!

862: Anon
I’m jealous.

866: Anon
I felt like building that plastic model made OP’s wish come true.

871: OP
I’m home.
The farm house is back in my room, it seems like my brother brought it back for me… But how did he know it was me???
It’s still in one piece. I’m gonna water the seeds now~

He figured it out!

You’re brother seems like a nice guy. Make sure you keep raising him right.

Upload a picture of the farm house!

I’m relieved it’s not broken.

Finished watering the seeds and I got a message from the girl.

What did she say?

Just a while ago I was holding my stomach and laughing, but now I’m holding my head while curled in a ball on the floor.

890: Anon
You guys are going to be one of those lovey-dovey couples.

894: OP
Message from her:
“It took a long time, but you finally noticed my feelings for you!
I’m looking forward to the future, love you!”
I’m so happy I could die..I can’t stop smiling.

895: Anon
You’re at the peak of happiness right now.
Congrats man.

897: Anon
( ´∀`)σ)∀`)

898: Anon
I can’t stop smiling either 🙂

899: Anon
I hope you die from too much happiness!

901: Anon
It seems like you’re overloaded from experiencing so many emotions in one day.

904: anon
I’m glad I found this thread…Congrats!

905: Anon
Based on how this story is developing, it’s pretty obvious she’s been flirting with you for a long time.

902: Anon
How long has she had a crush on you?
And all that time you just kept building crossings ha ha ha

909: OP
Thank you everyone!
I just sent a message asking her how long she’s had a crush on me.

911: Anon
You’re so oblivious it’s hysterical.

917: Anon
What!? Don’t ask her that now dumbass!

922: Anon
How can someone be that oblivious!

923: Anon
What the hell is with this shitty development!
This was supposed to be a thread where we talk about our lives and get depressed!
Damn you! Best of luck!

926: OP
Apparently she’s liked me since she was 19. But we never even talked back then…
She said she saw me going fishing every now and then, I had no idea.
We never talked during that time…I think.

928: Anon
Seriously…what is this thread.

929: Anon
You’re heartless!

931: Anon
This is what pure love is!
You guys are definitely getting married.

934: Anon
Please give me a plastic model that will let me find my soulmate too.

938: Anon
Watching over you from afar, making you bentos, inviting you out on dates…
This love is too pure.

942: OP
Sorry for not realizing your feelings earlier, I’ll work hard from now on.
That’s the message I sent her, alright, time to eat some jelly.

953: Anon
You’ll work hard from now on?
It sounds kinda off…but I guess it’s fine for you.

955: Anon
Farmhouse + Crossing = fated encounter
I’m sure this is going to show up on tomorrow’s exam.
958: Anon
Farm girl: “Ka-chan is fishing! I’m definitely going to handover my handmade bento today!”
Ka-chan: “Hello?”
Farm girl: “Hey, what are you doing right now~”
Ka-chan: “I’m fishing.”
Farm girl: “Is it alright if I come join you?”

967: Anon
I get it now…
The god of love lives inside that crossing!

971: Anon
I get the feeling Akiba is going to be sold out of box-gardens tomorrow.

972: Anon
Congratulations Ka-chan!

982: Anon
Alright, I guess I’ll pick up a crossing plastic model on my way home from school.

988: Anon
You really never know what’s going to happen in life.
You gave me hope that this kind of stuff could happen to me too.


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