Chapter 1

1:Original Poster (OP)
(female) Co-worker: You have Monster Hunter for the PSP right?
Me: Yeah, do you want to borrow it?
Co-worker: No, I have a copy, I was just wondering if you’d want to play together sometime?
Me: Huh? Together?
Co-worker: Yeah, is it too much trouble?
Me: No, not at all. When do you want to do it?
Co-worker: Sunday…actually, is Saturday ok?
Me: Yeah, that’s fine.
And then Saturday came around.

3: Anonymous
Seems like a promising start.

6: OP
[at my apartment]
Co-worker: Hi. Oh! You have tropical fish.
Me: Yeah, come on in.
Co-worker: Wow…you have a beautiful place.
Me: Well, I am a professional after all. Shall we get started?
Co-Worker: Ok

My co-worker was using a Long Sword and was stuck on the Low-Rank Urgent Zinogre quest.

Me: You’re on the lower rank one?
Co-worker: Yeah
Me: No problem, let’s go.
(Horn-blowing sound) [Note: This sound plays when you start a quest in Monster Hunter]
7: Anonymous
Your co-worker has guts inviting you to play Monster Hunter out of the blue.
I was invited to play a TRPG together once.

10: Anonymous
Long Sword user eh?

22: OP
Me: … (sound of pushing buttons)
I was strong.
I just sat there silently attacking with my Ukanlos Cannon [Note: a weapon in Monster Hunter]
While my co-worker would throw in the odd attack or two using her Long Sword.
We didn’t cut off its tail, but we killed him in no time.
Co-worker: …I need the Zinogre’s tail, what should we do?
Me: We’ll just focus on raising your rank for now, we’ll gather the materials you need after that.
Co-worker: Ok.

After about 2-hours I had carried her to high-rank.

Me: Alright, I’m going to post a quest on the board.
Co-worker: Ok.

30: Anonymous
What does your co-worker look like?

Quest Name: In the Moonlit Valley, The Thunder Roars Twice
Me: Stay on your guard, two Zinogres appear in this quest.
Co-worker: Ok.
Me: Take the dung bombs.

With that, we began hunting the Zinogres.

Co-worker: I found one.
Me: Ok. (I had found one as well, I tagged it with a paintball)
Co-worker: What should we do?
Me: I’m heading towards you.
Co-worker: Ok…whoops
Her character had been killed.
Me: …

40: Anonymous
Even though you’re playing a game, it doesn’t sound like you’re having fun at all.

41: OP
Co-worker: Sorry…
Me: It’s fine, don’t worry about it.

Our equipment for this quest:
She was using a bow and I was using a great sword.
The plan was for her to avoid dying by fighting from long range.
After she revived, she ate some meat to raise her stamina then returned to the battlezone.

Me: Where did you go?
Co-worker: Huh?…What??
She was fooled by the mark on the mini-map.
She had headed towards the Zinogre I had marked earlier with the paintball.
She died again.

Me: …(slowly breathing out)
Co-worker: …sorry
Me: It’s ok.

42: Anonymous

43: Anonymous
It’s easy to die if you’re using a bow…

47: OP
All of that happened in about 5 minutes.
To be honest, I didn’t think we could complete the quest anymore.

Me: I cut his tail off.
Co-worker: Really!?
Me: Once you’re done with all your preparations come to me.
Co-worker: Ok.
She returned to the battlezone once more.
The Zinogre had entered into rage mode so I decided to go for a charged attack.
But once I got into position and started charging my attack,
I got caught in my co-worker’s exploding arrow shot.

48: Anonymous
Why is she playing an action game when she’s that bad?

54: Anonymous
>>(Replying to above)
There may be a lot of experienced Monster Hunter players on this message board,
but when you first start everyone is terrible…

52: Anonymous
She’d be just as annoying if she used a Long Sword.

56: Anonymous
Have more fun when you’re playing the game.

61: OP
Co-worker: Sorry…
Me: …
Co-worker: Would that attack have killed him?
Me: Maybe (annoyed)

And like that, the Zinogre’s rage-mode was extended.

Me: Let’s run away for now.
I didn’t think that she’d be able to handle an enraged Zinogre so I ordered a strategic retreat.
Co-worker: What about the tail?
Me: We can come back for it later.
Co-worker: Ok.

70: Anonymous
So this is what a professional monster hunter is like.

72: OP
Co-worker: There’s a Zinogre in the next zone too.
Me: (!!)
There was a Zinogre in the zone in front and a Zinogre (enraged) in the zone behind us.
Me: I guess we’ll just have to fight for now.
Co-worker: Ok
It would have been easy to just tell her to ‘go get the tail’ at this point,
but that wouldn’t help her become a better player.
Just like how Gon trained Bisuke, I started coaching her during the battle. [Note: this is a reference to the manga HunterxHunter]
She was doing her best to dodge the Zinogre’s attacks
While I continually hacked away at it’s tail.
Co-worker: Do you think we can kill it?
Me: I think so.
It seemed like the tides were finally turning in our favor.

76: OP
Right before the Zinogre charged I started running,
and stood right at his head.
I started charging my attack.
At the same time I barked out a command.
Me: Don’t shoot!
Co-worker: …ok
I said that more harshly then I had intended to.
I felt a mix of self-hatred and happiness as I brought down my sword onto the Zinogre’s head and shattered it’s horn.
Me: (I think we can do this.)

77: Anonymous
You’re way too tense.

78: Anonymous
You’re too mean!

83: OP
But suddenly,
The Zinogre with the missing tail entered the area.
Me: (This could be bad)
Me: Go to the next area.
Co-worker: Ok.
She quickly changed areas and set about collecting the tail I had cut off earlier.
Me: (I guess I should withdraw for now too.)
I elegantly dodged the Zinogre’s attack and followed after her.
With that, we managed to grab a quick reprieve from the battle.

Co-worker: Where’s the tail? Does it disappear after awhile?
Me: It doesn’t, it should be right near the entrance of the area.
Co-worker: I can’t find it…
Her character moved around as she looked for the tail I had cut off earlier.


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