Chapter 2

84: Anonymous
You’re not much of a gentleman.
85: Anonymous
So this is Monster Hunter…
It sounds more like a boss delegating work to his employees…

89: OP
Me: Hmm…oh it’s over here.
Co-worker: Oh, I see it now!
She started heading towards the tail.
But luck wasn’t on our side.
Co-worker: !
The Zionogre with the missing tail,
had followed us back into this area.
Me: Not good, get the tail later.
Unfortunately, she seemed to have panicked a bit.
Rather than moving, her character drank a potion and while it was posing,
the Zionogre attacked and killed her.

-Quest Failed-

Co-worker: …
Me: …did you get the tail?
Co-worker: no…
Me: …
Co-worker: …(sigh)
Me: …………………………

90: Anonymous
You have to be as forgiving as Buddha when you’re training newbies.

91: Anonymous
The way this is going, she’s defnitely going to leave soon.

98: OP
Me: …what do you want to do?
Co-worker: How about we take a break?
So we took a break, we had been playing for over 2 hours.
Both of us were on edge, so it was a good opportunity to unwind a bit.

Co-worker: What is this fish called?
Me: It’s called an Apistogramma
Co-worker: It’s pretty, I used to keep tropical fish too.
Me: Ok.
Co-worker: …I’m kind of hungry.
Me: Should we order delivery?
I said a very indoorsy line.
Co-worker: Let’s go outside and eat, there must be some places near the station.

99: Anonymous
Time for payback.

106: OP
Me: Yeah, alright.
Co-worker: Let’s go.
I thought the day would just end like that.
But I was relieved when I saw that she left her bag and PSP in my apartment as we went out

Co-worker: Do you have any recommendations?
Me: …not really, anywhere is fine.
Co-worker: Ok.
We went to an Italian restaurant
I had been craving pizza, and because I had been reading Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure the other day, I got a prosciutto pizza.

Co-worker: Is it good?
Me: Yeah.
Co-worker: …
Me: …?

108: Anonymous
Are you going to feed her some?

109: OP
We finished eating.
Me: What do you want to do now? Do you want to go back?
Co-worker: Let’s walk around a bit more.
Me: Ok.
We wandered around the shops near the station.
Co-worker: I kind of wanted to see this movie.
Me: Do you want to watch it now then?
Co-worker: Really? Do you have time?
Me: Yeah, it’s fine.
We watched “Ted”
It was a really low-brow movie.
Me: …you wanted to see that movie?
Co-worker: I didn’t think it’d be that bad.
Me: Uh-huh
Co-worker: I really didn’t!
I started feeling a bit more playful.

110: Anonymous
I guess women really do like Italian.

111: Anonymous
This has completely turned into a date…
Just do it already.

117: OP
It was 5:00 PM
I thought if I suggested dinner she’d question my motives, so I stayed quiet.
Co-worker: How late can you stay out?
Me: It doesn’t matter, I don’t have any plans tomorrow.
Co-worker: Really? Then I’ll make dinner, let’s go shopping for ingredients before we head back.
Me: Sounds good.
And like that the tension from playing Monster Hunter evaporated.

119: Anonymous
Payback time.

123: Anonymous
It’s so obvious she bought Monster Hunter just to play it with you.

126: OP

It was 11:00 PM
She made curry for dinner.
As for Monster Hunter, we did some farming, made what equipment we could and completed the main quests one after another.
Me: What’s next?
Co-worker: Let’s see…a Barioth
Me: Alright
Co-worker: What do you usually do on the weekends? Are they always like this?
Me: I do a lot of different things… like surfing the net and lately I’ve been knitting.
Co-worker: Cool. So was the pizza you had for lunch good?
Me: Yeah.
Co-worker: You know, when someone asks you that you’re supposed to say “Do you want to try some?”
Me: Makes sense.
She seemed to have gotten a lot more comfortable talking to me.

128: Anonymous
Knitting!? Are you a girl? ha ha ha

142: OP
Me: We should have dinner together again sometime… eh heh heh
I felt so awkward saying that I ended up laughing at the end.
It was a creepy laugh too…
Co-worker: Sure.
Me: …
Co-worker: …
Me: Shall we get that tail now?
Co-worker: Yeah…but that tornado thing is so annoying.
Me: Complaining about Monster Hunter while you’re playing it means you’re one of us now.
Co-worker: ha ha ha
We played until 2AM
After defeating 2 Zinogres, 3 pairs of Silver Rathians, and a Gold Rathios I realized something important.
Me: …the trains have stopped running for today right?
Co-worker: Yeah, I was too absorbed in the game.

143: Anonymous
The thing she really wants to hunt is you!

152: OP
No more trains huh?
Time to ‘get that tail’

160: OP
Me: So what should we do? Do you need to get home?
Co-worker: Let’s stop playing Monster Hunter for now.
Me: Right
In total, we played for about 7 hours.
Me: …
Co-worker: …
Neither of us said a word.
The TV was off so it was pure silence.
It was uncomfortable.
Me: By the way, why did you start playing Monster Hunter? Not to mention the PSP version.
Co-worker: I heard it was popular.
Me: I see…


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