Chapter 3

It still didn’t really make sense why she got the PSP version, but it didn’t really matter either.

I just wanted to fill the silence.
Co-worker: …(yawn)
Me: I guess you’re pretty tired (laugh)
Co-worker: Yeah, is it alright if I sleep here?
Me: Yeah, that’s fine.
Co-worker: Ah, I’m not trying to pressure you into it or anything.

168: Anonymous
Did you do your sit-ups?

169: OP
Me: Uh, are you alright with the bed?
Co-worker: No it’s alright, I’ll feel bad if I take your bed.
Me: It’s fine, I have a sleeping bag I can use.
In any case, it seemed like she wasn’t worried about the cleanliness of my bed.
Co-worker: Is it alright if I take a shower?
Me: Yeah.
Co-worker: Also, can I borrow a t-shirt?
Me: If you’re ok with wearing my t-shirts.
Co-worker: Thanks.
Me: …

174: Anonymous
This is the dream.

179: Anonymous
Hello, is this the place for renting human punching bags?

181: OP
While she was in the shower
I changed the sheets and the pillow covers.
While I was in the shower she laid down on my bed in my t-shirt and read manga.

She was making herself right at home.
So I decided just to ask her straight-out.
Me: By the way…
Co-worker: Yeah?
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Co-worker: Nope.
Me: I see…
This means there’s a chance right?

182: Anonymous
What the hell was that!

183: Anonymous
I want to turn into a fly and go annoy the hell out of them.

186: Anonymous
Man, what a day you had.

195: OP
Me: …
Co-worker: Why do you ask?
Me: No particular reason.
Co-worker: Are you sure you didn’t want to ask me something else?
Me: I’d be lying if I said no…
I wasn’t entirely sure she was getting at, so I tried answer vaguely.
But she saw right through it.
Co-worker: Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably right. Sorry.
Me: …(nod)
I had no idea why she was apologizing.
I asked just to be 100% sure.
Me: …we’re you kicked out of your house?
Co-worker: Nope.
Turns out my guess was wrong.

197: Anonymous:
You’re an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re making me laugh too much!

198: Anonymous
How late of a bloomer are you…
I can’t believe people like you actually exist.

200: Anonymous
Does this mean she wants to hunt some monsters at night (blush)?

202: Anonymous
Were you kicked out of your house?
There’s no way that’s what happened dumb ass!!

203: Anonymous
So this is Asperger’s Syndrome.

206: Anonymous
Me: …being in the same room with a girl is nerve-racking HA HA
Co-worker: …
Me: Uh…do you like me?
Co-worker: Yeah
Me: I see.
It turns out she likes me.
I had an inkling she did but…
Co-worker: Does that bother you?
Me: No
Co-worker: Sorry about being so forward.
Me: It’s ok…
Co-worker: Do you like me?
Me: I don’t dislike you… how about we just go to sleep for tonight.

222: OP
When I woke up in the morning she was reading manga again.
It seemed like she was waiting for an answer.
Co-worker: Good morning, do you want some curry?
Me: Sure
The atmosphere was super uncomfortable.
One-Piece was playing on the TV.
Me: About last night…
Co-worker: …
She didn’t say anything.
Maybe she changed her mind after I stopped the discussion last night.
Me: Is it alright if we continue that conversation?
Co-worker: Sure.
I guess it was still ok.

226: Anonymous
Try having more fun when you play games.

237: OP
Me: Um, I’ve never dated a girl before, so I might not be a very good boyfriend.
Co-worker: I know.
Me: If you’re alright with that then, I wouldn’t mind.
Co-worker: Does that mean we’re a couple now?
Me: Um… if I start to like you?
Co-worker: …
Me: Ah sorry, forget I said that…uh, yeah we’re a couple.
Co-worker: Alright.

241: Anonymous
That technique…
You really are a master monster hunter.

245: Anonymous
What’s with this development…

250: Anonymous
I can’t stop laughing at how awkward you are.

261: OP
And that’s how I got my first girlfriend.
But even though we were a couple now, I didn’t know any coupley things we could do…
So, with PSP in hand I asked, “Do you want to play Monster Hunter?”
Co-worker: No, my eyes are still tired so I’m just going to rest today.
I guess we weren’t going to play Monster Hunter today.
So I decided to ask my tired-looking co-worker another question.
Me: Why me?
Co-worker: Because you’re cute, kind, and a bit shy.
Me: I see.


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