Chapter 4

Co-worker: Are you really ok with dating me?
Me: Yeah…but it’s embarrassing to say it out loud so please don’t ask me things like that too often…
Co-worker: Wow! That’s your first non Monster Hunter related opinion.
Me: Well, I have to try and stop blushing all the time first, after that I’ll open up a bit more.
Co-worker: Ha ha ha

And like that, love blossomed through Monster Hunter.
I think things are going to be pretty hectic from here on out. But it should be fun too.

The End

264: Anonymous
I laughed so much, but good for you!

307: OP
Out of curiosity, at what point did you guys realize she liked me?

315: Anonymous
When she talked to you.

320: Anonymous
By the third line in the post.

324: Anonymous
When I read the title of the thread

312: Anonymous
I don’t really know why, but that girl kinda pisses me off.

316: Anonymous
This part > Co-worker: You have Monster Hunter for the PSP right?

319: Anonymous
When she invited herself over to play Monster Hunter at your house.

326: Anonymous
When she offered to cook dinner.

327: Anonymous
When she revealed that fact she knew you liked games and played Monster Hunter.

328: Anonymous
Honestly, if a girl ever asks you to do something on the weekend it means she’s interested.

331: OP
Really!? Is that really true!?

329: Anonymous
When she went to your house and made curry for you.

332: Anonymous
If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have left her stuff at your place or suggested going out to eat.

335: Anonymous
By the way, what is your job?

345: OP
Sorry, I was doing laundry.
I design the rooms for hotels, stores, and things like that.

353: Anonymous
An interior designer?

354: OP
Yeah, but I do both the architecture and interior design.
I want to get my level 1 certification in architecture so I can design buildings from start to finish.

359: Anonymous
That’s really impressive. Did you get your level 2 certification right after graduating from college?
I always thought you didn’t need any certifications to be a planner, but did you get a certification in color design?
I’m planning on becoming an architect so I’m really curious.

361: OP
I have level 1 certifications in color design, color matching, and interior design.
I also have some completely useless certifications like living room stylist.
I got my level 2 architecture certification 2 years after I started working.

When I was in college I was obsessed with design. One of my hobbies was entering various design competitions that had cash prizes.
Actually, I originally bought the aquarium to use it in a competition. And I started knitting because I want to play around with Aran and Afghan designs.
Anyways, my life is consumed by design.

363: Anonymous
Thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.
I just re-entered college so I want to do as much as I can this time around and become a planner.
Oh, I didn’t realize you needed two years of work experience before you can get a level 2 architect certification.

364: OP
Yeah, you need at least two years of work experience.
But I’m not sure if it’s the same, after the Aneha incident things have changed a bit.
[Translator’s Note: The Aneha incident was a scandal where architects constructed buildings that were not compliant with earthquake resistance standards but produced fake blueprints to pass compliance.]

371: Anonymous
To be honest, I have no idea what I’d do if I was in the same situation with a girl.

406: Anonymous
I knew when she changed the plan from Sunday to Saturday.


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